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Keeping the house clean at all times with 3 kids is not easy. Doing laundry is even worse. Imagine all the clothes one person wears in a week multiply that by 5. My 3 old daughter probably goes through the most clothes in a week more than any of us in the house.
Setting up my planner using the Domestic Bliss makes me want to clean the house. I chose the Robin's Egg A5 planner which goes perfectly well with all the Domestic Bliss soft colors.
I've used many supplies which are now available at for purchase. You can find it by looking for Designs and it will be under "Home"
 If only Alexa can clean the house, we'd all be buying one or two. That would be so awesome. Don't you think so?
 I normally decorate my planner pockets with lots of bits & pieces, clips and journaling cards. I would then tuck in some stickers to the large side pockets as decor and I can also easily grab them when I'm ready to decorate new pages.
 You can see here I've made a washi tape holder and stuck it in the large side pockets with the stickers. This way I don't have to carry the whole roll of washi tapes with me.
Once I finished decorating my pockets, I will then start creating my dashboard. I went through the journaling cards and pattern paper to see which ones I want to use. I decided to go with the card with the quote "The house was clean last week. Sorry you missed it" - I thought this quote was perfect because this is exactly how I feel, especially after the end of the week.
I layered different pattern papers and added the house and broom bits & pieces to finish my dashboard.
The fun part was filling out the daily schedule as I delegate chores to my 2 boys. 
 Here is an up close picture which features the stamp I used. This "Home sweet home stamp" is also available for purchase at
I also have a "To Do" section. I used the To Do bookmark tablet to  list items that needs to be done such as groceries.
Where is the maid at? 

 The traveler's notebook insert fits perfectly at the very back of the A5 planner tucked in the side pocket. I can use this for list, journaling, adding photos with memory keeping and many more.
The Home sticker tablet has so many elements that I can use to fill up the whole planner.
 I used the Home A5 Planner Inserts in which the label stickers are included to customize your tabs. I chose "Chores" "Family" "To Do" "Schedule" "Lists" and "Projects"
Now onto cleaning my craft room mess
"Alexa clean my craft room"
Don't you think having a Home planner motivates you to clean the house more often? Thank you for stopping by and what are you waiting for? Start setting up your Home planner. I would love to see what you'd come up with.


I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. 
Today I am sharing how I used the Kissing Booth to set up my Blush Personal Planner. I can't believe I have forgotten how cute and very portable personal size planners can be, especially as my everyday carry.
I added many bits & pieces of my heart into the planner to create my "Pocket Love"
I've also punched some hole reinforcers using one of the red 12x12 paper. It has a double purpose, one as reinforcer and the other is decorative.
 I love decorating my dashboard by layering different elements from this collection. I decided to use the "always be true" 12x12 paper with the light pink flower as my background. Then I added the scrabble pieces "LOVE" from the chipboard stickers. I added a light pink doily on the bottom right of the page and I finished it off with stickers.
 I wanted to use the kissing booth as my main focus of this page, hence the name of this collection. I chose sticker pieces that has anything to do with kissing such as smooch, shut up and kiss me, mwah, and of course kiss me,
I made dividers using different pattern 12x12 paper. I used the personal divider template. I've decorate some of the dividers and some I left them plain. I also decorated one of the vertical pocket pages to add some layers in my set up.

  Happy Valentine's Day My Love. You are my everything today, always and forever.
How are you spending your Valentine's Day? You can set up your planner using the Kissing Booth collection and jot down your plans or you can just have a set up all about love. Thank you for stopping by.


Jomelle here today and I am sharing with you my Christmas Set Up in my A5 Planner. First, I needed to decide what planner to use to go with the Simple Vintage Christmas collection. I couldn't decide between the Clover or the Black Speckle. Which one would you pick?
I actually love showcasing this collection. I wanted to keep it just for display but I also couldn't wait to use this for my set up.
I decided to use the Clover A5 Planner. I think it goes so well with this collection and it brings out the red color but doesn't over power it too much. I wanted to do some layering to create my dashboard. It used different prints of the paper and I used some of my punches and dies to add finishing touch to my layering.
I found these wooden sleigh and reindeer from my stash and I thought it goes well with the vintage theme. As usual, I used my pockets for more decorative purpose than functional.
December "Before the Pen" I love how the 4x6 stickers came with numbers that you can use for dates. It comes in red and green color.

I'ts been a while since I showed my weekly layout in my A5 planner. When decoating this layout, I knew I wanted to use the square 25cents piece and since it's one of the bigger pieces,
I worked around it to finish the rest of the page.
Thank you for taking your time to view my blog. Have a Happy Holidays!