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For my fall set up I decided to have a switch round and use the A5 Marigold CarpeDiem planner, the colour is perfect for an Autumnal set up.

You can see here how I chose the Happy Harvest Collection, just look how fabulous the colours work together!

I have stuffed the pockets full with papers from this collection and also used some of the fun stickers, how cute is that Fox!

I always like to make a dashboard for each new set up and here I’ve used the pretty floral paper which I’ve then layered up with some of the cut a parts from the journaling card sheet and stickers from the 6x12 sticker sheet.

In the close up above you can see the layers including the doily and the faux stitching I always like to add.

On my monthly spread I really wanted to add the pumpkins which were on one of the journaling card sheets, so I fussy cut them out and layered on top of some washi...and of course I put faux stitching around with a black fine liner!

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my Happy Harvest set up.


I'd like to share with you how I've set up the Blush A5 CarpeDiem planner using the Bloom collection.



I took the brave decision to use a set of the Bloom personal size monthly inserts and use a variety of punches to make an assortment of bits & pieces to decorate the pages.



You can see here how I've used some of these to decorate the September insert.



I made tags to add the Bloom sticky notes onto and placed them in the front pockets of the planner, this was to not only make it look pretty, tie in the theme but also add functionality.



I didn't want to waist any of the paper from the personal inserts so I thought it would be fun to create a pocket page.



The Bloom sticker tablet was a great way to inject colour onto my monthly layout, I also used a black pen to doodle boxes, which I think have tied it all in nicely.



I hope you've enjoyed looking at how I've set my planner out, you can find lots more detailed pictures on my IG account https://www.instagram.com/heartsbyemma


Hi again, I'm back, as promised with part two of my blog looking at how I have used the new Vintage Blessings collection in my planner.  If you missed part one, you can see it here.

As you know I enjoy setting up my planners to be completely unique to me, I like to fill the pockets with my own style of decoration and make my own dashboard (decorative first page) and dividers.

It's so easy to make your own dividers, I simply use an original insert as a template, draw around and cut out. I think I've mentioned before how I use scissors but you can use a trimmer to speed things up, and then I punch the holes with the CarpeDiem A5 hole punch. I make all the dividers before I begin to decorate.

My 'style' changes frequently but at the moment I'm very into adding faux stitching, I use a black ink pen to roughly draw around pretty much everything & anything to make it 'pop'.

The Vintage Blessings collection is full of these gorgeous house images, so I just had to fussy cut some out to use on my dividers, to give a 'picture' like feel I've also used a cloud punch and dotted these around, again using the faux stitching which I think gives almost a quilted feel! 

I like to layer as much as I can on my dividers using papers, doilies, washi tape and ephemera, you can see in these pictures how I build the scene with lots and lots of layers. 

The different paper layers can be torn, cut neatly and even roughed up using the edge of your scissors, this gives such a great texture! 

Using the cut apart elements from the 12x12 collection pack gives you plenty of 'quotes' to use and I do enjoy cutting out words from the element pieces to use as word strips. 

Chipboard pieces are perfect to add depth to your dividers, I also get this effect by adding sticky foam to the backs of stickers to lift and add dimension.

Shaped punches for me are a fabulous way to use every last scrap of my papers, you can see in the picture above where I have used a large circle punch, halved each circle and built up a pretty scalloped edge, and yes once again I've used plenty of faux stitching, but how well does that work with the semi circles of doily, it gives a real homemade, make do and mend feel! 

Finally I'll just show you this little page marker I made by chopping up a pocket page, punching holes, the holes are slightly lower so the top sits proud of the the pages. These are great fun to make, and a perfect way to use up any scraps of paper you may have left.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I've used the Vintage Blessings collection to make homemade dividers and that it's given you the confidence to make your own, you really can't go wrong!

Until next time if you would like to see more of my projects then please pop over to my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/heartsbyemma