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Hey Simple Stories Fans! This is Jennie and today I am sharing some pocket pages using my favorite collection, the new release, Emoji Love! I am emoji obsessed and so are my daughters! They love this collection too!

Since my daughter and her friend are missing teeth I drew a gap in the Emoji card so it would look like them. I always like to be put a circle in the middle of my photo collages and in here I used a smiley face from the 6x12 Chipboard.

The good thing about the emoji theme is that is perfect for documenting every aspect of your life. In here I used it for selfies, books and a movie. The colors are also good for both genders, it has pinks but they also have black, blue and gray. You also have a whole range of emotions. You can document the not so good memories with poop emojis.

I love when journaling cards have lines because that way I can use my handwriting instead of typing. I’m not a big fan of how my handwriting looks but I bet my daughters will like to see it in the future.

I am a washi addict and I am crazy about the washi tapes from this collection! On my title card I used the Expressions Washi Tape.  The 4x6 Stickers are always one of my favorite items. I like the labels to stamp dates or label photos and the little elements like that really cool camera that looks like the Instagram symbol.

To hold my tickets I used a Tombow Power Tab to hold the metal paper clip. I stamped on the unicorn card using white ink and the Emoji Love Roller Stamp. I did the same on the yes card but less times using black ink. I prefer roller stamps because they require less fuss than acrylic stamps. You just throw them in your bag and you can use them anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed these pocket pages! I already want to make a bunch more using this collection! The Emoji Love Collection starts shipping soon so ask your favorite store to save you some goodies!



Hey Everyone! This is Jennie! The Love & Adore Collection is perfect for documenting Valentine’s Day but if you have someone to love you 8 days a week is perfect for any week! I used it to document two weeks of winter. My daughter’s winter coat is a perfect match to the pink in this collection. 

This collection has 3 gorgeous washi tapes that are perfect for adding little accents for pocket pages, planners or cards.

Flowers and hearts are patterns that I use very often. I have 2 girls and they wear a lot of pink so this is a collection that I can use anytime. This week we also went to the movies so I borrowed some photos of the movie from Google. 

This font is one of my all time favorites from Simple Stories! Since I documented my December on my December Daily, these weeks on the album were a little slow so I combined 2 weeks in a full spread. I do this whenever my weeks are slow. I try to keep my rules loose so I won’t worry too much or make my hobby a burden.

I kept our movie tickets and our cookie fortunes but instead of gluing them down I used a paper clip to hold them. I used a Tombow Adhesive Dot on the back of the paper clip to keep it in place. I love these journaling cards with lines because I feel more comfortable using my handwriting. I’m terrible at writing straight so whenever I use a journaling card without lines I use my typewriter. 

Tiny Words are my favorite thing about the 4x6 Stickers! I use them in everything I make! I always use the washi tape and tiny word combo. I normally use the Sn@p Letter Stickers to write on photos but since this font is skinny it fits perfectly on the photo.

I like to add 3x4 photos of my daughter’s drawings to my album so I don’t have to keep all of their drawings. They like to draw a lot and they add up fast. If I keep every single one I would be up to my nose in scribbles. 

I hope you were able to pick a few tips from this post! Have a lovely day! 


Hey Everyone! This is Jennie! Today I’m showing you how you can use the Winter Wonderland Collection without having to use snow photos. I live in Maryland and the closest thing we’ve had to snow are flurries that look like someone spilled sugar from a powdered donut. 


Sn@p Letter Stickers are my favorite for almost every project! I love the fact that they come in every color and no the 4x6 Stickers include one sheet of these letters.

This collection has 3 gorgeous washi tapes! I love to layer them and add a word sticker.


I love how the weekly card turned out. The labels from the 4x6 Stickers are great for stamping dates and adding journaling.

No snow doesn’t mean that it's warm. It’s pretty cold here but you can also use this collection for documenting Frozen costumes.

Enamel Dots are one of my scrappy staples. I like to add them to the center of flowers to give them a little extra detail.

Lettering is one of my favorite hobbies. This paper is really smooth so it’s really easy to use with my brush pen. If you plan to do this practice on a scrap paper first. The background needed a little extra something so I stamped “thumbs up” over and over using the Make it Happen Roller Stamp


I hope you enjoyed these pages while drinking hot cocoa!