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Violet here, I want to share how I created planner inserts for my Carpe Diem Planner. I used the Carpe diem basic dividers as a base for my inserts.

I began with cutting up rectangular shapes from the Carpe Diem collection kit paper. I then taped it down by using the washi paper tape.  What I used to embellish the inserts was the Carpe Diem dashboard inserts. 

Here is what the finished results look like. I absolutely love the vibrant colors and all the variety of layering different items. 

The reason I love creating new planner inserts is that it brings a new freshness to my planner and gives me that extra motivation to get things done. Thank you once again for everyone who took time to stop by the blog.


Hello, Violet, here. I wanted to share with you my  monthly Carpediem planner spread and how I  utilized the Heart collection kit. I made a Dashboard and decorated my planner with this wonderful design filled with mint green florals, Navy blue and Gold. Perfect for March.

I created a dashboard and planner bookmark by simply tracing around the original inserts. I embellished them with stickers and punched out hearts to create clovers on the dashboard. I really enjoyed using the Simple Stories Heart Collection it had everything  I needed to make such a beautiful planner bookmark.

My main focus this month was to begin creating a spread that screamed March. I wanted it to remind me of days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold. I believe I accomplished that by applying tons of green in all shades, navy blue , yellow flowers and gold accents.  I made strips out of the Heart scrapbook paper to go on top and on the sides of my planner pages. The Life in Color washi paper tape, enamel, icon stickers and Heart collection kit stickers, worked perfectly to add some character to the spread. It's also a creative and adorable way to track your appointments and obligations.

I absolutely love the way my monthly view turned out. Thank you once again to everyone who took the time to stop by the blog. 


Hi, I'm Violet and I am a planner Addict! I am so excited to share with you how I have been using my Aqua Carpe Diem Planner. I used several  embellishments and packages from Simple Stories to make bits and pieces to add to my planner in a creative way. I am honored and thrilled to be chosen for the Simple Stories Creative Team. I want to say a great big thank to everyone who is involved in this process and allowing me this opportunity. Now, let the planner Fun begin!
One of the easiest accessories you can make or add to your planner are paperclips. They are fun and add character. I used the Carpe Diem and Life in Color self-adhesive Bradz, chipboard stickers and frames, by simply glueing them to a paperclip.  You will also spot the Carpe Diem Plastic decorative Clips.
For the Love of pockets! I used the Carpe Diem Snap Pack 3x4 cards to insert in the pockets to add some more color. Tucked safely in the large pocket is one of my favorite Carpe Diem Snap pages. Now this was the fun part, I placed the paperclips I created inside the pockets to give it some extra charm. Speaking of charms, notice the Carpe Diem chain of charms, dangling from the top of my planner, it makes my heart skip a beat.
Lets talk about the Carpe Diem sticky note bookmark. I was so inspired by this that I decided to make some extras. I used the Carpe Diem 12x12 designer cardstock paper and stickers. I traced around the original bookmark and added stickers to the top to work as a tab and laminated them. How cute and adorable and a great way to mark my spot in my planner.
For the  second week of February I couldn't wait to decorate my weekly pages. I used the Simple Stories You & Me stickers, and punched hearts out of the 12x12 cardstock paper and glued them to the pages. The Carpe Diem Word Label, icon and calendar stickers are a perfect way to keep track of my appointments, schedules and everyday activities. 
Valentines is my favorite holiday because of the colors and what it represents.  My pocket spread consisted of You&Me and Life in Color double-sided signature element pieces. 
My current planner set up is bright and happy and full of wonderful events. I keep track by using the Carpe Diem word label, icon, calendar and Insta Quote stickers. I lined the bottom of my planner with a thin layer of You&Me scrapbook paper and punched flags out using the same paper to add some character to my weekly pages. I love to outline everything because it makes everything pop and by adding enamel dots to the stickers it adds that special element of planner cuteness.
I truly enjoyed this month and all it has brought me. 
My second granddaughter was born and I celebrated my 20th wedding Anniversary. My son will be celebrating his 3rd wedding Anniversary and we will be celebrating my daughter-in-law's birthday this week. 
What a joy it is, to be able to plan such special events in my Aqua Carpe Diem Planner. Thank you to everyone who took time to stop by the blog. You can find me on Instagram @imvintagerose and