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 You may have fewer activities and tasks to plan in the summer months but that doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on the decorations. "Hello, my name is Cara and I’m completely addicted to fun, happy, colourful planner products!” I think I added as many pretty products as would fit on this weekly spread! 

I started with blank pages and drew in the week and added the days. Planning with little stickers allows you to layer and layer, so you can add lots without cluttering the pages.  Here I’ve layered stickers and die cuts and I even trimmed down that striped sticker so that it’s a small strip and I cut up the rest and spread it around the spread.

You can see another one here at the top of Friday’s box. Eep, next week Friday is the 13th! Are you superstitious or is Friday the 13th just another day for you? I tend to have good luck, actually! Speaking of numbers, I used the Numbers Sticker Tablet for the dates. I love how the 2 digit numbers are already put together for you, it makes life that much simpler.

I LOVE making planner clips with the chipboard pieces, so I made one with the cute heart shaped sunglasses and also with the flamingo. The clip for the flamingo is actually stuck to the back of it’s body so the clips it hidden by it’s legs! I also gave it a cool pair of sunglasses, too!

The pockets were fun to decorate. I grabbed some of my favourites from the collection and tucked them all in. I layered some of the patterned papers from the 6x8 book and tucked them in the long pocket in the back, added a bit of wash and a flower die cut and done!

If you’d like to see my process video, keep an eye on my YouTube channel, it’ll be out on Monday! 

Keep cool and have a great summer’s day. Happy planning!


Hi planner girls! It’s Cara here today with some inspiration that’s both fun and functional.  Grab your Good Vibes collection and let’s start creating!

I wanted a place where I could record my routines in my planner. Routines make life so much easier, you don’t have to think about what comes next or what you should do. You just do it. Routines make going after your goals easier, so I created an insert myself, dedicated solely to my routines. So far, I’ve included my morning routine but I’ve got room for afternoon and evening, weekly, monthly and with pages left over for any other routines that I want to include later on.

I used the Good Vibes collection, which I thought suited the theme of the insert well, both in name and the colours and motifs.

For the cover I wanted to use one of the pretty florals from the 6x8 paper pad but it wasn’t big enough. If I want something bad enough, I can usually figure out a work-around! In this case, I layered the floral over the black chevron (Be Amazing) from the 12x12 paper collection. I layered in some heavy white paper and sewed down the middle to form the book. The floral doesn’t cover the back entirely, but all I needed was enough to be able to sew it in place. I layered some cards from the cut apart sheets and added a few stickers. the cover doesn't need much decoration since the floral is pretty fab all on it's own.

The flip side of the floral paper has the black chevrons again and a great ‘good vibes’ image which is a fab little surprise when you open the book! I fussy cut an arrow from one of the 6x8 papers and added some stickers and chipboard.

There’s a title page where I've handwritten ‘routines’ and layered stickers from the mini sticker tablet and 4x6 sticker sheets and a bit of washi.

Then we get into the good stuff! My morning routine! Again I’ve used handwriting for the title and to list out my routine, and I sectioned off the hours with strips of patterned papers, adding the number stickers from the 4x6 sticker sheets. 

Layers and clusters finish of the spread and I used pop dots on the ‘choose happy sticker’ for depth and dimention and because I LOVE a fat TN!

Happy planning!


Hi there planner girls, it's Cara! Happy Spring! Is it ok to actually say that now? Did I just jink it again? I’m so scared to say that spring has finally arrived this year because every time that I do, it snows or something the next day!!  I’ll take my cue from the birds who have been singing their little hearts out and making my days a lot more enjoyable. 

I wanted to take all that bird song and bring it right into my traveller’s notebook! I took the little birdie from the BLISS line and her friends, the butterflies, and started there! I decided on some chipboard planner clips and made one from that adorable watering can as well. I pushed the chipboard pieces through to the back making sure that the backing came with it. Then a paper clip and a little hot glue added in between the chipboard and the backing is all you need for a quick planner clip.

I also made my own insert, which I love to do. I have a simple tutorial on YouTube if you’d like to give it a try. I took the ‘Enjoy the Ride’ paper from the Bliss collection and some plain heavy weight computer paper to make this insert.

I decorated the cover with some of the cut apart bits from the ‘3x4 Elements’ paper, and some of the ‘Bliss 4x6 stickers’ including that little birdie again, and more from the ‘Combo Sticker’ sheet. A bit of the ‘Butterflies’ washi and it’s done! I don’t know about you, but most things I make just don’t seem finished until they have at least a bit of washi :D

I made a simple title page, the theme of this insert is to seize the day and do as much with my day as possible. Since Carpe Diem means ‘seize the day’, I cut the Carpe Diem logo from a bit of packaging and layered it with more stickers and butterflies washi layered over the ‘Black Speckled’ washi.  A die cut flag and one cut from the ‘4x6 Elements’ paper layered with flags stickers make a cute cluster at the top of the page.

The first page of the insert is a brainstorming page. I wanted to keep the decoration to a minimum so that I had room to write, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it look fabulous!  A single strip of the Black Speckled washi layered with a few stickers is all it needs.

And of course, I couldn’t add a new insert to my Aztec Traveller’s Notebook without changing out the pockets to match. Pockets are one of my favourite things to decorate! I added my birdie and butterfly clips, some die cuts from the ‘Bits & Pieces’ pack and a card from the ‘3x4 Elements’ paper. I tucked a strip of the ‘Remember to Shine’ paper into the long back pocker and layered it with washi and stickers and boom! This planner makes me smile every time I open it!

Has spring finally arrived for you? Is your planner all decorated for Spring?