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Hello everyone! Florence here! From my previous blog post you might have seen me write about how I want to do 32 new adventures and 52 new memories. I’m kicking off my 4th adventure by going to Japan!!! I am obsessed with this country and went for the first time at the end November. 

I feel like sometimes life just passes us by. Some of us just settle- even when we’re unhappy. And I was truly unhappy. I was miserable actually. So I decided to book my dream vacation and it was the best decision of my life. While I was still in Japan I decided to check tickets in April for Sakura Season (Cherry Blossom Season) and low and behold I scored a ticket for $430! Round trip!!! I couldn’t believe it. 

Unfortunate news- sometimes things don’t go as planned and Sakura Season was no longer here since the cherry blossoms bloomed early. Womp womp womp. But I decided that this trip was going to be more relaxing for me. 

I’ve been on the go lately with no rest. Especially the month leading into this trip. I wanted to create a Simple Bucket List with items I may or may not achieve (which I was content with). The number one on my bucket list was Tokyo Disneyland Resort. So just as long as I achieved that, I was golden!

I couldn’t wait to use the travel notes line. I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I was excited to use this finally!! I created two spreads- my bucket list layout and a journaling page! I pre-made these pages before I left so it was easy for me to travel on the go without bringing too many things. 

Surprisingly I only brought a small bag of stationery/ craft items with me. My favorite things on this trip was definitely visiting the Mt. Fuji Area and Tokyo  Disneyland. 

What do you have planned for your next adventure?


​Hello everyone! My name is Florence and this is my first blog post for Simple Stories. I was torn between two lines that I wanted to work with- travel notes or I AM. I am travel lol! Many people see anything travel and they're like "that's totally you." It plays a HUGE part of my life. On the 24th I turn the big ol thirty two and wanted this next year of my life to be documented. I think we as creatives tend to document others. Our children, family, friends, fur babies, but we forget to sometimes add ourselves to that. I am going to solely use this TN for the purpose of myself, my next year journey and the I AM Simple Stories line was a perfect fit!

The I AM line was perfect for this year project of mine. I want to document at least once a week- so 52 memories with at least 32 adventures (doesn't only have to be traveling) big or small. I will be using the travelers notebook for this. I absolutely LOVE a blank notebook. It allows us to have have this open canvas to create something beautiful. And guess what- if you don't like it, there's always a fresh page to turn to that you can start over (I personally glue the pages together if it's that bad then start over!)

It wasn't until the year that I hit 30 when I started truly living life. That's when the travel bug hit me. That year my one little word was adventure, and let me tell you- that set a pavement for me. I wanted to travel and my year of 31 I lived out of my suitcase. I know this year I won't be able to do much traveling BUT- I still wanted to share with you a few of my main goals for this new year of mine. 

I live off of bucket lists. Before it was just something I created for fun. You know a wish list of what I want to see, what I want to do, where I want to go next- but never did I put true effort on crossing it off until 2 years ago. Unfortunately something tragic has to happen before that light bulb in our heads turns on to push ourselves. It wasn't until my Grandma passed away that I decided to be a little jet setter. As you can see above, my list if heavily geared towards traveling. YOURS doesn't have to be!

I would suggest creating a bucket list of things you love doing. If you love Disneyland- maybe going to another Disneyland in a new country could be on that list (PS Disney Sea in Tokyo IS THE BOMB!!!) or if you love running, maybe participating in the Nike Womens Marathon can be on there. The list can be endless- I suggest adding things that you love to the list. Because that will definitely motivate you to make it happen! Until next time sweet friends!

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