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Christmas in October?? Why not! When I got the Simple Stories Christmas collections I was so excited. I had only done a couple of pages of my 2017 December album so I decided to start fresh! I’m using a combination of Merry & Bright and Simple Vintage Christmas depending on the feel of the story I’m telling on my pages. They’re both so beautiful. Merry & Bright is perfect for more fun stories and Simple Vintage Christmas is perfect for telling stories about cherished family traditions.Today I’m sharing some pages I’ve done with Merry and Bright. I’m using the Merry & Bright album. It coordinates with the collection perfectly, has some fun add in pages and a wider spine to make room for all of the December goodness.

I decided to start with my cover page. I took one of the pages of 2x2 squares and filled them up with fun things. I used a combination of 2x2 SN@P! cards, chipboard stickers and bits and pieces, all from Merry & Bright. Simple and cute! 

This is my favourite part of my album so far. I had a black and white 8x12 photo of my boys that I took at the garden centre where we had gone to see Santa. I decided to turn it into a flip out page which was SO easy with the 6x8 paper pad. I cut the photo down the middle and then used washi tape on the back to attach them together. I then glued down some 6x8 papers over the backs of the photo which covered the washi tape. I cut a half inch off the end and hole punched the other side. Easy fold out photo!

I added a little tab from the Carpe Diem Planner Tabs sticker tablet (seriously, I use these SO much in my albums, I love tab stickers!) and some red reinforcements to balance the embellishments I added on the other side. It’s a great way to add one of my favourite landscape pictures without having to put it to a protector sideways.

Throughout my album I’m using some of the big numbers from the Merry & Bright collection. They’re in the same great colours as the rest of the collection and slide perfectly into 3x4 pockets. On this page I printed a photo on vellum to slide in behind the number. This page goes with the fold out photo from our trip to the garden centre to see Santa. The Hello Santa card is perfect. I also added some phrase stickers (the ones in the sticker set are so perfect!) and puffy stickers to accent my photos. I wanted to add a bit more journalling without losing the feel of this layout so I added in a photo flip!

I’ve been really into photo flips lately to add more journalling to my layouts. Under the wreath picture I wrote a bit about out trip to see Santa and another Santa journal card. Interactive elements are so much fun! 

I have a few full paged photos throughout the album. I printed them with the giant numbers in mind. The 7 fit perfectly on this page and I kept it simple with a cluster of stickers. My December albums can get so busy so it’s nice to have a few calmer spots.

One more spread from my album to share. These pages were about baking and doughnuts with lots of warm colours. I decided to keep the warm colours going and focus on reds. I added in some journal cards on the left side with various stickers, puffy stickers and bits and pieces. On the right is another large photo with a big number on it. Christmas Eve doughnuts!

Merry & Bright is just the right balance of whimsy and tradition that works so well with all of my photos, from Santa visits to baking and winter coffee shoe-fits. I really like the florals throughout. I can’t wait to see what other people do with it!


It’s Pumpkin Spice season and Forever Fall is the perfect collection to document everything pumpkin! We get fall pretty early where I am. It’s like September 1st hits and sweater weather takes over. Our falls are also pretty short so I like to soak up every golden toned cozy moment. And take a million pictures to document it with Forever Fall!

I worked on a little SN@P! story about the beginning of fall and pumpkin everything. I started by decorating a 6x8 SN@P! binder so it’s ready for all my fall stories. I kept it simple, covering it up with the Forever Fall Get Cozy paper and a chipboard piece that says Let’s Get Cozy because this fall is all about everything cozy (after everything pumpkin of course). 

I opened up with a picture of my boys and I with our first Pumpkin Spice drinks of the year! I added in some cards and embellishments. I love that coffee cup journal card so much! And that patterned stripe on the other journal card. It’s swoon-worthy. 

I stuck a chipboard circle in the middle of the page protector to finish off the page. I really like doing that. Just make sure you’ve got all those pockets filled first because those chipboard pieces stick on really good.

I just love the colours of Forever Fall. The oranges, light blues with pops of pale pink and burgundy. It’s pretty great and very fall. This page has some more pictures and that fantastic Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice 4x6 journal card.

I know shoe-fies are kind of overdone, but I really like them in pocket pages. They are perfect for lots of journalling, it’s like a photo-real journal card but it’s you! On this one I used some of the super cute washi from Forever Fall with one of the Bits & Pieces. It takes it from being just a photo to being a great fall statement.

On the next spread I included a 4x6 insert. The 4x6 vertical pocket pages are a great way to add in some focal 4x6 vertical photos or journal cards. 

On the other side it’s all about fall colours. Fall is when I pull out my favourite nail polish colour so I had to document that. I took one of the stickers from the combo sticker sheet  and cut it in half to create a cute frame for the photo.

For my Fall Favourites list I used a combination of stickers and Bits & Pieces to make my list. As a knitter, number 2 is my absolute favourite!

On the other side of the 4x6 vertical pocket I journaled about my favourite thing and the reason for the right hand page. Pumpkin pie soft serve! It really feels like fall when we go for a walk with pumpkin pie soft serve so that had to make it in. And it was a good reason to use all the cute pumpkins in the kit.

I made this super cute ribbon in the corner of this journal card using a sticker from the Combo sheet. I cut down some washi and a patterned sticker from the 4x6 pages and added a few more stickers around it. Super cute and super easy! I loved working with Forever Fall and can’t wait to get more of my fall stories told with it! I can’t wait for pumpkin patch photos!


Hi! Odessa here with some more SN@P! layouts! Lately I’ve been using them to document our summer adventures and I am just loving these 6x8 binders for telling my favourite stories.

Dream Big is such a me collection. I’m pretty girly. I like glitter and unicorns and everything cute. I also have 2 boys and the majority of my scrapbooking involves them. But I don’t let that stop me! While Dream Big might not go with some of our bigger adventures, it’s perfect for a nature hike and a day at the beach with a giant inflatable unicorn. I made a cute title page for this story with a 3x4 journal card (with an added cat unicorn embellishment because why not?!?) and a 3x4 cut from one of the gorgeous papers from the collection. I used some of the Basics alpha stickers to make a fun title. I added in a picture of all my fav guys and some more embellishments from the collection and my title page is done.

For this spread I used a bunch of the journal elements I loved from the cut apart sheets with some of my fav photos from our walk. It was a pretty magical place so this kit works well.  And those new puffy stickers give me major heart eyes! They are great for adding a bit of dimension.

Sometimes a plain journal card is just to plain to me and I have to jazz it up. Here I added this adorable banner chipboard and a phrase sticker to personalize it.

Next up was the part of this story that really went with the collection. Blue skies, floating away on a unicorn and white sand. I went for a brighter look with this page, all of the cut apart journal cards are really bright since my photos are pretty cohesive colour and composition-wise. I added in a card with a spot to write so I could get some words in and added a few stickers here and there to the other cards. I accented my photos with some puffy stickers, words and phrases.

I was really excited to have a legitimate reason to use a sticker that says “ride a unicorn.” One of my favourite things to add to a photograph is a few loosely related phrase stickers to create a little story on the photo.

Ok, so maybe every single beach trip I document says “Beach Please” on it, but I don’t know if any of them look as good as this one. Those alphabet stickers are perfect!

I finished off bold with lots of rich colour. I love the pinks and oranges in Dream Big so I let them shine here. On the left are a few pics from our drive home embellished with various stickers. On the right I used a page full of 2x2 squares. The Dream Big collection includes a paper full of 2x2 elements perfect for sliding into these proctectors. I cut down a 4x6 photo to fit in the middle and worked my favourite 2x2 squares from the paper around it. Then I added a mermaid cat sticker because it seemed like a good place to use it.

I hope you enjoyed this look inside my album and how I used Dream Big! It’s a great collection to embrace colour and all things cute!