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Hey planner friends! It’s Rachel, and I am back on the blog sharing my January setup in my “on the go” planner/wallet. Now I know that from the outside, this looks a ring bound planner, but surprise! It’s actually a travelers notebook! I shared a few months back how I converted or “hacked” my personal size planner into a B6 (5x7in) travelers notebook and I’m back in this planner for the month of January!

I “hacked”a few of the travelers notebook inserts by trimming off less than an inch from the top and bottom to make the notebooks a B6 size. I have three inserts this month; 1 blank insert for notes/brain dump, 1 for my calendar/bullet journal, and 1 lined insert for journaling. In the back, I have a pvc wallet insert.

I am using the Simple Stories Freezin Season collection this month for decoration and I could not be more in love! Even though this is a winter collection, I love the mix of coral, yellow and pink - such a cheery choice for winter!

And how adorable are all the little creatures with their cozy winter gear? This penguin makes me so happy every time I open my planner.

Making insert covers is alway so fun! And easy! My process involves only one 7 inch cut of the 12x12 papers I used. Once this cut is made, I simply fold the rest of the paper around the insert and adhere down with a little washi tape on the inside cover. Add a few element cards and combo stickers and I am done!

Sometimes, I think people shy away from travelers notebooks because they are worried they won’t be able to finish the whole insert. If that’s you, here is a trick: since these inserts are stapled and not sewn, you can easily remove the staples and take out some of the pages to have a slimmer insert, which makes it easier to fill up! This is exactly what I did. I knew I only wanted my planning insert to be for this month, I removed the staples and pulled only 6 insert pages and slipped these insert pages into the cover. This is especially helpful if you are like me and you love to stamp. I can just pull the pages you are working on from the travelers notebook and stamp on a flat surface.

I wanted to do something a little different this month, so I am trying my hand at bullet journaling. Honestly, I don’t think this is a true bullet journal, but that is ok with me! For the monthly spread, I measured out the boxes I needed and used my rectangle photo crop to make the lines. I knew I wanted to use my stamps, so I found some inks that perfectly matched this collection and then stamped out the days of the month. Once the month was setup, I got to decorating! I used the 4x6 stickers to decorate in the open space. I love coming back to this page all month!

I decided to create a monthly dashboard that I can use as a “currently” page and for some memory keeping. Again, I used the photo crops to trace out my shapes, some washi, and the 4x6 stickers and I was done! These pages will get filled in at the end of the month to act as a “recap” of what happened.

On the next two pages, I made an expense log and wishlist. I’m trying to be better at tracking my personal spending and to make a wishlist first, to avoid spending impulsively.

On to the weekly spreads! Part of the reason I wanted to try out bullet journaling this month was to experiment with different weekly layouts. Here I chose a favorite vertical layout. I mixed stickers and stamps including Make a List, It’s a Date, and Plan It Stamps.

The following week I switched things up and created a week on 1 page layout on the right-hand side with my to do’s and habit tracking on the left-hand side. I used several of the A5 Sticker Tablets on this week including fitness, calendar, and home. A great layout option, though, I was pretty sick all week and not much got done or tracked. That said, I would definitely use this weekly format again.

Thank you for stopping by to see my planner setup for January. Be sure to check my instagram to see how the rest of the weeks turned out.


Hey planner friends! It’s Rachel again and I am back on the blog to share a little “plan with me” using my favorite basic essentials on the Carpe Diem Planner website.

Ah…nothing more satisfying than a fresh new week! First up, I use the clear number stickers to add my dates in my weekly planner insert. If you are like me and are a planner opportunist (hee hee, planner peace?! Try all the planners for me, please!) then having undated pages is great because you can not only change up the type of inserts, but the size of inserts, too. With so many beautiful types and sizes of planners, it seems a shame to be tied to just one! I always have a set of clear number stickers stashed in the pockets of all my planners so I jump into that particular planner any time I want.

A quick tip: I use a pair of tweezers to help with the placement of these stickers.

Once the week is dated, it is time to add my plans! This is where the FUNtioncal planning comes in. I like to use a mix of icons, boxes and headers to add my plans and these three stamps set help me do that.

I’ve mentioned my love of stamping before (see this post!) and for this week, I loved getting to use a color palette that matches the fun decorative elements.

Some planner girls make awesome “before the pen” spreads, but I tend to write in my plans right away. If plans move or change, you can just cover it with washi or put a sticker over it!

After the plans are all laid out and penned it, I spend some time decorating! This part has no function, but certainly helps me scratch the creative itch with no pressure to make it “perfect”.

Since my Aztec Black and White traveler’s notebook is all decked out for Christmas,

I decided to use washi and stickers from the Merry and Bright Collection, along with few stickers from the awesome Planners Basics sticker tablet. If I could only have one sticker tablet, it would definitely be this one. All the different colors gives the option to decorate with so many different color palettes.

Once I’m done planning, it’s time put my insert back inside my decorated insert cover. I love making insert covers because it allows to switch up my setup without having to change my inserts.

Now, everything goes back in my travelers notebook. I can’t help but take a moment and admire all of the delicious, decorative goodies in my pockets and on my travelers notebook covers. This set-up is gives me all the heart eyes, and motivates me to open my planner and get things done!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my walking through how I plan my week in my travelers notebook. Do you have a process for planning out your week? Leave a comment here on my instagram and tell me about it!


Happy fall, y’all Planner Babes! It’s Rachel, back on the on the blog to share my Cream Dot Traveler’s Notebook set up for November. With so many beautiful travelers notebooks, it was tough to choose which one to use. Spoiler alert: I’ll end up using two this month. The Cream Dot Notebook will be used this month as my catch all “get things done” planner and my Floral Typewriter Notebook will be used to for my journal and creative lists. I’ll be posting more about both on my instagram so make sure to check it out!

Fall is my hands down favorite season and this Forever Fall Collection does such a great job capturing the feel of this season. I used paper scraps from my notebook covers as a place to secure the pocket decorations. I like to choose my favorite chipboards pieces and die cuts to decorate my pockets, adhered to the paper with a little bit of removable adhesive.

For this setup I decided to use just three inserts for monthly (combined with a blank insert), weekly and daily plans. Making notebook covers for my inserts is so easy with the papers from the Forever Fall Collection.

I trim the height first, fold the paper around the insert, and measure the width with the insert closed.

To decorate the covers, I trimmed out the element card papers and add the combo stickers and a few bits and pieces.

To keep the bulk down, I removed several pages of a the weekly insert. I have been using this horizontal layout since September and I have a few weeks left of the insert now, but the rest of the pages are all regular lined pages. I decided to make a vertical layout for my weekly pages. With pencil, I measured out the vertical columns (roughly 1.5 in ) drew the vertical lines, stamps the days of the week, added clear date stickers and then stamped the month along the bottom. 

I decorated with washi, stickers from the 4x6 sticker pack and a few stamps.

I love the layered decoration on this page. Don’t be afraid to trim your stickers to make them work for you!

Here is one of my pages in the daily insert. Daily pages are a great place to “plan all the things”. I love these pages, because they have room for your schedule, your lists and even some memory keeping. And since the insert is undated, you can jump in and out of this insert as needed.

I can’t get enough of the adorable collection, so I decided to try out the digital version of this collection to make my own stickers and embellishments. Anyone can do this! I just downloaded the files, and re-shaped them in a Word document to the size and shape I wanted, printed the sheet on full sheet label paper, and fussy cut them out!

My favorite stickers I made with the printables were scaled down versions of the 4x6 and 3x4 element cards and functional boxes with a light shading in the middle. Check back on my instagram to see how I use them in my weekly spreads later this month!

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my fall setup in my Cream Dot Travelers Notebook. Be sure to check out the https://carpediemplanners.com to purchase this notebook, inserts and stamps and more!