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With Mother's Day and Graduation around the corner, let's think about creating those "useful" gifts!  Today I'm sharing a tutorial on crafting a beautiful "Note Card Gift Box" using the Simple Vintage Garden District Collection.  This project is built from the ground up, but if you have an empty box and lid just adjust the measurements to fit.

Let's get started by making the box:

I started with three strips of heavy chipboard (use a cereal box, etc if you don't have sheets on hand).  You will need two pieces that measure 6.5"X4.25" and one piece that measures 6.5"X2". A piece of patterned paper was cut to 10 5/8" squared. The chipboard pieces were adhered to the square of paper, leaving an 1/8" gap between (to allow for folding).  Two pieces of 6.5"X4.25" scrapbook paper were attached as shown above and then the sides were folded in to create the box:

For the lid I have used the non-stick portion of an 8.5X11 laminate sheet from Scrapbook Adhesives; simply peel away the sticky sheet.  I scored the sheet at 1" and 7.5"; turned the sheet and scored at 4.5" and 6.5". The acetate is quite thick, so you may want to use a stylus to create a better score.  Next, only four small cuts were made at the sides where the vertical marks meet the horizontal marks.  After folding I used an extreme double-sided tape to attach at the 1"X2" tab.  For decoration, I added a 1" strip of patterned paper around the sides and top of the lid; you could also use ribbon or trim!

The A2 envelopes were crafted from solid sheets of colored papers.  I've used an envelope making tool, but premade envelopes could also be used.  

Next, I stamped and colored the fronts with colored pencils and used a pen and ruler to create the lines:

I chose a set of premade kraft card bases and then layered on mats with the leftover papers from the envelopes.  One of the layers was attached with foam adhesive, with the final layer being one of the 3X4 journal cards.  A band of scrapbook paper holds all of the notecards together.

Envelope seals were created from a simple duo of adhesive paper, scrapbook paper and a 1.5" circle punch!

To finish off the notecard set, I made six unique embellishments for card toppers!  Again, I used the leftover solid papers to die-cut a small design (circle, heart, octagon) and then layered them with all sorts of die-cuts, stickers, chipboard and enamels:

The front of the box was decorated with stickers, trim and a hand-tied ribbon.  Finally, the acetate top slides right down into the box opening for a perfectly completed gift!

I'm also sharing a YouTube video that includes a bit of a tutorial, as well as a walk-through of the pieces! 

Thank you for joining!


Planner-lovers, cardmakers and scrapbookers alike would love to receive a handy "Journal Card Portfolio" such as this!  Shellye McDaniel here with a fun spin on the traveler's notebook to create this unique gifting project.

To begin with the cover: I started with an 8.5"X11" piece of double-sided patterned paper and Scotch laminator with a laminating sheet.  After lamination, I scored the piece at 5" and 6" and folded along the lines.  Next, I used an 1/8" hole punch to make two holes at the top and bottom of the "spine". The holes were then threaded with a piece of 20mm white elastic cording and tied to create two loops for holding the inserts.  I also punched a hole in the middle of the spine and made a loop of elastic to make the closure band. 

For the two inserts: eight sheets of heavyweight cardstock (I used Neenah cardstock), were cut to 9.75"X8", scored in the middle and folded.  The sheets were then divided into two sections so that four sheets were in each.  

I crafted a cover for each section by covering a sheet of the heavyweight cardstock with patterned paper.  The two sections were divided into January through June and July through December, so I used the "Best Year Ever Stamps" to identify these months.  To color in the stampings, I used Sharpie markers!

Finally for the decorating and organizing of each of the pages! First, I cut apart ALL of the journal cards from the "Best Year Ever Essential Collection Kit" and corner rounded all of the edges (optional). To each of the "right-sided" pages, I added a pocket by using one of the 4X6 journal cards and scoring at 3/4" on the sides and bottom and then attaching with adhesive tape.  The front of the pockets were embellished with various stickers, die-cuts and pocket squares.  

On the left-hand side of the pages I actually used the leftover strip (from the top of each 12X12 paper) to create a vertical pop of color and then topped it with the month's sticker.  Finally, I tucked in all of the cards to the premade pockets and used the elastic closure to neatly hold the pages together!

Thank you for joining me today!


Oh the joys of gifting!  Shellye McDaniel here today with a project that I fell in LOVE with making: "Milk Containers & Caddy" featuring the I Am Collection!

I love crafting gift sets and happy mail and spotted this pretty-popular project while perusing Instagram recently.  When I set out to grab ideas, I look at the main photo and then go to my own drawing board to recreate in my own way :)  So, let's get started with how I constructed the "milk containers":

First I used a very heavy cardstock paper that measured 5.75" X 8.5".  I scored lengthwise at 2", 4", 6" and 8", which leaves a 1/2" tab.  Next, I turned and scored at 1/2" and 4".  Placing the paper in front of me, I have the 1/2" tab to the right (as shown above).  I used a 1/4" corner rounding punch to punch all of the corners on the top flaps. Apply adhesive tape to the side tab and fold the box along the score marks; adhere tab to the inside of the opposite side. To the bottom flaps I made small angle cuts so that it would fold up easier.  You will notice that the second from the end flap is missing; I glued the flap to the inside for a cleaner look when assembled.

Next, cut a small piece of white cardstock to 2"X2.5"; score at 2" and then corner round the edges of the 1/2" tab.  Attach to the last bottom flap; this will be your closure (refer to the photo above).

To join the top tabs together and form the "milk carton" look, I simply folded the two side tabs in and then joined the front and back tabs with a small piece of adhesive tape.  

Onto the decorating!  I used various patterns from the "I Am Collection" and cut them into slightly smaller-than-the-carton- strips.  The tops were adorned with mini clothes pins that were dressed in bits of paper.  I layered on cute die-cuts, chipboard stickers, enamel dots and stickers to each of the containers.  

For the caddy: I created the box using a 7.25" X 7.25" sheet of patterned paper.  I scored around all four edges at 1.5" and then cut along one score mark at each side before folding and adhering the sides together.  I also placed a small square of lightweight chipboard inside before adding the containers. 

For the handle I cut two strips of 1.5"X12" pieces of paper and folded into thirds.  Next, I machine stitched each of the strips and then joined them together at one end with adhesive tape.  Before adhering to the inside of the box, I determined the height of the handle and then trimmed away the excess.  To hide where the two strips were joined, I wrapped a piece of the discarded strip around it and secured with tape.

Finally, I tied on a couple of bows and glued them to the sides.  I attached one of the decorative brads to the center of each bow using fabric glue! Whether you need a couple or a trio of these containers, just make your little caddy accordingly.  Tuck small gifts or treats inside and it's ready for gift-giving!