Hi everyone in Simple Stories land. Heather Leopard here today for day 3 of the Designer Team Up with the Simple Stories & the Kerri Bradford Studio design teams.  Kerri's team will be working with our collections and we'll be working with her fabulous cut files.  We'll be doing some fun giveaways, sharing a discount code to Kerri's store and offering a freebie cut file, so keep reading and make sure to visit Kerri's blog as well as join us again here each day this week to parcitipate in the fun!

Today I have  another baby layout (see Month 1 and 2 HERE) using the new Hello Baby collection and the Kerri Bradford Thank My Lucky Stars cut file

I chose to super size one of the stars and use it as my bold flagplant on the page. Once I sized it how I wanted it, I sprinkled little clusters of stars in the white space, making sure to leave lots of room for the title. 

I backed each of the little stars with pattern paper from the Hello Baby collection and then either stitched around the stars or right over them. I trimmed about 1/4" of the edges where the large star was cut and adhered the white background paper to the subtle music sheet paper. I took the large, cut out star and adhered different coordinating papers in each section of the star and then added it over the music sheet paper. Last step here was to stitch around the outside border of the star and then again right over the inside cut for the star.

Can I just tell you that Kerri's fonts, especially the hand writing ones are INCREDIBLE?!?! I just love how it completes my page and ties everything together.

Thanks Kerri and Simple Stories for the amazing designs and collection. I can't wait to create with the other files Kerri blessed me with.

Now for some fun!  This week we'll be giving 3 random lucky winners a $25 Spending Spree to Kerri's store

Hop on over to her site, check out what her design team did today with our products, then check out her store.  Come back and leave a comment here telling us what you saw and loved and you'll be entered in the giveaway.  Even better, when you find some things there that you just can't live without, you can save 15% off on orders over $20.  And hey, she's giving away some fun new Simple Stories product on her site as well, so head on over!



 6x6 Paper Pads; Expressions Cardstock Stickers; Fundamentals Cardstock Stickers; Chipboard Stickers; Decorative Brads; Bits & Pieces


Hello Everyone! It's Kristine Davidson with you today for day 2 of the Designer Team Up with the Simple Stories & the Kerri Bradford Studio design teams.  Kerri's team will be working with our collections and we'll be working with her fabulous cut files.  We'll be doing some fun giveaways, sharing a discount code to Kerri's store and offering a freebie cut file, so keep reading and make sure to visit Kerri's blog as well as join us again here each day this week to parcitipate in the fun! 

I couldn't be more excited to be working with Kerri's cut files this month. I love Kerri's work and all her cut files are so fun and easy to use!  In my previous posts I shared with you that I would document 2012 and today I'm sharing the month of July 2012.  I still haven't been able to find any photos of 2012 so I'm very thankful that I have some photos on Instagram. If it wasn't that I really wouldn't have any photos of the year 2012 and I'm also glad this LIFE Documented series has allowed me to save some of those memories ;-)

I am still using the 6x8" album and I'm including all formats of pocket pages. I haven't limited myself to the standard 4 (3x4) but instead including 2x2, 4x6, etc. It makes my album that much more versatile and I'm not limited to the standard size photos - that works for me.

Left Side - I have 4 (3x4) photos. I used one of the 3x4 SN@P Cards to create my starting point for this month's spread. A photo of myself to see the changes in my wrinkles and hair color -- although I wear my sunglasses most of the time but still it's a selfie right?!  I cut 'july' from the Monthlies kit.

Right Side-  I have added mini 2x2 pictures to kind of showcase what my month of July was like in 2012. I love the mini format cause i can include so many small pictures that I really don't need to add in the corresponding pages.  I used the 07 from the Life Additions: Weeklies to reflect the month of the year, and it could even be 07 July - that works too!

I loved adding Kerri Bradford's Silhouette cuts in this months Life Documented Project. Kerri's online store has been my go to place for great silhouette cuts and I her classes on  how to use they cameo is fantastic!

Spending time with my nieces was a big part of my summer last year. I tried to visit as much as i could. We did lots of crafts, scrapbooking, painting and playing outside.  The Left Side has a 6x8 photo of my nieces in their paint shirts and large canvas that we created. I decided I wanted to add this 6x8 photo and cut it into small 2x2 pieces to fit behind the previous photo display. I love doing this to larger photos and it's a great way to add a " fun" photo of the girls.

The Right Side of my spread has another awesome Kerri Bradford file - Best Day from the Let's Go kit.   I added some journaling on a card and also added two more photos of the girls playing with paint. I still have this canvas that we created together - I have it hanging in my scrapbook room. It reminds me of how much fun we had that day !


Another weekend in July we took a day trip to one of our favorite places - St. Martins which is only 45 minutes away from our house. It is always nice to visit and explore the caves, the seafood, the wharf and yes the peace and quiet.  It's called ROAD TRIP! - I used Kerri's arrow cut files from the Need Directions kit on this page as well as the word Discover (from the Well Traveled kit) and the Love This overlay (from the Click kit) as a png image on top of my photo as a layer. I LOVE that feature of her png images.

This transparent layer can be done with any of Kerri's png images. I use an old program to create this effect on my photos but i know if you use photoshop you can certainly do this. Wanna know how ? visit Kerri's tutorial here on you tube.

My sister came to visit with her two kids for a weekend and we played with some fun photo props - HOT LIPS! They were a hit, even with my sister being included in the photo!

I sometimes have to bribe my nieces for photos so giving them a prop always makes this fun and a bit easier for me to take their picture. I added some journaling and larger 4x6 photos on the right hand side. I love these pictures of them, especially when Marissa had her braces!

 The Final Details -

I added a Kerri Bradford png image (Details from the Happy Stuff kit) image to my 4x6 journal card. I also used a typewriter font to add some thoughts on the months' activities and a few more memories.  This also has a beautiful picture of a sunset that happens almost nightly on the Kennebecasis River in our town. It's beautiful! I added nothing on top of this photo although I could have.

The Final Page of July 2012 has a 6x8 layout of me.  ( it was later in 2012 when I realized my husband should be part of my Life Documented spreads! I promise he's coming in the album soon! )

I created a small circle mat for my background from the Life Additions: Backgrounds kit and LOVE this! I will be doing this again in a larger format for sure. The title Me is also from the Well Traveled kit.

I'm using the 6x8 SN@P! faux leather album in black for my Life Documented 2012 album.  The sturdiness, metal corner accents, and stitch details are fantastic features to this album but I really like the fact that it's timeless and because they are so well built and will endure the many years to come.  This Sn@p! album is so far the best I've been using.

I used a variety of inserts for this monthly spread - in the 6x8" size featuring 2x2" , 3x4" to 4x6 and also a full 6x8. The Sn@p pocket pages come in a variety that you can add to your album. PERFECT for any project! 

Now for some fun!  This week we'll be giving 3 random lucky winners a $25 Spending Spree to Kerri's store

Hop on over to her site, check out what her design team did today with our products, then check out her store.  Come back and leave a comment here telling us what you saw and loved and you'll be entered in the giveaway.  Even better, when you find some things there that you just can't live without, you can save 15% off on orders over $20.  And hey, she's giving away some fun new Simple Stories product on her site as well, so head on over!



Howdy!  Layle here with you today.  This week you're in store for a treat - we're doing a week long Designer Team Up with the Simple Stories & the Kerri Bradford Studio design teams.  Kerri's team will be working with our collections and we'll be working with her fabulous cut files.  We'll be doing some fun giveaways, sharing a discount code to Kerri's store and offering a freebie cut file, so keep reading and make sure to visit Kerri's blog as well as join me again here each day this week to parcitipate in the fun! 

I've known Kerri for many years and I have to tell you she is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most talented people you'll ever run across!  I've been working with her cut file designs for the last year or so and am smitten with them :)

So, without further adieu, Simple Stories design team member Nancy is kicking off this fun week today!

Hey Simple fans, Nancy here today with a look at our pretty, soft new release, Hello Baby paired with some intricate cuts from Kerri Bradford Studio.This collections pairs a gender neutral color scheme, wood grains and beautiful soft patterns. 

The intricate cuts by Kerri Bradford Studio add texture and movement to the design. This background is called scattered petals, included in Kerri's Basic Backgrounds shape set.

The staples and enamel dots placed on the shape cut, add more color and texture to the background design.

The beautiful title was cut out of vellum to accentuate the intricacy of the script font. This title can be found in Kerri's Something to Say set.

Pairing Kerri Bradford Studio and Hello Baby is a perfect way to tell your most precious stories!

Now for some fun!  This week we'll be giving 3 random lucky winners a $25 Spending Spree to Kerri's store

Hop on over to her site, check out what her design team did today with our products, then check out her store.  Come back and leave a comment here telling us what you saw and loved and you'll be entered in the giveaway.  Even better, when you find some things there that you just can't live without, you can save 15% off on orders over $20.  And hey, she's giving away some fun new Simple Stories product on her site as well, so head on over!




Hello, everyone! Melissa here with you today to share a Life Documented layout using Simple Stories' Good Day Sunshine collection.

This layout uses photos from the first week of September in 2013, and, while September is the start of fall for many people, here in Alabama it is still most definitely blazing hot summertime weather. Luckily, blazing hot summer weather is my favorite, and Simple Storie's Good Day Sunshine was the perfect fit for the mood and feel of these pictures- from the woodgrains to the bright colors!

I used lots of the woodgrain print found throughout the collection on my layout as a second neutral to sit alongside the cream journaling cards. Since my photos include lots of brickwork from the exterior of our house and the butcher block island in our kitchen, the woodgrain helped to convey a home-y feel- perfect since most of the photos are of us keeping busy around the house.

You'll find a little pop of that woodgrain on my title card, too, where I used the woodgrain letter stickers to make my weekly title card.

The new Insta-Squares that Simple Stories has been making this year are some of my favorite pieces in the collections! I don't use Pocket Pages that have square pockets very often, but I still use these little guys a ton to create embellishments on my pages. Lately my favorite is to hang the square off the top or side and trim off the excess to create a feeling of movement on a page.

One of the best things about using a Simple Stories collection for a Life Documented layout is how quickly the coordinated products help you to put a page together! The designs and colors worked together almost effortlessly for me, and I was able to make this page in just under an hour- which is just about all the time I have to spare during the busy summer months!


Hello everyone! Emily here today with a couple of projects to share from the oh-so-precious "Hello Baby" collection! When I first saw this collection, I immediately knew that this would be the one to use to scrap some of my daughters baby photos. She is now 6 years old, but you've got to start the baby book sooner or later, right? In my defense, I've been waiting for the perfect baby themed paper collection to come along. Finally, it has! 

I created this layout with a photo from my daughter's first birthday. I'm not usually a layout maker, but like I said, I love this collection! I couldn't wait to capture some of those moments from my daughter's early years in a layout. 

I also wanted to show that this collection can be used for more than just layouts and cards. So I created a fun little canvas. Wouldn't this be adorable in a nursery? I just love the soft colors in this collection!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Hey There!  It's Vicki dropping in with a fun project I created using Hello Baby and a few items from DIY

I was sorting through all of the new releases from Simple Stories looking for something quick and fun to make.  I love the colours and graphics of the Hello Baby line but didn't really have a specific baby themed project in mind.  So I decided to whip up a project that didn't necessarily have to be for a little one.

I created a 3x4 accordion book with some of the DIY- Office Card Foundations, Kraft Tags and Word Stickers and my favourite elements from Hello Baby.

To create the base I chose five 3x4 cards and laid them out side by side.  I used washi tape to bind the cards together.  Make sure to wrap the tape around the front and back.

The cover is decorated with a 2x2 Insta-Square that I created a banner flag from and I added a few stickers.

On the second page I layered a DIY Word Sticker with a Hello Baby Expressions sticker.  The third page is the back side of a 3x3 Insta-square the I used to create a pocket. I then layered a 2x2 square on top and added a sticker.

For page four I layered a kraft tag with some heartland a word banner from the Bits & Pieces set.  The last page is layered stickers.

Here is one last look at the little accordion book.  I am going to add some photos on the back of the pages and add it in a pocket in a mini book.  This would also be a great addition to a SN@P! pocket or it could be added to Photo Flip!.

Thanks for joining me today on the Simple Stories Blog!  I hope you make the time to create something too!


Hi there! Marie here with you today to kick off the summer months with a Life Documented spread using the new Good Day Sunshine collection.  This line is here just in time to help document all of those summer activities from beach days to road trips.

School doesn't even get out for 3 more weeks here but trust me, it already feels like summer.  The flip flops have come out and the top is off the Jeep.

I started off my spread by adding some bright, colorful enamel dots to the Hello Summer Card.  The dots match the colors of the card which I love!

I tend to make my pages monthly instead of weekly, so I added a June calendar with some coordinating stickers and chipboard.

The second page is a mix of different things we've been up to lately.  A slumber party for my daughter, a road trip, and I'm just now starting to get the garden put together.

Nothing goes better with summer than ice cream, and once again I used the new enamel dots on a 4x6 card.  These enamels dots are my new favorite thing, I'm using them everywhere.

I placed a lot of stickers from this collection straight on top of my photos.  I think it adds a nice pop of color and a fun element to the pictures.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek at my first Life Documented spread of the summer.  Thanks for joining me today!!


Hello! Teri here today, and I'm here with another Life Documented project. I'm pumped to share with you a few pages I made with the Good Day Sunshine collection.

I recently went to Utah for the annual Editorial Board meeting for Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine. I'm one of the magazine's Go-to Gals. Once a year, me and the other Go-to Gals go to Utah to meet with the editors to review the last year's worth of issues and brainstorm ideas for the next year's worth of publications.

Good Day Sunshine was the perfect collection to use to document my adventure because it's just such a fun, happy collection! Even though the purpose of my trip was business, there was a lot of fun involved. We got to explore Park City, visit some scrapbooking businesses and even spend some time crafting together. Plus we got to spend a lot of time hanging out with each other, which was the best part! 

One of my favorite elements on this page is the Smile SN@P! card. I used my trusty, old-fashioned typewriter to type "(You are in Utah!)" on a strip of cardstock and cover up the "It's Summer" phrase that appears under the Smile word. I also added a brad, a few stickers and some enamel dots.

I also dig this pocket. I started out with a 4x6 SN@P! card and then added 3x4 card on top of it with some typed words about the trip. The left side features a few random bits and pieces from the Good Day Sunshine collection that I clustered together.

All the pictures on these page just make me smile! Such good, happy memories.

I love the "Hello Super Fun" pocket! I die-cut the "super" circle using this Silhouette cut file; to make the banner die-cut pop, I tied some floss around it and adhered it to the 4x6 SN@P! card with foam tape.

I also altered this SN@P! card. I used a chipboard heart and enamel dots. One of the things I love about the SN@P! cards is that you can use them as they come or you can sauce them up and really make them your own by adding a few embellishments to them. 

By the way, I'm using a 12x12 SN@P! faux leather album in red to document all my 2014 adventures in. I often scrapbook out of order so I dig that the album's ring binding allows me to do that. I used the SN@P! Pocket Pages Design 3 and 6 for these pages. It's nice that Simple Stories offers so many different styles of pages. I enjoy having creative options!

Thanks for stopping by today. I will see you again soon!


Hello, friends.. Shellye here with you today!  After putting away my Spring wreaths this past week, I decided that I was in need of a new Summery wreath for our carport entry.  The idea of a pinwheel wreath caught my attention while visiting Pinterest, so I went from there!  You can use any type of wreath: straw, stryofoam, grapevine, etc. 

I kept this very simple by using sheets from the "Good Day Sunshine" 6X6 Paper Pad.  You can also cut your favorite 12X12 sheets to 6X6 size.  I've used a total of ten 6X6 sheets for this project.

Using a ruler and pencil, draw a line from one end to the opposite end and then repeat with the other side so that you have an "X" over the paper.  Next, I traced a small 1" circle around the center of the "X"...this gave me a guide of how far to cut the lines.

Using scissors or a paper trimmer, cut along each line up to the circle.  Next, use a 1/8" hole punch, make a hole at the RIGHT hand corner of each triangular flap.  Punch a hole at the center of the "X". 

Insert a large brad through each of the flap's holes and then through the center. 

I attached my pinwheels to a 14" grapevine wreath.  I wrapped a piece of thin gauged wire around (the backside of the pinwheel) the brad's prongs and then gave a good twist.  Thread the wire ends through the grapevine and twist together at the back of the wreath.

I also wanted a focal point to the wreath, so I covered a piece of scalloped chipboard and decorated with some pieces from the "Good Day Sunshine" Collection.

Make smaller pinwheels, larger pinwheels or a mix of both!  There are so many ideas for making these fun wreaths.  And because I work in Labor & Delivery, I also thought this design would be so cute as a "welcome baby" door hanger made with the new "Hello Baby" Collection :)

Thank you for visiting us at Simple Stories!


Hi everyone! Allison here with a Life Documented layout using the new Hello Baby collection, based on a new sketch that mixes both traditional scrapbooking with the SN@P! Pocket Pages.

You can download the full sketch with measurements and placements here.

The left side of the sketch is a traditional style of scrapbook layout while the right page uses combination of cards, photos, and elements with the SN@P! Pocket Page, Design 9.

Here is my layout based on the new Life Documented sketch -

I'll admit I might have gotten a little teary eyed while making this layout. The little guy in the photos will turn 9-years-old in just a few weeks. Where did the last nine years go? Everyone tells you that they really do grow up fast but I just don't think anything can prepare you for just how fast it really goes. It feels like just yesterday that he was this little.

I didn't start scrapbooking until he was about a year old so I have a ton of his baby pictures that I really want to get on pages and in some albums. I love that with the super cute designs and cards in the Hello Baby collection and the SN@P! Pocket Pages I can get that done quickly.

On the left page I kind of built the design around the "love you to the moon" banner on the patterned paper. I love that saying and thought it would make a great title for the page.

I added a few details to the banner, moon, cloud, and stars already on the paper. I used the alphabet stickers to create my own little banner with Drew's full name and then added a few sticker and chipboard hearts and stars.

At the top of the photos I added a few stickers and chipboard pieces.

On the right page I used the SN@P! Pocket Page, Design 9. I love the 12"x4" pocket along the top! I used one of the 4x12 elements for that pocket and then added some smaller detail photos on it.

I created a cluster of small photos of Drew's feet, ears, and nose accented with some stickers and chipboard pieces.

I love finding ways to incorporate stitching into the designs on the cards and elements. I added stitching for the string on the banner and then added some enamel dots to the center of the flowers.

Since these photos had a plain, dark background I had some room for adding a few details to the empty spaces. I love the little cut out banners and thought that one of those would stand out really well on the black in that photo. I also added a heart die cut and a chipboard star.

On the 3x4 card I added a smaller photo with a little Polaroid-style frame to it. I love adding small detail photos to the 3x4 cards!

I'm using the 12x12 SN@P! faux leather album in black for all of my Life Documented layouts. I love the beautiful construction and details! I also used the 12x12 SN@P! Pocket Pages, Design 9 from the Variety Pack.

I enjoy using several different styles of Pocket Pages and since the Variety Pack has so many great options and designs, I have a lot to choose from.

I hope you enjoy using the new Life Documented sketch!

 Wood Veneer/Music 3916, Blue Wood/Stars 3919, Yellow Wood/Dots 3920;


Hi Simple Stories fans! Cari here with you today and I'm excited to share with you some layouts that I created using some of the new releases.

The first layout I'd like to share is one I created using the Good Day Sunshine collection.  I love the warmth of this collection and the super cute designs that capture what summer is all about.

We live close to the beach and spend many summer days there. So my layout is about our last big summer day at the beach before school started up last year.

The coordinating stickers, brads and chipboard add so much visual interest and texture.

And I just love the new Enamel Dots. Love them!!

The second layout that I'd like to share with you is using The Story of Us collection. This is a beautiful & romantic collection.  I love the chalkboard theme that is throughout the entire collection.  Plus you don't have to use wedding photos - the theme is love and you can definitely use other photos with this collection.

I decided to create a layout about my hubby and me.  We celebrated 16 years of marriage just a few weeks ago. Time flies and boy ... the wrinkles sure do creep in there too.  We really do look young (but we were 30 when we got married so not that young at all!!)

The Enamel Dots in this collection sparkle - how fun is that?

And once again, I just love how everything (stickers, chipboard embellishments, etc) all matches. It makes creating a project so much fun and easy to do.

Thanks for joining me today!


Hi there! Donna here with you as your host for the blog today, and I have a few projects to share with you. First up, by now you know that Simple Stories is the featured manufacturer for the May issue of Scrapbook Generation’s CREATE Magazine! I created a layout using the single-page sketch for this month:

As soon as I saw the sketch I was immediately drawn to the horizontal row of 3x4 photographs. Since there were three of them I decided to do a page about my three boys and use papers and embellishments from A Charmed Life to create this layout:

I simplified the design by moving the journaling space so it would be in line with the photos. I also eliminated the two small detail photos, and instead put a circular die-cut from the Bits & Pieces embellishment pack in their place.

I used the chipboard word “Lucky” and a few arrows from the same collection to create a simple, easy, and fun title. These changes to the design reflect my personal style, but still keep the feeling of the original sketch. Here’s a closer look at the journaling:

I am indeed so lucky to be the mom to these three boys!

I also made a tag for the issue using the Homespun Collection:

In total, our team created 27 projects for the magazine! See all the sketches and projects and download the May issue for free, here.

Switching gears a bit, I’ve also had a lot of fun playing with the newest collections including Good Day Sunshine. I have loved every summer collection released by Simple Stories (remember 100Days of Summer!?) and this one is no exception. I decided to create a grid using 3x4 Sn@p! cards and photos of the same size.

Summertime is upon us and the papers and embellishments from this collection were perfect for documenting my guys enjoying some of the some sweet treats I’ve been making for them such as popsicles and ice cream.

We’ve made a few of our favorites, but have also been experimenting with new flavors like lemon-buttermilk sherbet and avocado ice cream. Yes, when you live in California avocado ice cream is not so strange! It is surprisingly good and even baby Sam enjoyed it!

I’ve mentioned this before several times, but all of the collections from Simple Stories mix and match so well. The background paper for this layout actually comes from the Hello Baby Simple Basics Kit. I absolutely love the colored woodgrain in that collection and the blue was a perfect match to the colors in Good Day Sunshine.

Thank you for stopping by!


 Fundamentals Stickers, 4x6 Sn@p! Cards,  Enamel Dots, Bits & Pieces, Beach Wood/Ledger


Hello Baby: Simple Basics Kit, Blue Wood/Stars


A Charmed Life: Collection Kit, Simple Basics Kit, Expressions Stickers, 4x6 Sn@p! Cards, Chipboard Stickers, Bits & Pieces, Decorative Brads, Happy Go Lucky, Be Still My Heart, Whitewashed Wood, Yellow Stripes


Homespun: Collection Kit, 6x6 Paper Pad, Chipboard Stickers, Grey Wood/Grid


Hi, Angella here with you today, I am so excited to share with you what I have been creating  with the new Good Day Sunshine collection.

And as soon as I saw the new ranges I was so excited, I just could not stop smiling I had to start creating straight away.  I have created this little Bus Caddy for a few snapshots of my niece who loves playing around in the sun, her smile is a true sunshine.

I inserted a photo of her in a SN@P! Pocket - they're great for your little snapshots; just pop a photo or 2 into the pockets to showcase your memories.  The 4x6 SN@P! Cards are perfect for journaling.

For a great idea, fundamental 12x12 stickers matted onto cardstock and attached to straws make great embellishments.

And it is always fun to finish off creating a card

Thanks for joining me today!


Hello Everyone. It's Mindi here with you today and I am sharing a Life Documented layout using the brand new The Story Of Us collection. 

Being the only scrapbooker of the family (besides my mom), I took on the task of putting together an album for my brother and sister-in-law, all about their wedding. 

When I first saw this line, I knew it was absolutely perfect for my brother's wedding. The pictures, papers, embellishments seemed to be made for each other. I was in heaven. So many fun things to work with. 

For this first page I used the Pocket Page Design 5. I had lots of vertical shots that needed to be included.

To start out I decided that this page really didn't need a title card, but simply some journaling surrounding the photos and to explain what was going on. These photos were taken at the hotel where we all stayed, the ceremony was held elsewhere. 

There were so many fun cards to choose from but I narrowed it down to this card. I gave my Brother and Sister-in-law some "homework" to do and they provided the journaling for all of the cards on this layout. I finished it off with some great embellishments from The Story of Us collection. 

I am always looking for different ways, techniques, ect. to add to my Life Documented layouts. This time I used vellum for a different and elegant look.  Instead of printing off my picture on photo paper I printed it out on vellum. It is real easy to do and has a great, almost transparent, soft look. Here is a quick tip, rub a paper bag (for instance, a brown lunch bag) over the whole piece of vellum before printing. It makes the ink stick better. 

After I had my picture printed out on the vellum, I added photo corners and placed on top of one of the SN@P! cuts that I had embellished. 

I used some more vellum for this photo. I started out with a picture printed on photo paper on the bottom in color. I then turned the photo black and white and printed it again onto vellum. I wanted to make the people in the photo the focal point and so I punched a circle in the vellum photo to make them stand out. 

Here are some more close ups. 

I hope you have enjoyed this look at The Story Of Us. It is both beautiful, classy, and super fun to work with ! 


Hi all! Rebecca Keppel here with a look at the newest Simple Stories summer collection Good Day Sunshine

I love everything about summer. From the warm sunshine to the relaxed schedules to the many, many dips in the pool. I have always been a summer person. So each year since Simple Stories' first summer collection I have waited anxiously to get my hands on the latest and greatest scrapbooking goodies for summer lovers. Good Day Sunshine does NOT disappoint! It is loaded with amazing summer colors, deep rich wood grains, fun playful images and much more. I think the rainbow ombre paper might be my favorite. 

I usually hide some journaling or memorabilia in the Simple Stories Pockets, but this time I added a strip of wallet photos.

I LOVED fussy cutting out a bunch of viewfinder circles and popped up some other fun circles on top.

I literally can't say enough about how much I love this collection. I guess it is fortunate that I will have about 6 months of photos to document with it (since our "summer" in Arizona is a long one to say the least)!

I also made a card based on a sketch from the May issue of Scrapbook Generation's Magazine.

Have you ever seen such a fun combination of ombre, rainbow, polka dots, hearts confetti, epoxy dots and more? Good Day Sunshine will be hitting the stores any day now, so run and scoop it up because summer is on its way!


Hi Simple Stories fans, Wendy here today.  I am so excited to share some of what I have created using the newest collections from Simple Stories.  In addition to some great new collections I always stumbled upon a great new discovery (for me).  Besides using the SN@P! Journal Pages in the 6x8 SN@P! Binders and Albums, did you know that you can also use the SN@P! Journal Pages on your scrapbook layouts? 

Every Summer has a Story

I never thought about using the SN@P! Journal Pages on my layouts until I was looking through my goodies from the Good Day Sunshine collection and the wood grain and saying on this page totally jumped out at me.

I paired a SN@P! Journal Page with the amazing blue ombre paper (my favorite) which made my sentiment pop.  

I finished this rather simple page by using the 2x12 Element Borders, one at the top and one at the bottom.  I used a heart die-cut with foam adhesive to add some dimension to the bottom strip.  A few pictures and a journaling card slipped behind my picture that doubles as a pocket finishes up the page.

And a few more details...


Love You to the Moon

After my ah-ha moment  about using the SN@P! Journal Pages, I couldn't wait to tear into the next collection, Hello Baby  and see what SN@P! Journal Pages were included and I wasn't disappointed!

Do you see that wooden scallop and the lovely star mat?  Yep, those are both SN@P! Journal Pages!

A few fussy cut clouds, moon, and stars to mimic the design on the bottom of the page.  Foam adhesive is definitely my friend, I love layering different embellishments!

Another cluster of embellishments finish up the page.  I love mixing the chipboard elements with the die-cut pieces, there are so many lovely choices.


Not Sweet, Yucky

Can you spy the SN@P! Journal Pages I used in this layout?  I used another to mat my picture and added a border to finish off my design.  I couldn't resist using these pictures of my little guy's first taste of green beans and the sweet die-cut and hence my title, 'not sweet, yucky'!  He has since this picture was taken learned to eat them without gagging, but he still spits!

I used the 7 month card from the 4x6 designs to document how old my son is here and a few bits and pieces tucked in to draw attention to the 7.  I tied my thread in a bow and placed an enamel dot on the top of the flag to give the impression that this was a stick pin.

Some messy string to imitate the mess my little guy was making and a few cute tags and pieces to draw attention to his facial expressions.

Thanks so much for joining me today, I can't wait to see what you discover by thinking out of the box!  Stop by my blog for another layout created using the Good Day Sunshine collection, hope to see you there!


Hi friends. It's Heather and I have to tell you that I love the soft palette of colors in the Hello Baby collection and the fun mix of patterns is inspiring me to pull out my girls' baby albums and start working on them again. I love the mix of 12x12 papers combined with the SN@P sets. I think it will make completing their albums a breeze because now I can do a main layout and Pocket Page for each month. Here are 1st and 2nd month layouts of my youngest daughter.

Sweet Little One

I was inspired to create this layout based on the So Sweet 12x12 paper. I love the pattern and wanted to use it as a background but I my photo got a bit lost so I cut up some of the paper elements and recreated the background.

I trimmed the pieces and then arranged them on the page and then stitched lines down the page. Once that was done, I added the title, photo and embellishments. I chose tone on tone wood grain alphas to add her name to the page. The journaling is included on a pull out tab behind the photo.


Baby Love

You know when you are so inspired by the products that the pages just come together naturally? Yep, that's what happens every time I get Hello Baby out. This collection makes creating these baby pages a breeze. I had some leftover pieces from paper I cut out for the layout above so I put them to use on this layout by creating a wide border at the bottom and smaller one at the top.

I adore the sentiments that are pre-printed on the papers. They are great to use them as titles but I choose to create a title above and use the pre-printed one as a subtle message. I added hand and machine stitching, embellishments and journaling to complete the page.

Now I just need to get my hands on some 12x12 Pocket Pages so I can complete the complimentary 2nd page for each month!


Hey Simple fans, Nancy here today with a look at our bright and fun new release, Good Day Sunshine. This collections pair a bold color scheme, wood grains and beautiful ombre solids perfect for all of your summer season photos.

I started this layout with a white cardstock background and layers of blue and yellow ombre patterned paper. The postage stamp paper adds a punch of color and whimsy,  while the chevron on wood pattern adds contrast.  

A 4x6 SN@P! Cut card was used (blue dots) to mat the focal point and was the perfect place to tuck a chipboard flamingo. 

Key elements on the page were highlighted with a handstitched circle of white floss. This adds dimension and shape to the page in a subtle way. Enamel dots were added for little splashes of color.

Good Day Sunshine is packed with fun summer icons great for travels near and far or just those things you do at home. Creating layers with SN@P! Pages and Cuts make it easy and fun - just add photos!