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Hello again, as promised I’m back with a little look at my Christmas set up, all ready for December. If you remember last time I showed you how I’d made some pockets & insert covers using the Simple Vintage Christmas collection. Well I’ve now finished decorating and setting up my Aztec Black & White TN by Carpe Diem Planners.

So, shall we take a look? You know by now that I love to stuff my pockets nice and full, well, I’ve been quite restrained this time! I know! Not like me at all!!

I haven’t held back on any of the other areas though, just look at those pom poms!! I’m often asked how I fix my pom pom trim to my insert covers, it’s dead easy, I just use double sided sticky tape and it works a treat!! I’ll let you into a secret, I used to add a little dollop of super glue to the ends to stop the edges fraying or lifting, but I don’t do that anymore since getting the trim stuck fast to my finger!!!

You’ve seen me use snap pockets on my inserts before, making them into shaker pockets, this time I’ve cut down some of the 4x4 pockets. I used some of the little cards out of the snap pack and a few cute snowflake sequins. You guessed it, I used double sided sticky tape to attach it to the back of my insert cover. I do love double sided sticky tape, it’s so useful! 

I think I’ve said this before, but since Carpe Diem planners brought out the monthly, daily, weekly inserts, it’s completely changed the way I use my TN’s!! I used to be an A5 girl all the way, but now, it’s all about my love for TN’s! I would say that an absolute must buy is the Numbers Sticker Tablet!! It’s bursting full of every size and colour numbers, there’s enough in there for a good year!! I choose to use the red circle numbers for December but there is also a sheet of number stickers that come in the sticker pack for this collection. 

I’ve decorated my monthly spread in a very similar style to my October Halloween spread, lots of washi tape all around the edges and then some of the fabulous stickers that are on the 12x12 sheets! I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, don’t ever be afraid to cut your stickers to make them fit where you want! 

I like to draw around the edge of the stickers & washi, but also I draw around each box too!...don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue what started me off doing it, but it’s  just something I do! 

So there we have it, my set up for December. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek inside my TN and possibly taken a few ideas, if nothing else, you’ve learned not to stick pom pom trim to your finger with super glue!! If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my IG account  Heartsbyemma (@heartsbyemma) • Instagram photos and videos

I've also included a little process video here as well


Hello again, it’s Emma back with you, and this time I’d like to show you my early preparations for Christmas!, I know, I know, it’s only early November, but this year I’m determined to be all organized and ready!

I decided to use the Simple Vintage Christmas collection, and I wanted to set up one of my TNs this year to organize everything ‘Christmas’.

So, the first thing I wanted to make was a folder to fit neatly inside my TN, for it to have good sturdy pockets to house lots of tags. Here’s a picture of how the folder looked before I stuck it all together, hopefully you’ll find it helps if you’d like to try it for yourself. 

It was quite easy to make, I used one of the 12x12 sheets and double sided sticky tape to fasten together.

I decorated the front using two of the cards from the snap pack, I find the selection of sizes and designs in the snap pack so useful for decorating my planners and of course for journaling on.

You’ll see when the folder is open that I’ve made good sturdy pockets to store my tags. 

What I’m wanting to use all these tags for varies, I’m going to write lists on them, gift lists, Christmas card lists, food ideas, all sorts of things, I thought it would be a fun way to get me organized. 

The great thing about the lists being on the tags is I can pull out the tag, chuck it in my purse when I’m off to the shops, and easily tick off the items as I buy them! 

This collection also comes with tags that are numbered, I’m going to use these to journal on the back of each one, just a little something about that day in December, I won’t find it too daunting then as it’s not a large area to fill. 

I made my tags quite simply by using a 12x12 sheet from the Simple Vintage Christmas collection, I stuck ordinary paper luggage tags all over the sheet and cut them out. You’ll be amazed at how many you can cover with just the one sheet! I then tied some bakers twine on each tag. So simple! 

I even decorated the back of my folder, so once it’s slid inside my Carpe Diem Traveler's Notebook it will look super pretty. I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at my Christmas folder, next time I will show you how I set up the rest of my TN.

If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my IG account.


Hi, I’m back this month with the fabulous Halloween collection, Simple Vintage Halloween. I’m not normally one for decorating my planners for Halloween, but I loved this collection so much, that I went all out and decorated both my A5 Persimmon and my Cream Dot TN! 

Just take a look at all the gorgeous papers and embellishments that come with this collection! The first thing I did was cut out the 12x12 papers to make my insert covers for in my TN. 

I used the 12x12 paper with the 3x4 cut aparts for decorating my inserts and then used washi and ephemera to add some more detail.

I also love to make little shaker pockets to decorate my inserts, this is so easy! All you need is some of the Simple Stories Snap Photo Flip pockets, some of the cut aparts and some sequins! Slide your 3x4 card into the snap pocket, tip some sequins in and then use clear tape to seal the top. Add double sided sticky tape to the back and hey presto!!!...you’ve got a shaker pocket!!

Another fab use for the Snap Photo Flip pockets is to use them as card & sticker storage! I like to cut mine on a horizontal, just stick a line of washi horizontally across your snap pocket and cut, add double sided sticky tape to the back and stick on your insert...and as easy as that, you’ve got yourself more storage!

Here’s my A5 Persimmon all set up, Pockets are stuffed full and I’ve made a fun dashboard, which is so easy with the Carpediem A5 punch! I cut out the word BOO and made a little banner by adding them to some string and then stapling into place. 

My Cream Dot TN is decorated in a similar style, pockets full to bursting! I like my TNs to be nice and chunky, so I have four inserts, each with a decorated insert cover, and I also add a page marker with pockets and a washi card, I’ll have to show you on another blog how I make those!

So there we have it, the gorgeous Vintage Halloween set up in both my tn & A5. 

Thank you for joining me again this month, I do hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my Halloween set ups and will join me again, next month. 

If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my IG account