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Hello creatives! Leah here with you on the blog today playing dress up with my traveler's notebook to get her ready for spook-tober! I love this time of year and as much as I love my current setup, the Simple Vintage Halloween collection has inspired me to decorate my TN for the season. Switching out the traveler's notebook cover and redecorating the pockets are a couple of easy ways to change a planner's vibe, but another way I really love to change things up is by creating interchangeable covers for my notebook inserts. It's a super easy way to keep using the same inserts but give them a different and temporary look, very similar to changing out your planner dividers.

I've had several requests to film the process of creating a custom notebook insert cover and I'm happy to have finally done so.  Check out the video below to see how I made this Halloween-themed cover for my monthly notebook insert.


Here are some photos of the finished project. The best part about making covers like this is how you can  switch them out and re-use them later. After Halloween, I can switch to another cover and keep this one around to use next October if I choose to. I keep all the covers I'm not using in a spare TN when I'm not using them.

To add to the Halloween vibes in the front of my TN, I tucked a bunch of die cuts into the pockets to match my new cover. Most are from the Simple Vintage Halloween collections, but a few of the florals are from the Forever Fall collection. A little double-sided repositionable tape helps all the little pieces stay in place.

I'm so excited to finish setting up my October monthly setup. This collection has me so inspired and it's my favorite time of the year which has me feeling extra creative. I've done a little pre-decorating for October's monthly spread.

I can't wait to see what other ways everyone will use this collection. Are you working on or planning any Halloween or Fall-themed creative projects? Let me know below or come say hello over on Youtube or Instagram. Head over to the Simple Stories and Carpe Diem Planner Instagram accounts for lots more seasonal inspiration!


Hello again creatives! Leah here with you on the blog today. I finally got a chance to dig into the adorable Dream Big collection that I have been hoarding. My husband and I just moved into a new, bigger and brighter rental space and as I'm settling into my new craft room, I just want to scatter the Dream Big collection everywhere! I probably will make some fun room decor with it soon, but for now I decided to start a little smaller scale by using it to set up August in my traveler's notebook.

I dressed up the front cover of my monthly insert with lots of colorful layers. I love all of the texture! When making insert covers, I always cut a 12x12 paper down to the height of the notebook and then use the extra width to wrap around the edges of the front and back cover. This way the cover stays in place but can be transferred to another insert later. I added even more color to my insert by adding monthly tabs from the Tabs A5 Sticker Tablet.

In the Carpe Diem traveler's notebook monthly inserts, there is a notes page and monthly intro page in between each month's calendar pages. You can use the headers as is, but these pages are so easy to customize with a little washi tape or stickers to cover up/re-label the headers. This month, I am using the notes page on the left to document a couple of notes about my life currently. On the right, I have separated the page into sections and labeled them by each room in my new home. I then wrote out wish lists for each space. I have associated Pinterest boards for each space as well. I'm excited to budget for and check off the items on these lists eventually!

My monthly calendar is a lot less packed than it was last month thankfully. This month is all about taking some time to recover from the move, and then focusing my energy on unpacking and organizing. The Dream Big collection is just what I need to inspire me as I'm setting up my new craft space this month. I definitely want to sprinkle lots of color and crafty magic everywhere!

This is the first time I've had my own designated creative space and I cannot be more excited to transform it! You better believe my Simple Stories supplies will be pulling double duty – they'll be on display to beautify my space which will also keep me inspired and motivated to use them. 

Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates about how my craft room is coming along. Please tag me if you've posted photos of your creative space on IG. I'd love to see how you've decorated and organized it. Until next time, happy creating friends!


Hey there creative friends! Welcome back to the Simple Stories blog. Leah here with you today showing
you a glimpse into how I’m using my traveler’s notebook to help keep my brain organized during the
chaos of moving house. What I love about using a traveler’s notebook (a.k.a. a TN) during busy times like
this is how portable and customizable it is. When running around the house packing, or out running
errands, I can easily carry it with me and open it up to jot down a quick reminder or list before I forget.
I used the Good Vibes collection to decorate the projects in my TN that I’m about to share with you. The
vibrant colors and sentiments to remind me to keep up the good vibes are exactly what I need to see
throughout these next few weeks until the move is over.
I’m currently only using three inserts in this TN. I want to keep the bare minimum of what I need in here
so I don’t get overwhelmed and can easily find where I need to go when I open up a notebook. I’ve got a
monthly calendar insert where I have several lists and reminders listed on the monthly intro page. For
example, I made a list of accounts I need to change addresses for, and then because I am a list addict, I
made a list of lists I need to make before the move. I can’t help myself! There’s so much to do and keep
track of during a move.
Also in this monthly insert, I decorated the July monthly spread with lots (and I do mean lots) of stickers.
I actually challenged myself to see just how many stickers I could use up from the Good Vibes pack of
4x6 sticker sheets. You know how it is when you need a good dose of creative fun to procrastinate the
heck out of what you’re supposed to be doing. Well sticker explosion happened this time (#noregrets).
Having a monthly view in my planner right now is crucial because it lets me visually see exactly how
much time I have before the move and plan out how I’m going to fit everything I need to get done into
that time frame. I also have a daily insert in this TN that I can use to expand on each day’s tasks into
more detail. For example, if I write “pack bedroom” on the monthly spread, then on the daily planning
page, I can write out a more detailed list of the areas within the room that need to be tackled.
Most importantly (to me), I designated an entire insert in this TN to my plethora of moving-related lists.
I know for a fact I will use up this notebook during this move. I’m listing out everything I can to get as
much info out of my head as possible so I’m less stressed. I’ve got an expanded list of all the accounts
and places I need to change our address for, things I need to buy for the new house as soon as possible,
things I want to buy for the house eventually, things I’ve seen while online shopping that I can’t afford
but want to remember to pin to my “Dream Home” Pinterest board…a list of zones within the house
that need to be packed, a list of general to-dos. You get the drift. Lots of lists, and some notes too. I
wrote my new address down in here and a few other important details that I need to reference often.
Also to help me keep important documents organized during the move, I’m using this clear document
storage pouch (I think I purchased from Amazon a long time ago). I’m stashing documents in here that
don’t fit or have a place in my TN, such as forms that need to be filled out and mailed, my lease
agreement, printed confirmation and/or account details, a move-out cleaning checklist for our current
apartment, and a few other miscellaneous files. The pouch is clear so I dressed it up to coordinate with
my TN, but also so that none of my private information is visible. I cut down a couple of my favorite
12x12 papers from the Good Vibes collection and used a non-permanent, double-sided adhesive tape to
secure them to the inside of the front and back of the pouch.
For the most part right now, I am exclusively using this TN and document keeper to keep me organized
and sane throughout my upcoming move. Moving can certainly be stressful, but it really does help to
keep your thoughts and important moving-related information organized and in one place. I also tried a
new thing called “starting early” so I don’t have to worry about getting everything done at the last
minute. This is very unfamiliar territory for me, but I’m going to embrace it and thank my pretty planner
for helping me get stuff done. I’ll report back about how I survived on my Instagram in a couple of
Until next time creative souls, happy crafting (and list-making)!