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Hi everyone, I had a very nice summer holiday and enjoyed nice weather and lots of delicious food. Now it is time to loose those extra holiday pounds I gained and to set up my fitness planner to help me achieve that! I am using the A5 Fitness Planner Inserts and the Coral A5 Carpe Diem planner.

To decorate the planner and inserts I will mainly use the Fitness sticker tablet and the ‘High style’ 12x12 paperpad. This paperpad has beautiful watercolor papers that match the fitness inserts perfectly.

Before I set up the planner I decided to create some flag paperclips. I took some small and bigger gold paperclips, cut some different shaped banners from the ‘High Style’ paperpad papers and decorated the banners with diecut shapes, stickers and enamel dots.

In total I created six flag paperclips, three small ones and three bigger ones. These are perfect to decorate the planner pockets and extra pages in my planner.

The fitness insert set includes six colorful dividers and different tab stickers to choose from. I selected the following six sections in my planner: Goals, Tracking, Calendar, Motivation, Get Fit and Notes. The ‘Calendar’ section will hold my monthly and weekly fitness inserts and the ‘Get fit’ section some menu planning inserts.

For this setup I also created a fun motivational bookmark. I selected the light pink watercolor paper from the ‘High style’ paperpad, cut it down to size and punched holes using the Carpe Diem punch. I decorated the bookmark with some diecut shapes, words and stickers from the tablet.

Now it is time for one of my favourite parts of setting up a new planner: decorating the planner pockets!

I selected a few papers from the ‘High Style’ paperpad as a base and used different border punches to create beautiful borders at the top of the papers. I decorated the pockets with my diy flag paperclips and some stickers from the sticker tablet.

The back of the dashboard that came with the Fitness insert set had awesome fitness hashtags so I slided it in the large side pocket and added a little piece of light blue watercolor paper with a cute border. I am very happy with how these pockets turned out!

With this fitness planner setup I included the ‘Bold stripe’ doc-it journal and decorated the front with some motivational stickers and the fitness decal. The decals are designed to put on the outside of your planner but it works fine on paper or these doc-it journals.

In the doc-it journal I am going to track all my gym workouts such as cardio and weights. Ofcourse the journal needs a fun intro page so I used the ‘High Style’ papers to diecut the letters ‘Workout progress’. I finished the page with strips of washitape and stickers from the tablet. The doc-it journal slides perfectly in the back pocket of my planner.

For this planner I decided not to create a new front dashboard but use the planner pocket that came in the fitness insert set. I am planning on putting my gymclass schedule in here and other notes I need to save.

I thought it would be a nice extra project to create a fun spread to track the weightloss journey for my few extra holiday pounds. I used plain graph paper and papers from the ‘High style’ pad to diecut the letters. With a circle punch I punched circles from light wood paper from the ‘Wood and gingham’ paperpad.

To decorate the pages I used arrow and quote stickers from the tablet. On the right side of the page I glued a clear pocket, which holds some star icon stickers. For each half pound I will manage to loose, I will put a star sticker on the circle as a reward. The end result is a fun two-paged spread on which I can track my progress.

For the monthly spread of August I thought it was smart to plan all my gym sessions and to do a fun monthly challenge. This month I am going to do a daily squat challenge so I diecut the letters and wrote down a daily checkbox to check off whether I did my squats.

All the monthly pages from the fitness inserts have awesome fitness quotes. For August it was: ‘How bad do you want it?’ I added the ‘very bad’ and two little butterflies to decorate it a bit.

The setup for my planner is mostly done, now it is time to use it!  Simple Stories has some free fitness printables that you can download here - I printed them in different sizes to decorate my first weekly spread to track my food and exercise.

I hope this blog inspired you in creating and decorating your own fitness planner! On my instagram page createplannernl I will show some more spreads and extra pages in my fitness planner. Have a nice day!


Hi everyone, Kelly here and today I want to show you how I set up my planner for Summer.  Besides working, this month is all about sunny weather, relaxing and holiday to me, so it is important my planner reflects the time of year.

For this setup I am using all the stickers, papers and pieces from the Summer Days collection together with my Blush A5 Carpe Diem Planner. Before I start, I placed the washitapes and pieces in a cupcake tray for easy access and displayed all the stickers and papers on my desk.

The first thing I always do when I set up a new planner is filling the pockets with journaling cards, decorative bits and a little washitape sample! A little tip for keeping the decorative bits in place when you open and close the planner: take a bit of washitape, make a little roll and put it on the back of the ephemera and adhere it to the spot where you want it to be. This way you can easily remove it and it will not get damaged!

In the large side pocket I used the blue paper with clouds as a background and slided some stickersheets of the collection in there, to always have them on hand.

Now that my pockets are filled I created a new front dashboard. I cut the rainbow colored paper down to size, punched holes and decorated it with some cards and stickers! In the back of my planner I inserted a little notepad to write down things I need to remember.

The 4x4 Element have this awesome quote card: ‘Live in the sunshine’! I punched holes using the planner punch and simply put it in my planner. A quick and easy idea to decorate your planner!

Since I would always like to have multiple stickersheets in my planner, I created this pocket on the back of the front dashboard. I grabbed a 4x6 card from the cut-apart paper, punched a border with a flower pattern using a punch from my stash and adhered it to the bottom and sides of the page. I also used a few of the thickers to create diy paperclips, I adhered them with strong tape on some white paperclips.

For this summer I had the idea to make a bucket list with things I want to do. I decorated a page with a big flamingo and made sure I had enough space to write down a few lists.

I also created a pocket page by punching some extra holes in a SNAP pocket page and filled these with pattern paper, cards and stickers. I like to put these at the back of my planner.

Now that all the extra ‘Summer themed’ pages are done it is time to decorate the July monthly spread. I used some butterfly, flower and alpha dies to cut shapes and words from the patterned papers. With washitape I marked the days of my holiday!

At last, I wanted to decorate the ‘This month’ page for July. I used alpha dies to cut July from the patterned paper and used some scraps of paper to create a fun banner border to show of all the pretty colors and patterns.

I love the ‘this month’ page because it gives you room to write down important dates, appointments, and monthly goals. Since this month is all about holiday for me I used lots of stickers and did not write down any to do’s!!

On my instagram ( I will share some more weekly spreads using the Summer Days collection in my Carpe Diem planner. See you next month!



Hi everyone, Kelly here today with a new blog post. I am going to show you a fun and easy way to create your own pretty sticker storage binder to store all your planner stickers in one place.


As a base I used a pink SN@P binder, 4x6 clear Pocket Pages, some scrapbook papers and of course stickers to put in the inserts. Now I am going to show you how I created the dividers!

Because of my love for pastel colors I decided to use the SN@P! Lights Color Vibe papers as my dashboard and dividers. First, I cut the scrapbook papers down to size (7x8.5 inch) using a cutting board, but you can also use a ruler and scissors. Next, I punched 2 holes using a Pocket Page sheet as a template to know exactly where I needed to punch.

Now that the dividers are the right size it is time to make our own tabs. I found some tabs in an old pack of diecuts to use as a template. I traced them on leftover scrapbook paper pieces and then cut them out. 

As an end result, you have your own DIY tabs in matching colors to glue on the dividers.

The next step is to grab all your stickers and put them in the clear Pocket Pages. I decided to divide my stickers into 4 categories: Collections, Summer, Functional and Alpha’s. Because the alpha sheets are a little bit bigger than 4x6inch, I trimmed the borders of each sticker sheet a little bit to make them fit in the pocket pages easily.

Now that my stickers are all in the Pocket Pages it is time to put them in the binder.

I love decorating and decided to use some journaling cards and stickers from the Faith collection to decorate the pink dashboard and 4 dividers. With the alpha stickers I wrote ‘ Sticker book’ and I used some flower pieces and little butterfly stickers to decorate the page.

To decorate the dividers I created pockets on all of them to put even more sticker sheets in there! I used a 4x6 journaling card and only glued the bottom and sides of the card so that you can slide 2-4 sticker sheets in there.

The third divider is for functional stickers such as date numbers, icons and label stickers. I have so many functional stickers for my planner, I think I can fill a full binder with those alone!

The last divider is for my alpha stickers, so ofcourse I slided some alpha sheets in the pocket as well.

The end result is 1 front dashboard and 4 decorated dividers with little pockets to put even more sticker sheets in there.

I love this binder because now I can flip through the binder and see all the stickers I have. I can grab my planner, some washi tapes, and my sticker binder and plan everywhere I want and have all my supplies with me!

I hope you liked this blogpost and got inspired to create your own sticker storage binder! For more inspiring planner posts go to my instagram account: createplannernl.  Have a great day!