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Hi everyone! I’m back today to show you how I did my set up for my Aqua Carpe Diem planner using the Domestic Bliss collection and Home A5 Planner Insert Set.
I wanted to try out the Home A5 Planner Insert Set to keep house-related things more organized and to dedicate a whole binder to it.  I made myself a dashboard to make it more colorful and fun and filled the pockets with 3x4 cards from the Domestic Bliss collection.  I also made a simple pocket folder with the “I Can’t Adult” cardstock to store extra sticker sheets.
I don’t keep weekly planner pages in here, but I did want a monthly calendar to write down when bills are due, pay days, etc.  The Domestic Bliss Roller Stamp is great to use on the calendar for stamping in laundry, to-dos, and pay days, and more.   I also added some pieces of washi for a pop of color and used stickers from the Home Sticker Tablet to highlight chores and things I do weekly.  
In the Routine section, I keep my daily schedule that is usually the same routine and I only write home related tasks.
In the Projects section, I created a page where I wrote down craft projects I would like to do.  I tend to forget scrapbook or craft projects that I would like to do, so writing them down helps me remember to get it done in the near future.
In the To Do section, I keep a Master To Do List in this section and these are things that I don’t necessarily need to finish all at once, but things I want to finish that I know will require more time.
In the last section, I keep a Menu Plan that I recently started doing weekly and so far it has helped me plan dinners at home and use what I already have in my cupboards.
I hope you enjoyed having a look inside of my Home Management planner and I hope it inspires you to try out the Home Planner inserts to keep your home organized.


Hi everyone! It's Vanessa and I’m back today to show you how I did my set up for my Ivory Carpe Diem planner using the All American collection.

I filled the pockets with the 3x4 and 4x6 journaling card elements to add a pop of color and to use for memory keeping.  I also decided to add some festive tassel clips I made and of course a planner tassel!

For the dashboard, I used the back of the 3x4 journaling card elements cardstock, added a few of the cardstock stickers, and photo of my husband and I when we were in the Navy.  

For the calendar spread, I used all of the 6x12 cardstock stickers to create the 4th of July theme and used a flag paper punch and a star punch to use on the Celebrate cardstock.  

I hope you enjoyed my 4th of July theme dashboard and calendar and have a safe and wonderful holiday!


Hi everyone!  Summer Solstice is fast approaching and where I live, the heat is already here.  Summer calls for bright colors, outdoor fun, and cool sweet treats and the Summer Days collection fulfills all of that.  

In my Ballerina  Carpe Diem planner, I stocked with 3x4 journaling cards, 4x6 sticker sheets, and ephemera pieces from this bright and bold collection. I also made a simple dashboard with the “Beat the Heat” cardstock and a few of the decorative brads.

For the calendar spread, I used the box stickers that fit perfectly in the monthly boxes, the Summertime Sweetness and Good Vibes washi tapes, and a few of the cardstock stickers.  I also glued a couple of the small sunglasses chipboard pieces onto paperclips to mark off pages.

To add some color and decor to my weekly pages, I mostly used the 4x6 stickers because they are smaller than the cardstock stickers and leave plenty for planning and scheduling.  I’m addicted to washi tape, so of course I added some along the punched holes to add a pop of color.


I hope you have fun planning your summer schedule with the Summer Days collection and it inspires you to capture more memories to come.91