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Hello friends! Brenda Smith here to share a memory planner spread using the new Domestic Bliss line. While a lot of the stickers and embellishments are chores-related and work perfectly in everyday planners, I wanted to show that this line is equally usable for memory planning. 
I decorate my pockets fairly minimally using the items I think I'll use in upcoming spreads. I like my pockets to be mostly functional but with a little bit of cuteness. Luckily these die cut ephemera pieces are adorable enough on their own without me having to add much else. 
I used a dashboard insert from the Home Planner Insert set to divide my spread and give me ample space for two photos. 
I absolutely adore the new sticker tablets and made good use of a lot of stickers, including all the fabulous little stars you see throughout the spread. 
I like my memory planner spreads to be a mix of cute quotes from my kids and memorable things we did that week. I used my Silhouette Cameo and its pen tool to "type" my headers and my journaling for me. I thought I would change things up a little with the typography and love the look of the headers. 
Enamel dots are some of my favorite tools to unite a page together. I love the little tiny pops of color and how the dots reinforce the circular theme I've got going on. 
I am addicted to the Bits and Pieces packs and cannot do a memory planner spread without them. They are so easy to layer for visual interest without detracting from the spread. 
 decided to sew on this planner spread. I have the thread backings on the other side of the planner pages, of course, but they'll be easy enough to cover up with paper or embellishments so I'm not worried about it. I love the finished look of the stitching. The roller stamp from the Domestic Bliss line has a lot of stamps perfect for household planning but again, a lot that can be used for anything. I stamped the "Get it Done" here for an additional accent. 
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Good morning friends! Brenda Smith here with you to share a mini I made to showcase the new Domestic Bliss line in 4x6 mini album format. I made this for the retailer CHA/Creativation and was specifically asked to keep this mini simple to show how quick & easy it is to create an album like this mainly from the products in the SN@P! Pack!  

For my cover, I kept it very minimal. I was imagining the album traveling and then sitting out on my coffee table so I knew the cover would need to be durable. I covered the naked chipboard part of the album with the paper, Work It Girl, and used chipboard decorative elements from the 6x12 chipboard. 

I covered the inside covers of my album with the B side of the paper I Can't Adult. I used a single 3x4 protector to open the album and thought the statement on this card couldn't be truer for my house. 

I used one of the yellow papers that come with the album and mounted a 4x6 card on it to make the opening of my album. Sadly, I didn't have any good recent photos of all 4 of us together so a photo of the three of them had to do.

The pink house is from the ephemera embellishments that come in the Sn@p pack. I used dimensional foam adhesive to pop it up. The "Home Sweet Home" banner is cut from another embellishment from the Sn@p pack.

For this mini album, I printed out all my photos and slipped them into the pockets. Then I found cards that coordinated best and slipped them into the pockets. I then went through and placed embellishments in the places I felt they fit best. I used my home printer to type the journaling on my cards. 

The clear stickers are perfect for adding to photos as I did here with the "Domestic Bliss." The "Struggle is Real" card is in a single 3x4 page protector and flips over for a fun additional layer. 

I gathered pictures from our last year at our new home. I like how well the pictures seem to illustrate our lives. I really like that the cards and embellishments seem to offer prompts for what to document about your home and helped me narrow down which photos to choose. 

I love the six 2x2 page protectors because they allow me to get a bunch of little photos in and make use of those adorable 2x2 cards in the Sn@p pack.

I wanted the photos and the stories to shine in this album so the embellishing took a back seat. I love how this collection is so well-designed, even without a lot of embellishing, I get an album that is colorful, vibrant, and polished. 

The plant card reminded me to include photos of the plant life surrounding our home.

I finished off the album with a beautiful sunset photo of our neighborhood and the 4x4 "Home" card. I am so pleased with the simple yet poignant story this album tells of our lives right now. 

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Good morning friends! Brenda Smith here sharing my planner set up and a planner spread using the Emoji Love collection.

I couldn't resist filling my planner pockets with all the cuteness Emoji Love has to offer. I mounted the "Sparkle and Shine" (taken directly from the Emoji Love 6x8 pad onto some white card stock for an easy dashboard. I make sure to keep the 4x6 sticker sheets tucked in my planner because I use them so often. 

To make this memory planner spread, I started by trimming down some patterned papers from the 6x8 pad to fit in the vertical boxes. I also trimmed some of the papers to work kind of like washi to cover the headers. 

I used hole reinforcers and number stickers from the Posh collection. I usually have issue when there's too much dimension on my planner pages so I typically steer clear of chipboard elements. But the Simple Stories chipboard pieces are thin enough to go into your planners without causing too much bulkiness.

I had some fun with fringe scissors at the bottom of the spread. I like how it adds texture and flair without too much extra work. 

I am still loving those calendar stickers from the Posh collection. I love that I can see the month at a glance on each spread if I wish. I love the little starburst embellishments in this collection and I used them all over the spread as my uniting element.

I love that I have such a fun space to document all the funny and smart things my kids say.  Even if they never make it onto a scrapbook page, I'm happy to have these stories told.

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