Maria Delgado's Blog Posts

Hi! It's María and I will be part of the Carpe Diem team 2018. I will be using Traveler's Notebooks for my Bullet Journaling, I have been using this method of organization for more than 2 years and I am looking forward to sharing with you.

For this month I wanted to use the Bliss Collection, maybe because my favorite color is purple or because it has so many flowers, which I also like a lot.

First I prepared the future log in a separate notebook, so I can move freely from one TN to another.

For the month cover I made a small card with lettering and I used the bits & pieces to decorate, I love that the sheets of the notebooks have a 120 gsm, so I can play with small watercolor splashes.

The habit tracker is a very regular resource for those who make bullet journals. It helps us to keep track of daily goals and work toward them, in order to achieve them.

I love decorating with lettering titles, I usually use the Tombow Dual Brush markers, I really like their range of colors. The pages of the notebook are very soft, so working with brush markers is very nice.

I usually plan my YouTube updates in "this month", I find it very comfortable to visualize the full month and organize my content. I know that the Bliss stickers tablet will help to organize this page during the month.

In the weekly view I plan my work, when I edit, record, shoot photos and more. It helps me to be more efficient and not get lost in the clouds, I usually prepare them the weekend before and as you can see the Bliss stickers help me decorate again.

Finally I wanted to see if this notebook passed the "pen test" where I will make samples of all my markers to have a reference of the colors. I used one of the inserts that come with TNs that are blank paper. To decorate I used the Crafty Girl collection, it's perfect for it!