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With spring just around the corner, what better way to start a new season with a new Fitness Planner!  This month I will be sharing how I used the Grape planner and the Carpe Diem Fitness products along with Emoji Love to help motivate and keep me organized, during my new journey of living a healthier life style.

I will be turning 40 in just a few months, and I already had set in my mind to get healthy. This fitness tracker is the most convenient page I've seen this far. I am absolutely in love with it!  On the top left corner is a section where I put a current picture of myself. I basically call it my monthly accountability page. You see numbers with measurements , whaaa!!! That was enough motivation for me! 

The daily tracker makes it easy to see what you have been doing with your time and eating habits. I needed this. Behind the daily tracker I added a folder to keep my fitness stickers in. The Fitness Planner inserts are so motivational it really encourages me to keep moving forward.

But my planner wouldn't be my planner if I didn't make a new dashboard and filled my pockets with happy planner goodies. Emoji Love went so well with the fitness collection I had to use both of them together! As I open up my planner it's a reminder of all the foods I need to stay away from. I added a huge sneaker emoji to the front of my dashboard to let me know just keep on moving! I used the epoxy metal clips as tabs, and decorative brads to some of my pocket embellishments.

My newest favorite addition are the fitness sticker tablets. It made planning for a healthier lifestyle super fun! My monthly view before the pen is on point! There were so many options and awesome quotes. I couldn't wait to go outside and start walking.

Here's to my new Journey in the new season with my new planner. Thank you Carpe Diem Planners and Simple Stories for adding this to the collection it couldn't have come at a better time! #LiveLovePlan

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Hello February! Violet here on the blog today to share how I used the Love & Adore collection.  February is one of my Favorite months because of Valentines and my Anniversary Month. Love & Adore was the perfect kit to keep track and creatively plan in my Ballerina Pink Carpe Diem planner. The pinks, yellow, blues, hearts and floral made for a beautiful planning session. 

As I open up my planner my eyes go straight to the dashboard and pockets. I make those two areas my focal point for planning. The Bits & Pieces and stickers were the best part of stuffing my pockets. What I really enjoyed is the SN@P! Pocket Pages that fit perfectly inside my planner. They also add that personal touch to my planner. Did you know the 6x6 paperpad page with squares fit perfectly in the pocket pages? This makes an awesome Dashboard!


I always look forward to getting my monthly view planner set up. Especially, for the Month of February. I used Love & Adore washi tape and stickers, 6x6 paper pad square pieces and enamel dots. The bright colors and black made the perfect color combination for February. Here are a few pictures before the pen.

Thank you every one for taking the time to stop by the blog.  This month I will be celebrating my 21 year anniversary along with my granddaughter's first birthday, my son's 3 year anniversary, my daughter-In-law's birthday and we can't forget Valentine's. I am so thankful that Simple Stories makes it easy for me to plan accordingly... till next time happy planning.


Season's Greetings! Violet here, sharing how I used my Striped Holiday SN@P! Binder with the Mistletoe Kisses collection. The reds, pinks, greens, and blues with a touch of silver, made a perfect place to store my photos in a fun creative way. 

I started off by decorating the front of my binder. I cut out the snowman from one of the journaling cards and cut out a huge circle and made an ornament. I glued the snowman to the circle. I used stickers and ephemera and washi tape to embellish the front.

As I open up my binder I  added a photo of my family and on the other side I added a picture of my hubby reading to our granddaughter. I added some of the journaling cards to the clear SN@P pages. These SN@P binders are awesome, for a visible view of precious memories I was able to capture on camera. I added some ephemera and star confetti to the inside to make it a little more holiday-ish! 

Of course I had to capture a picture of the top of my SN@P Binder with Mistletoe Kisses paperclips. I absolutely love how the peek out from the top. And they are perfect for holding those snap pages closed. You can see that in some of the photos I posted. 

I can't wait to fill this up with all the new memories we will be making this month. Thank you once again to everyone who took time to stop by the blog. I wish everyone a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.