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Florence here! I wanted to share with you one of my passions that I hold near and dear. It’s my bible journal. I wanted to share an entry that was dedicated to my nieces Baptism and I thought the Dream Big line was perfect for it. 

Kairie (my niece) is extremely girly. So I wanted to create this page with bursts of colors that represented her personality! I am extremely blessed to have her in my life and to have been able to be one of her God Parents. 

I know many of us come from different religious backgrounds but I wanted to share another way to utilize this kit. With bible journaling, I love working with bright colors especially yellow, pinks, and mints. Even though this line isn’t only for faith documentation, we can get our creative juices flowing and make it into anything we desire :) 

I hope you got some inspiration on using Dream Big for your next project!! Until next time!




Hello friends! Florence back here sharing you my Summer Bucketlist. I thought it would be fun to use my travelers notebook so it’s very on the go friendly. I love cutting paper down so I can bring them with me in my craft bag wherever I go. So when I have some downtime or even just at a coffee shop I’ll take them out and work on a layout/ journal entry. 

One thing I wanted to do was use a free printable that’s available on the Simple Stories site. I then opened it up in adobe reader to add text to it. It was a simple quick way to create my summer travel bucket list and to do a fun “currently” list! Have you ever done one before? If not, get one here!

I recently went to Las Vegas on a road trip from Arizona and thought it would be fun to document and journal in my TN. I love using simple stories inserts and adding scrapbook paper to add pops of color. 

I travel A LOT. More than the normal human being so no judgment on the places I’d like to go by the end of summer right?! I live in California so many of these are California based :) 

As the summer goes on I will add a floral sticker next to the entry I completed. Where’s my next adventure? I’ll be going to Los Angeles this weekend! Let’s hope the heat wave is long gone :) I hope this inspires you to create a Summer Travel bucketlist of your own!! I’m ready to go to the beach!

Until the next adventure!

Florence Antonette 


Hey Creative Friends! 

Florence here again! I just returned from New York and couldn't wait to document some of it. This is Adventure #9/32 of my adventure goals that I started since turning 32. Feel free to check out my first blog post I go over the insert I created. I feel like traveling is such an amazing way to tell your story. You are able to create experiences, some planned, while others are spontaneous. I love the unplanned moments as they make some of the sweeties memories. 

Day Two of NYC- it was a rainy and gloomy day. My friend Jamie and I had tickets to do a cruise of the NYC harbor. It was the only free day her and I had together, and I figured, let's still go. It started with me going to my favorite dumpling spot in China Town, and I accidentally took the express train into Brooklyn. I know rookie move. 

Even though the weather wasn't on our side, don't let water rain on your parade. Literally lol. Normally I would be the person to say no let's do something else. But I was able to learn about NYC history and see iconic buildings and structures.

We then decided to go to go to a few stationery stores. I LOVE stationery stores! They have the cutest things, and sometimes you can get lucky and score some local trinkets. First stop was walking distance from the Harbor called Browne Stone Stationers. If you're ever in the NYC area I highly suggest going!! We found so much NYC goodies. There's something about a stationery store that just makes me happy inside. One- because they're so very rare, and two- my love for stickers and stationery started at a really really young age (3 years old). Next stop was Casey Rubber Stamps. If you love rubber stamps, this is a MUST!! Lastly we went to Pink Olive. Which was such a cute shop.

I am truly thankful for the planner community and love all of the friends I have made because of it. I suggest if you can save up to attend an event local or afar- to check it out. You truly never know when you'll meet your next best friend :) Thanks for taking the time to read a part of my story. Until the next adventure!!