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Hi, it’s Cara here today, for my very first post on the gorgeous new Carpe Diem website!

I’m completely addicted to setting myself goals and going after my dreams, so as we get closer to 2019, I’ve been thinking a lot about my year to come. I love setting myself goals and challenges for the year, to make it better than the year before. I wanted a place to keep track of all my dreams and ideas so then I could turn them into goals and projects. 

Traveller’s notebooks are so very versatile, they can be a lot more than just a planner, so I chose this gorgeous turquoise one to use for my dream and goals journal. I’m starting with just two inserts, but I can add many more as the year (years!) goes on and I can even remove the specific insert I’m using so that I can curl up in bed with a cup of tea and write, slipping it back in it’s elastics when I’m done.

What’s better than a pretty journal? A pretty, decorated, journal! I pulled out the Hello sticker tablet. This has to be my favourite collection with all those butterflies and flowers, all in my happy colours! It’s the perfect choice for my goal journal.

I divided the inserts up using tabs and covering them with the clear tabs. I’m expecting this book to get a lot of use. So it needs as much protection from getting dog-eared as possible. 

Each insert got a title page and each section did as well. I chose box stickers that reflected the theme of each section and decorated the pages using that one sticker as a starting point. 

Layering up smaller stickers and arranging things in clusters, along with good amounts of white space, allowed me to get a lot on a page without it looking cluttered or too busy. I’m hoping this will help my busy, cluttered brain sift through my ideas and dreams and get them down on paper in a way that will help them come true.

I loved lining up the flag stickers to add bunting across the tops of my pages.

I also created a section for books in the second insert, I used a 20 and a 19 from the Numbers sticker tablet to write 2019. 

I read a lot and I find that after finishing one on-fiction book, I race on to the next, not taking time to reflect or learn. I’m going to jot down ideas and lessons learned from non-fiction in one section of this insert.

I also LOVE a good story, so I plan to track the novels that I read in this insert as well.

You can follow along in my process video on my YouTube channel, and don’t forget that the new Carpe Diem shop has everything 20% off until the end of the month if you use the code CARA20 at the checkout. Grab yourself a nice pretty traveller's notebook and make your own Dreams and Goals journal.


It’s Creepy Cara here today and I’ve got my Traveler’s Notebook all spooked out for Halloween! I decided to go all the way and add as many bats and spiders as would fit… there are soooo many fantastic Halloween products that I wanted to use as many as I could. 

I wanted this planner to be on the scary side, I’ve usually gone the cutesy route in the past, but now that my children are mostly older (and 5 of those are boys) it’s nasty, creepy crawlies, all the way. Bats and spiders are actually quite cool if you ask me! Stay tuned to the end though, because I couldn’t help it and did add some cuteness to my TN after all.

Starting with Halloween week I sectioned off the days with washi. 

I wanted thin strips of washi, so I decided to cut these strips from the black washi from the Halloween set, but the first strip ended up quite crooked. It was a happy accident, I liked how it looked so much that I purposely cut the other strips crooked too! I added a bit of the orange plaid to the 31st to help it stand out.

I found some orange numbers in the numbers tablet but left out the 31st, I wanted to add something different to make it stand out and I eventually decided on this black phrase sticker, layered on a pumpkin after trying many other sticker combinations.

Bats seemed to be my thing I turned to most and they are there as stickers, chipboard turned planner clips, and die cuts. Have I mentioned already that I really like bats? My 5 year old wants to be a bat for Halloween this year, and I think I’m more excited about it than he is. The trick with the bats is to make it look like they are flying on your page. Angling them each in a different direction and spacing them out really helps.

I added tons of layers so that I could get as many stickers on here as possible! I love layered clusters, maybe even more than I love bats ;)

On to my Halloween daily spread. Again with the bats flying around the page! 

I started with the black washi framing the spread on the edges of both pages and layering both edges with spooky stickers and quite by accident the ’31’ on the washi landed near the top of the left hand page. I highlighted it with stickers, including one that says ‘October’ (that I trimmed down) to make it into the date for the spread.

Ah the cute bit! Halloween truly is a child’s holiday, isn’t it? The Happy Halloween collection really is sweet so I made a little pocket folder with my favourite paper and stickers. 

It’s quite simple to make, I folded up the extra length of the paper to make it the right height and so that serves as the pocket. Then I trimmed it to the width. I’m a bit lazy so I used an insert as a guide and eyeballed it. I only stuck down the outer edges of the pockets, the elastic from my TN holds the pocket together in the middle.

If you'd like to follow along with my process, you can watch it here on my YouTube channel.

Happy Haunting!


Happy Fall everyone! It’s Cara here and Fall is my favourite season. Even if here in Luxembourg I don’t get the beautiful leaves that I grew up with in Nova Scotia. I LOVE me some sweater weather!

I was so excited to get to decorate my planner for Fall. I received the Forever Fall collection this summer, when it was about a million degrees out, and I was dreaming of wooly scarves, boots and crisp days and the chance to decorate my Traveler’s Notebook. And it's finally here.

I chose the Typewriter Floral Traveler’s Notebook for the darker colours. I love that chocolate brown interior. I chose my absolute favourites from this collection, because there is so much autumnal goodness, it makes it harder than usual to choose.

I started with the pockets because that’s the part I like best! Not only to decorate, but I love just looking at the pockets as well. I love a planner that makes me smile when I open it up. That’s also why I decorate that first insert a bit more than the others, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

For the pockets I made some clips from the chipboard pieces, I love these patterned acorns.

Oh and that little FOX! So stinkin’ cute. I also made some ribbon and trim clips, because the texture of them has such a Fall feel.

In the pockets I added a mix of clips, die cuts and stickers. I added some washi wrapped on a bit of card to have on hand. Though if I’m completely honest, I never seem to use the washi I take with me, but it still looks super cute in that pocket ;)

In the big long pocket behind all those pockets, I added that gorgeous colourful striped paper and trimmed it with pompoms that, again, have a cosy, fall feel to them. Fittingly, that striped paper is called Get Cosy.

Next I covered all the inserts with patterned papers and decorated the fronts. That first one get a bit more bits and bobs added to it because like I said, along with the pockets, it’s the first thing I see and I want it to be extra pretty. I don’t like to add too too much to the other inserts because it can add a lot of bulk and also because then the cover gets bumpy and it’s harder to write on the pages inside. Sometimes this doesn’t bother me, but lately I’m been in a slim TN kind of phase.

Aren’t these mushrooms adorable? Eep! LOVE!

And of course, I had to add more of the foxes!

Last I made some extra pockets for that back pocket. These new TN’s have a secretarial pocket instead of the slit, which I LOVE! I can stash lots of things in there, like the 4x6 sticker sheets. In my older TNs that have slits, I loved adding lots of different types of pockets. Including a secret one, which I’ve done here. Don’t tell my kids that’s where I stash my emergency 20€. Going on a unplanned trip to the craft store counts as an emergency right? Who am I kidding? Of course it was planned! ;)

If you want to see how I’ve done this, check out my process video for this setup on my YouTube channel: The Hooting Pirate There are lots of other Carpe Diem videos too, so check those out!

You can also see other ways to use that back pocket in the video here: 5 Back Pocket Hacks