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Hello, it's Lisa here today with a rather magical post.
Let's face it, anything Disney related is magical, right?! And that's how this Say Cheese III collection makes me feel. Magical!

I have two projects to share with you today using this collection. I have a layout and a minibook where I will share my secrets with you....the success of making mini books.

I'm going to start with the ' Meeting the Mouse' layout.
I cut down some white card stock so that it could be framed on the cute spotted paper from the collection. I like to frame my scrapbook pages. I just think it's a good finish.
I edited my 'meeting the mouse' photo to turn it in to a vintage polaroid print. I love this look and although it does take the quality out of the photo, it keeps it looking vintage, which I quite like.

 I used one of the 'Snap' cards with half a Mickey head on it and by using a craft knife around the outline of the ear, I've turned it in to a little pocket.

I cut some of the tickets out from the 12x12 Die Cut papers to pop inside the pocket. I also used some to journal on.

I took another of the patterned papers and cut out the large spots to stick on my page. I also used some of the 'Bits and Pieces' then to embellish. I like the colour contrasts here. The arrows were made by also cutting out from one of the patterned papers.

I'm really happy with how this has turned out. I love all the pops of colour and yet there's still a little 'white space'.

Now on to my next project, my Mini Book.

This Mini Book was so much fun to make.   I got myself a little stuck with mini books a while back. I used to start them, spend weeks working on them very slowly, step by step, so much procrastinating and they would never get finished.  Then one weekend I made a mega mini book over a weekend.   It then dawned on me the secret to making mini books.
1. Print all your photos and have them ready.
2. Gather all your craft materials and supplies so they are ready in front of you. No more thinking about what paper to use next what embellishments go with what. By using a matching collection like this, all that thought has been done for you and everything coordinates. Make sure you have all your tools there too.
3. Try and create it in one sitting if you can. If this isn't possible then stick with it and make sure you finish it the following day. Chances are (if you are like me) and you walk away, if it's left longer than a few days, it will not get finished.
 4. Keep a design running throughout the book. This way you don't have to spend too much time thinking how you are going to decorate the pages and when you do decorate each page, it's quick and easy and really makes the mini book flow as you look through. It's very pleasing to the eye seeing this repetitive continuation of the design. Keep it simple. I cut the scalloped patterned paper in to strips and added a strip to the bottom of most of the pages as you can see here above and below. 
You could also add a heart from the same paper on each page, or use a circle punch ....just something to keep a design flowing.
I then work page by page. I choose the order of the pages selecting the papers. Here I used the 12x12 Element papers. They are perfect for Mini Books.
Then I go through, keeping them in order, adding my photos. Then I go on to add embellishments/stickers. Then any journaling and finally I often like to doodle.
This whole mini book was made in under 2 hours as I stuck to my Mini Book rules. It makes it so easy.
Here you can see the pages in order.
I am so happy with how this has turned out. There is a real sense of achievement when you create a project like this.
I do have a YouTube Channel here where you can see me creating both of these projects.
Thank you for joining me here. Have a magical day!


Hello. I'm Lisa. One of the new 2017 Creative Team members.
I'm really excited to be with you here today. I hope you will enjoy my scrapbooking creations.
I have two layouts for you today, both using the new 'Say Cheese III' collection.
The 'Say Cheese' collections are perfect for me as we are a Disney loving family. It's a special year for us as it celebrates 10 years since our first Disney World trip. We are so excited about going back again this Summer. As the excitement is building there's lots of family chat about our previous trips. I tend to just scrapbook each trip and it all goes away in separate scrapbooks, but I wouldn't usually mix the photos from the different trips, so this is what I've done today.     
I've taken one photo from each of the trips. It's so nice to see them all together like this, seeing how the children have changed and grown.
I printed each photo really small, just 1.8 inch square with a thick white border so I could piece them together like a photo strip.
I really enjoy using the 12x12 papers that are made up from the journaling cards. They are so fun to use. I have taken the piece with the 3x4 cards and cut two from this piece of paper. I left a small space between the two cards so that my photo strip could have center stage. 

I really enjoy using washi tape. I particularly like the tapes from this collection. The red with polka dots just screams Disney out to me, so I had to use this. Red, polka dots and bows, to me this just means Minnie Mouse. The bow is easy to make by sticking the tape down on thin card and trimming the edges. It can then be shaped in to a bow. I used the 'smile' which comes in the pack of 'bits and pieces'. This covers the joins nice and neatly.   
I used this same technique to make some journal strips. Sticking the tape down to card again and then trimming down in to  thin strips. It's a fun way to add a little journaling. 
I also used more of the 'Bits and Pieces' and the Rotary Stamp.
Lastly, I took one more of the 3x4 journal cards from that same piece of 12x12 paper and from this card I cut out the word 'LOVE'. The perfect final piece to my page.
For my second project, I decided I was going to frame a piece of art for our Disney inspired gallery wall.
Sometimes I feel it's a shame to file all these happy memories away in scrapbooks.
We take so much time creating these pages, I like to display them in my home too.
Our Disney memories are our happiest memories, so for me I like to create and display.
I picked up this 12x12 white photo frame and removed the glass.
I cut a piece of cardstock just slightly larger than the space.  
I used the Snap Pack this time and took two of the 6x4 cards and stuck them down over lapping one another. I measured the space on the upper journal card so that my photo would fit perfectly.
I used a mixture of the 'Bits and Pieces' pack and also some of the pieces that come in the Snap Pack.
Some of the pieces are stuck on to the layout and some partially on the layout and the mount and some just on the mount itself, really bringing the project together.
To finish, I took the same polka dot washi once again and stuck it to the edge of my 12x12 frame. I love that extra touch of Disney magic this adds. It really finishes this job off perfectly.  
This frame now has a home on our Disney gallery wall going up our stairs.
Thank you for stopping by today.
If you've enjoyed this post you can also watch me making these over on my YouTube channel here. And you can find me on Instagram - thefunkyfairy
Thank you so much.
Have a magical day xo