Hi friends!   Vicki here with you today to share a layout I created using the new I AM... collection.

One of the things I love the most about this collection is that it inspires me to tell MY story.  The vast majority of the scrapbooking that I do is about someone else - my kids, my husband, my family, my friends - you name it!  Everyone else BUT me.  The I AM...  collection really resonated with me in that it prompted me to step back and really think about how important it is for me to tell MY story.

Between the gold foil accents, the beautiful, feminine colors & patterns and the prompts, the I AM...  collection is the the perfect collection to tell the most important story you have to tell... yours.


Hi everyone! Allison here with a layout using the lovely Hugs & Kisses collection. I've also got a new sketch to share with you that combines traditional scrapbooking with the SN@P! Pocket Pages.

You can download the full sketch with measurements and placements here.

The left side of the sketch follows a more traditional style of layout design while the right side uses the SN@P! Pocket Page, Design 3.

Here is my layout based on the sketch.

Valentine's Day in our house is usually a day full of fun activities. We have to make Valentine's for Drew and Jackson to hand out a school. We always have a heart themed breakfast like heart shaped strawberry muffins or heart shaped red velvet pancakes and our own special "love potion" to drink. There are balloons and candy and lost of hugs and kisses and even a heart scavenger hunt. We usually end the day with a visit to see family which usually involves lots more balloons, candy, hugs, and kisses. It's definitely a day to document!

I love how the Hugs & Kisses collection has the traditional Valentine's Day colors mixed with the blues and black and white. Those colors made it easy to take something more feminine like hearts and flowers and use them with boy heavy photos.

For the background of the left page I cut out several hearts from the Heartthrob 12x12 Designer Cardstock. I love the variety of colors and patterns! I use hearts often and if you were to visit my house you would see them everywhere. When I first saw the Heartthrob paper, I knew we would be pals!

I added a few small details to some of the hearts like arrows, stickers, smaller hearts, and even small photos. The arrows are cut from the Love Letter Designer Cardstock. I also used some foam adhesive to make a few of the hearts stand out and give some more dimension to the layout.

For the title I used the "love" stickers and added the "Happy Valentine's Day" banner at the bottom.

On the right page I used a combination of cards and photos with the SN@P! Pocket Page, Design 3.

I always enjoy adding small details to the empty spaces of my photos. On this photo I added a small xoxo sticker the bottom corner and added a small circle/heart to one of the "o"s.

For the 3x4" pockets I used photos for three of the pockets for photos and then used a 3x4" card in one pocket. I added a small photo and heart embellishment to the card. The heart embellishment is actually cut from one of the 4x3 cards on the Elements #2 sheet.

On the bottom card I added a small photo to one of the hanging frames. I also added some small heart stickers to the wire the frames are hanging from.

I hope you enjoy using the new sketch and have fun playing with the super cute Hugs & Kisses collection!




Hello!  This is Amber, founder and creative director of Simple Stories.  I'm thrilled to start a new 'behind the scenes' monthly feature on our blog about my vision, our design,  product development & glimpses of how I'm using our products. 

It was 5 years ago when we introduced our Simple Stories products and philosophy with our first collection, Life Documented.   In celebration of 5 years of sharing stories 'simply' we've brought Life Documented back, better than ever.  Just like our first launch, this Life Documented collection is all about sharing your story for the year simply, easily and with lots of fun!   We introduced a ton of scrapbook products with the new Life Documented collection, and a Planner component as well.  Today I'm focusing on our amazing planner portion of the collection.

I've always been a planner fanatic - even way back when, before it was cool.  After spending lot’s of $$ on many different planners and sizes over the years, I was never truly happy with the final results- even with some of the big names and trendy designs.  Whether it was too generic, too detailed, too small, too big, too restrictive, too complicated, too limited – nothing seemed to fit my life and what I was looking for in a planner.  

For me, the perfect planner had to be big enough and with just enough space needed for day-to-day planning.  I didn’t want it to be limited to an 'off-the-shelf', 'one-size-fits-all' planner; I wanted options to personalize my album, but not so many options that it became complicated or overwhelming.  It had to offer complete functionality and choices - from full size daily inserts, to weekly pages and monthly calendars, to notes, lists, journals and menus - however I wanted to plan my life.  Of course, it had to be fun and bright with just enough creativity to keep me excited about planning my day-to-day.  Most importantly, I wanted something that covered all the facets of my life -  work, business, home, family, personal and even my memory keeping hobby.

This entire 'planner' program has been a long time in the making for us …from the minute I held the first sample of our 6x8 Faux Leather Albums, I was in love and couldn’t wait to develop a planner system to compliment them.  From start to finish, this collection was so well thought out - down to every last detail - and I can't wait to share the 'behind the scenes' with you on how I've approached setting up my planner!


It's so easy to start - just choose your favorite 6x8 SN@P! album or binder, including faux leather, chipboard and burlap.  I'm using our Teal 6x8 Faux Leather SN@P! Album - I LOVE the color & it matches my handbag perfectly...plus the high-quality album is simply gorgeous with contrast stitching, decorative metal label on the spine and metal corners. 

Next...select from many of the a la carte SN@P! Life Documented Planner Products - from Monthly, Weekly, & Daily Inserts to Clips, Sticky Notes, Bookmarks, Pockets, etc.  Last comes the FUN part - compiling your planner for day-to-day use...here's how I put mine together:


Every good planner needs a basic information page, so the Monthly Dividers includes one with a cute label and icons for you to store all your personal details.  I wanted to add even more fun to my intro page so I added fun "hello" and arrow stickers to dress it up. 

*TIP:  We added plenty of space to add all of your personal details, including name, address, phone numbers and even space for you website or blog.  

I chose to start my planner with one of our cool Pockets - they come pre-punched and insert easily.  The front has a cool pocket to easily story random, everyday tidbits.  I added a 3x4 card to the back of the pocket from our 2015 SN@P! Card Set with a piece of Washi Paper Tape - a perfect quote to start the year & it coordinates with our very cool 12/52/365 dashboard on the next page (also included in the Monthly Dividers).

*TIP - I LOVE that our planner system is so versatile - you can put theses pockets anywhere you want, depending on what makes sense for you & your needs.  I love that freedom and flexibility - and you will too!


There are so many things I love about our planners - but this has to be one of my favorite.  This interactive, fold out insert, included in the Monthly Dividers, lets you plan and view your whole year at a glance!  I love the quote on the front and added a few more details with stickers.  When opening you can see how easy it is to jot down the big, important things to look forward to with your year.

*TIP:  I chose to focus on just the big events of the year - not the everyday details - like holidays, events, travel, vacations, etc. This has been a great tool for getting a quick glance at what your year looks like.  And who can resist the fun, interactive fold-out feature?

It's the BIG 2015!

What makes our planner system so unique is that it incorporates our 6x8 SN@P! Albums, Pocket Pages and SN@P! Core products. I love that you can easily incorporate pocket pages of any format or design anywhere in your planner, just like I did here with our 3x4 Pocket Pages and 3x4 Cards from the Life Documented 2015 Card Set.  What a fun way to introduce the year in a BIG way!

*TIP:  One of my favorite parts of designing products is focusing on the details - things that customers may not even notice - but we do.  Our whole goal is to make it SIMPLE for you..so we do all the work for you, like these cards - they're double-sided with the large 2015 numbers,  then the backs show through with coordinating titles. 


Again, I love that our system features a variety of options to personalize your planner, incuding these Monthly Dividers that feature a 2 page calendar spread for each month. My favorite part is the designer pattern that introduces each month - in the same bold prints that coordinate with our Life Documented scrapbook products.  You can choose to leave as is - or add a little something like I did.  I knew I wanted to add some sort of 3x4 card to each month & the 3x4 SN@P! 2015 Cards were the perfect fit.  I LOVE that I start each month with the specific dated 2015 month, since the Monthly Dividers are not date specific. I did this for each month and am so happy with the results - try this on your planner and even add washi tape or other embellishments!

TIP:  Did you notice how each monthly 3x4 calandar card 'month' matches the monthly tab color perfectly...yep, it's all in the details for us!


This is what the Monthly Dividers look like when opened to the month; they'll most likely be the core of your planner.  You'll find a pop of solid color and a basic non-date specific calandar.  We designed this as a 2-page spread because lets face it, your life is BIG and you need plenty of room to plan and organize. 

TIP: Remember the Details!  With all the fun and bright washi strips - well this is where I used those washi tape strips to help me plan my month.  There is so much going on in a single month that using our Basic and Designer Washi Paper Tape is a must to easily plan and coordinate your schedule.  We also offer Calendar Stickers, sized perfectly for our monthly dividers to help you plan your life in a fun way!

TIP: Our Monthly Dividers are not dated, allowing you to start & end your 12 months based on what fits YOUR needs.   The first thing I did when organizing my planner was add the dates to each month so that it's done for the entire year.


We offer both Weekly and Daily Planner Inserts to help you plan your life; I'm using both.  Today I'm showing you how I use the Daily Inserts...pretty basic, right?   For me these Daily Inserts are all about functionality.  I'm choosing to focus on the tasks and important items I need to accomplish each day.  There's so much other fun stuff going on in my planner, so I'm keeping these pages basic.  Of course, you have the option of decorating away with washi, clips, stickers and so much more!

TIP:  It was important for me to have lots of space in our planner system and I insisted on adding these Daily Planner inserts to our line up of products.  They come with enough pages for all 365 days - they're not dated so you can start anytime.  We kept the design pretty general so it would fit anyone's life.  I'm using the 1/2/3 at the top for my daily health goals.  I love that the To Do section has plenty of room and then an added hourly scehdule as well.  The notes are perfect for adding reminders and important information.  I love how I can use these daily pages to incorporate my business, family, and personal life all in one!


Remember this?  When we first launched our SN@P! products a few years ago we added this useful zipper Pouch.  It's the perfect way to store all of your planner goodies - stickers, washi tape sheets, embellishments, & cards all fit into this pouch, ready to go!   I put my pouch at the end so I have easy access to my planner supplies.



Now we get to the really fun part!  We've designed these FREE printables to coordinate with your Life Documented planner.  Even better, we'll be offering free printables each month!  

Click here to download January's Free Life Documented Printables - NOTE: this is a large file, so it may take a few minutes to download, depending on your internet connection :)

There are a whopping 12 free printables this month, including:

2015 Calendar
2015 Holidays
January Month in Review
Gift Giving List

Shopping List
Weight Tracker
Food & Fitness Tracker
Who, What, When Where Dashboard
... and 3 Printable Cards to punch & insert in your planner!

TIPFree printables are on a single PDF document with 13 pages - print off what you want and the quantity you need.  We've added cut marks to each printable, so you can easily trim your pages to size.  

Here's how I've included a few of these Free Printables in my planner - 

This 4x6 quote card free printable is the perfect way to start your planner - and has a meaning that I want to remember all year long.  I just printed, trimmed and placed in one of our new Vertical 4x6 Pocket Pages (available in March).


This is a Detail page for you to identify the who, what, when, and where of all of your reoccurring events, activities, appointments, etc.  It's a great dashboard for adding our colroful Washi Paper Tape - and the corresponding details.  You'll see how our fabulous Washi Paper Tape will be a huge tool to organizing your life and planner - plus it adds so much color and fun!

TIPOur free printable planner page inserts have simple cut-marks so you can trim, hole punch and insert into your 6x8 SN@P! planner.  I slipped these into one of our 6x8 Pocket Pages for easy reference all year long. Print as many as you need - they're FREE and so functional!

Thanks so much for letting me share my insight and vision for our Life Documented Planner system - it's a dream come true for me to finally have my dream planner.  I already feel like my life is so much more organized.  I hope you're inspired to plan and organize your with our Planner system as well!   See you back here next month!



Hi everyone, Wendy here today sharing some Magic Moments using the new Say Cheese II collection.  I loved the first Say Cheese collection, it holds a special spot in my heart, so this new collection made me so happy!  
The first layout I made, Happy Little Moments, began with an oversized picture, not my norm, and a black and white at that.  (I printed the photo from my Canon printer.)  Since the photo was the focal point of the page I chose to keep my page rather simple; not a lot of color or embellishments.  I used the film strip border to rest my picture on and I tilted it for a little bit of fun.
I added a pop of color on the bottom of the page and then I began to embellish my layout.  Since there was a lot of blank space on my photo I chose a word bubble as my title that I fussy cut, I added a few sprinkles and pieces to dress up the bubble. 
I did an embellishment cluster at the bottom of my page to draw the viewer's eyes through the layout.  I chose other photo type die-cuts to layer, the new self-adhesive Bradz which I love, and a clip to build my cluster.
Oversized pictures don't need much to dress them up, but the pieces included in the Say Cheese II collection are perfect for giving anything the WOW! factor.
My next layout, Believe, originated with my picture and the I'm All Ears paper (NOTE - this paper was a pre-production sample so it doesn't have the gold foil on the ear!).  I wanted to have the two nestled up to each other and so I actually fussy cut the Mouse ears from the paper and slid my picture underneath.  To further accent the ears on the paper I used my sewing machine to ouline the mouse.
I didn't want to clutter up the Mouse ears on the paper so I again built embellishment clusters at various spots throughout my page to lead the viewer's eyes around.  I chose a few pops of red to use in each of my areas to bring color into my page, staring with the "Let the Magic begin" piece.
My Mouse ears needed a little excitement at the bottom of the page, so again I chose a red piece to start my cluster.  A leftover photo frame from my other layout and a few well placed sprinkles and stars connected the left top of the page to the bottom right further uniting my layout.
The bright colors and fun magic designs make this a great collection to create with whether you have "Mouse" pictures or not, it just shouts fun! 


Hi all!

Teri here, and I'm excited to share with you some cards I created with Simple Stories' s Enchanted collection.  I've been trying to get a jump on my Valentine's Day cards. As much I love red and white cards, I really wanted to make some cards this year that had a non-traditional Valentine's Day color scheme so I pulled out the Enchanted collection. With castles, hearts and frogs, I think this collection has some really cute elements that work for fun and cute love-themed projects.
I must admit that I really love the collection's SN@P! Cards. Gosh, who am I kidding? I love all of Simple Stories' SN@P! Cards. They are such a versatile product. They are great for scrapbooking and memory keeping projects, but they also look good on greeting cards!
For this card, I took a silver foil heart SN@P! card and embellished it by adding a chipboard heart, a strip of Washi Paper Tape and a few die-cuts and enamel dots. 
To make that banner really stand out, I adhered it with foam tape. I love doing that with die-cuts. I really dig that extra pop that foam tape adds. 
Here are a couple more cards I created with the collection's SN@P! Cards. For each of them, I embellished the cards just slightly by adding some chipboard shapes and enamel dots. 
The frog on this SN@P! Card sure made me chuckle. I wonder if he'd turn into a prince if you kissed him! Wink! 
So I kinda just ran with that whole kissing thing and added a few die-cut hearts to look like they were coming from the frog! And the "I believe in fairytales" sentiment? Believe it or not, it's a Washi Tape Sticker. I used my scissors to cut that phrase off of a longer sticker.
For this card, I placed the castle SN@P! Card underneath a Chipboard Frame. I customized the frame by adding the purple Washi Tape Sticker and a blue Bradz to it.
I used another Chipboard Frame on this guy. This time, I customized the frame by adding a few enamel dots to it. 
I think it turned out pretty fun!
Thanks for stopping by today! I'll see you again real soon!
Enchanted Washi Paper Tape - 4435


Hi there Simple fans, Nancy here today with a look at the brand new Say Cheese II collection. The red, yellow, white and slate blue palette is one that I love and find myself reaching for again and again. It definitely has a theme park feel, but I’ve found that on second look it’s definitely versatile!

I began this page with one of my favorite photos and an idea for a shaker box.  I used a chipboard frame from the Say Cheese II collection, stickers, star punch, patterned paper and a transparency to make a custom embellishment that adds movement and a punch of color to the layout.

To add texture, I used a sewing machine to attach a chipboard frame to the layout. Placing a plastic clip in the center of the frame adds dimension and a bit of a ‘flap’ to the area.

Say Cheese II is a practical collection that goes a long way. Here I used to scrapbook a layout about  a cruise vacation. The bold colors compliment my photos without overpowering them.

To add a subtle title, I used a tone-on-tone effect with white lettering on a white background. I used a sewing machine to underscore each word in the title. This draws attention to the title and texture to the page. The overall design is a simple grid that came together very quickly. It’s a design that I use often when I’m stumped for ideas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at my favorite release this Winter – Say Cheese II!


Hi Everyone, Marie here today to share a new Life Documented project using the new I AM collection. I decided to change things up this year and switch to a 6x8 album to document our everyday moments.

I love the look of mixing different size pages and dividers within an album. The I AM collection has a lot of premade dividers, envelopes, and tags of different sizes and shapes.  To carry it one step further I trimmed off the final column of one of the 2x2 page protectors to add even more variety to my album.

I tend to focus on my kids a lot in my albums, so for these first few pages I made sure to document the things that I'm doing right now.   It was a good challenge for me, and the papers and embellishments in this collection really lend themselves to that.

The last couple of pages are about what I am reading/watching right now, and also what I am doing which is mostly a lot of organizing.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into the start of my 2015 album.  Have a great month!



Hi y'all! Suzanna here today for the first time with Simple Stories to share with you two layouts, each created using one of the three new collections released at CHA recently.  Amazing, aren't they, the new collections?! I can't decide which one I love most!
I AM... eternally grateful. This collection, the I AM... collection is perfect in so many ways; the colors, the sentiments, the ability to scrap you or use it to diversify.  I opted with a combination of me and diversify by scrapping a friendship.  I met Christine via scrapbooking and though we live hundreds of miles apart, we have an amazing connection.
The floral paper is just perfect for fussy cutting, something I am known to do a lot of. It's easy fussy cutting, take it from me.
For the title of the layout I combined the amazing chipboard stickers with stickers and letters that I cut using the smaller designs in the 6x6 paper pad. The shimmer of the gold in this collection is sure to please! I know I want more! A lady can never have enough gold, right?
The I Am collection has so many fantastic bits and pieces to it. It doesn't matter if you are a traditional layout scrapper, card maker or pocket scrapper, there is something for everyone!
Today's second layout, Magic, uses another of the new collections, Say Cheese II. Just perfect for our Disneyland Paris pictures! No matter where you are, Disney and Disney! Though I have only used the Say Cheese II collection in this layout, it is indeed, the perfect compliment to Say Cheese. You could easily combine both collections and not know they weren't released together.
In this detail picture, I layered stickers and used foam dots to create some depth to the embellishments under the photo for a more "unique" touch. We all have the same embellishments so using them in different combinations allows you to personalize.
The Clips that accompany these collections, like the one I used here, are just perfect for something a little different on your layout. I wanted the hint of black but not that much so I put a smaller sticker on the clip, almost like a brad on a clip. 
I also dressed up the film strip, again, for a more personal touch. The brads and smaller stickers, some on foam dots, are perfect for this!
Like the other collections, this too has some shimmer in it!  Love the hints of gold scattered through out the collections.
Thanks for popping in today!


Hello Simple Stories fans!! I've been meaning to get our photos + souvenirs from a 2007 Disney trip all sorted and organized, but have always had a heck of a time finding products that suited my taste. And then along came Say Cheese II...and my problem was solved :)   I've decided to tackle the challenge with one of the classic 6x8 black faux leather SN@P! albums and a variety of pocket pages to slip inside. 
I am a huge fan of mixing up my pocket pages for variety, as I've found over the years that sticking with a 'pattern' leaves me feeling bored after a page or two. It also keeps the album interesting! The newer configurations of SN@P! Pocket Pages have an amazing mix of sizes to choose from, and I am especially fond of the ones that have 2x2 squares. These are so easy to drop an element or two into, and add some fun!
One of the new embellishments that I couldn't wait to use were the chipboard frames. In addition to squares, there are 3x4 rectangle frames included and they fit perfectly into a pocket! I backed one with a ledger journal card and added my journaling...also using the red card as is, since I love the gold foil so much. After adding a few drops of gold spray ink, I realized it didn't need anything extra. I used a few pieces of the washi paper tape along the bottom of the 4x6 photo and called that page 'done'. :)
Here I've used an insert with (2) 4x4 slots and (4) 2x2 slots. I printed off a fun photo for one of the 4x4s and the other 4x4 is a piece of paper from the 6x6 pad that I've decorated with a few diecuts from the Bits & Pieces pack. Along the right edge are 2 of my photos, a square from the 12x12 elements paper and another chipboard frame. This time, I just slipped some sequins into the pocket with the frame and sealed it with a strip of washi tape. I always love to leave a pocket like this where you can see right through it...kind of a 'sneak peek' of what's coming up next.
Even if you haven't been to the happiest place on earth recently, don't let that stop you from pulling out your older photos and making a bit of magic with them! 


Hello!  Shellye along today with a set of cards using the beautiful new I AM... Collection.  The collection is filled with all sorts of sweet sentiments, or if you prefer, use the pretty papers and embellishments to create an assortment of note cards!

For the first card I used a 3" and 4" circle die to cut the 6X6 patterned papers. 

The circles were layered together with foam adhesive and black pom pom trim was adhered to the back of the larger circle and then attached to the card front.

The typewriter sticker was embellished with one of the cute clips, a label sticker and butterfly sticker.  And I love that the new adhesive brads!  A small strip of washi tape was applied to a scrap piece of paper and then added to the bottom.

The focus of this next card was the adorable chipboard frame!

The inset of the frame was filled with one of the smaller journal cards and then layered onto a black mat. 

In keeping with the floral pattern on the frame, matching patterned paper (for the card base) and stickers were used.  The gold foil chipboard pieces add just the right amount of glitz and shine.

Thank you for joining us today at Simple Stories!


Hello everyone!  I'm Sara and I'm a part of the newly minted design team for Simple Stories digital products!  I have been a long-time digital scrapbooker, in love with memory keeping, but not so much the mess.  I got hooked on Simple Stories a few years ago when I tried my hand at pocket scrapbooing using paper products, so naturally I was thrilled to hear that Simple Stories has introduced digital collections!

The 2 digital collections that were released this month couldn't have been more different and I loved that.  I knew I wanted to try my hand at both of them, so I started with Story of Us.  
One of my very favorite things about Simple Stories, that I think will shine through in my layouts, is their cards.  The design, colors, textures, words, illustrations, I just want to fill my page up with all of the beautiful things.  Of course, that might look like a jumbled mess so I had to control myself.  With the Story of Us, I was immediately drawn to the stunning black and white striped card with gold foil "LOVE" on it.  I knew I had to make that a focal point on my page so I just plopped it in the middle and started working around it.  As my page progressed I decided I wanted to make the card a part of my title work and so my layout came together.  
I love to journal on my pages so the assortment of cards with space for journaling is a huge plus for me.  And I decided to add the finishing touch of some of my favorite song lyrics to the outside of the circle.  One of my favorite things about digital scrapbooking is the ability to move things around and try different things without truly cutting up any paper and I can change my mind on a dime.  This is an excellent quality for a person who can never make up her mind. 
The other digital release for this month is the Hello Baby collection, which is sweet and precious and light and beautiful.  I knew immediately I wanted to use it to document some photos I took of my newborn niece.  Having two small boys myself, it is a delight for me to make a page that's more girly, but the beautiful thing about this collection is that it's so EASY to use it for either girls or boys (or both!).  
I was again drawn to the cards first and foremost, so I decided to make a digital pocket style page so I could incorporate my favorite photos from her newborn photoshoot and my favorite cards from this collection.  I loved the woodgrain cards tying the whole layout together, and I used the die cut "baby" card to create my title, layering the different colored woodgrain cards behind the cut-out part of the card.  I layered the beautiful stripe underneath it all to tie the colors together, and finished it off with the tiny pink alphabet.  
It all came together so easily and I just love how it looked!  It was hard to choose which elements and cards got used so I will surely be reaching for this collection over and over again to be sure I can make use of it entirely!
I hope you have enjoyed a closer look at some of the pieces in these new digital collections!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


There is an amazing new release from Simple Stories called I AM... and every scrapbooker needs it. Why? Because we all scrapbook everyone else first. Our kids, our families, our friends, husband's, boyfriends, siblings, and pets. For some reason we always come last! This new collection makes it a breeze to get YOU into the scrapbooks. Plus, it's gorgeous! 

New to Simple Stories are chipboard frames and FOILED pieces. Love them both!

I also loved the interactive pockets. This one had 5 flags with strings that fit inside. I added journaled word stickers as my journaling. I chose the ones that were appropriate for my layout, but seriously, does it get any easier than that?!
On this layout I typed my journaling, but the strip of patterned paper at the bottom also includes journaled sentiments in the I Am theme.
I can't get over the beauty of the foiled pieces like this die cut.
And with that in literally no time at all I had not one but TWO layouts about ME! I can't tell you how long it had been before this that I'd made a layout about myself. Grab this collection and get yourself in the books!


Hello Friends! 

It's Kristine Davidson with you today and I am here to share a layout I created for CHA using the new I AM... CollectionThis collection is filled with such beautiful colors; a little red, turquoise, black, yellow and touches of gold. For my layout I used mostly 3x4 journal cards from the collection, the 6x6 paper pad and also the Chipboard pieces. I had no Bits & Pieces but I made my own by cutting out some elements from the journal cards. It's really easy to do !

I wanted to add as many colors and papers as I possibly could on my page so i added several 3x4 cards or cut up 6x6 papers underneath each other for layers - I sewed a few of them for a little extra texture and because I love sewing on my pages.

Here is a little close up where i created my own " diecut ".  I used the feather from a 3x4 card and cut it up to place it underneath a piece of chipboard.


For this next card I added the letter M from the " I AM "  for my niece's initial M - for Marissa.  

The last one I'll show you is a the gold heart. I cut this up as well and added a pop dot under it to give it some dimensions.

As you can see, it's so easy to add dimensions or little extras even if you only have a few 3x4 journal cards!

I hope you enjoyed my post today and I'm sure you'll enjoy creating with your Simple Stories I AM... Collection - Make sure to tell your Local Scrapbook Store you NEED this collection ;-)


Hello hello! Chantalle here and I’m so excited to be sharing my first Simple Stories projects with you! Adding to this thrill was seeing one of two of my layouts on display in the SS booth at CHA. I’m sure you will agree that the new collections are absolute must haves!
Today I would like to show you more of this page (which you may have spotted on social media). I love to include interactive elements on my pages, so let’s take a closer look…
The new Enchanted collection is perfect for the little Princess in my life. The main image has been mounted inside a chipboard frame. (I actually did a little dance of joy when I saw these for the first time!) and then together they have been mounted onto a 4x6 Sn@p card that I have folded in half. Tip: Round the edges once you are done to get a neat finish.
To the left of the framed image, I have another teeny mini you can open. I created this by using a 4x6 Sn@p card (they are so versatile!) and folding it in half again. To extend the inside and make a gatefold, I have taped another 3x4 Sn@p card to the right hand edge with some Enchanted Washi Paper Tape. I love the tape as the sheets include patterns, punched circles as well as sentiments! Machine stitch over the top for extra hold.
Under the mini, I have used one of the gorgeous silver camera die cuts from the Enchanted Bits & Pieces. Don’t be afraid to alter things to suit your project. Here, I have punched out the centre of the camera to let the detail from underneath show through.
Lastly, to tie the butterfly theme together, I have used some die cuts as well as fussy cut extra butterflies from the patterned papers available in the collection. Some hand stitching adds a special touch and you can easily use a die cut shape as a template! Simply place the shape on your page, and using a hole piercer, punch at regular intervals around it. I like to use embroidery floss as it stands out a bit more than regular thread.
The next page I would like to share with you, is this one, using the stunning new Say Cheese II collection. The gold foil is absolutely lush!  My DS is very into his magic tricks at the moment and loves to put on little shows for us. I have tried to include a bit of a magic trick on my page with some photos that change!
For my ‘trick’ I have created a sleeve from a strip of ‘Let’s Ride’ paper, that I have folded into three equal parts. Before I taped it closed, using the chipboard frames as a stencil, I have cut out three squares the size of the inside of the frames into the middle folded area. Once they were removed, I adhered the frames over the holes.  
For the removable strip, I have used the film strip print from the 6x12 Element paper. The sizes matched perfectly with the inside of the chipboard frames. Along lengths of the filmstrip, I have replaced with print with some small photos and some journalling.
Now, to make the images change as if by magic, I marked out with a pencil, through the cut out squares, the area where some more pictures could go. These lie behind the pull-out strip IYKWIM and are fixed in position. I printed the additional images out and glued them down. I then folded the sleeve and taped the back shut, not too tight, so as to leave a bit of breathing room for the filmstrip, which I then slid inside the sleeve. 
Finish your page off with some ‘pixie dust’ in the form of gleaming alphas, die cuts and glittering enamel dots!



Hello Simple Stories fans!!  Have you been seeing the posts from CHA with all the fabulous collections that are being released. Wow!!!  I am so excited about so many of them and I had a blast playing with the new I AM... collection.
I created this layout about me - the I AM... collection is perfect for just that!   Scrapping 'me' is  something that I don't usually do because most of my layouts are about my family.  Maybe that's because I don't have enough pictures of me - something I guess I should remedy this coming year!  Anyways, here's the layout that I created.
I chose to journal about a life-changing event in my life which keeps me grateful for everything!  I printed my journaling on one of the I AM... SN@P! Cards.
I layered some patterned papers from the 6x6 I AM... paper pad onto the fabulous black striped 12x12 paper (which I absolutely adore!).
I love the new gold foil look that's in the embellishments!  It's just brings so much life to your projects!  The die cut feathers reminded of taking flight and continuing on this journey of life - so I thought that they were a perfect touch on my layout.
Oh, and how could I forget the new paper clips embellishments!  I used the flower design at the top section of my page and love it!
The second layout that I created for today is titled "My exercise today".  I used the new SNOW FUN collection for this page and it fit perfectly with some pictures I had from our big snowfall last year.
I love the colour scheme and rustic nature with the wood grain in this collection. 
I layered my title with some alpha stickers and then cut out the word 'today' with my silhouette .
I added a few more embellishments here & there - some with foam squares just for added dimension.
What a fun collection this is for all those winter pictures!
Thanks for popping by today!


Hi everyone, Amy here to share my first layout on the Simple Stories Blog! I created a layout using the fabulous new I Am collection that was just released for CHA 2015.  This collection is amazing, and very versatile.  It worked perfectly for a layout about my sweet boy at three.

Here are some closeups. I cut the 3 out using my Silhouette Cameo, and all the other bits and pieces are from Simple Stories.

This line has the most perfect embellishments and so much color and good things that come with it! I loved using it and can't wait to create with it again.


Happy Wednesday!!!  Candi here today to share with you a few peeks inside my Life Documented Planner.  There really is so much to show you, but there is always my next blog post, right?!!!  Right now I am using this planner for my Design Team Projects and Life Documented Planning (Pocket Pages).  Let's get started...

When you open up my planner I created a transparent flyleaf.  The flyleaf is there to protect my cover page and a place to quickly put any sticky notes with important information that I need to jot down later in my planner.  I thought it would be fun to punch a few circles out of the 2015 Card Set and add that to the flyleaf (front and back)...I love how the punched out circles add a little something to the top of the next sheet which says "12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days"

Inside the package of the Monthly Dividers, you will receive a fold out Year Planner.  I used some of the Letter Stickers to spell out "Twenty-15".


I am loving this quick glance at the whole entire year!!!  To block off the "quarters", I used a highlighter...since that is the way I receive my Design Team Assignments (per quarter).  I added a 3x4 card of the current month, just in case I need to take a quick glance to see what day the date landed on.  Once I am finished with that task, I use a grey highlighter to highlight over it.  

Here are a few photos at my month at a glance...to find this spot quickly, I have a bookmark in place.  I am a huge fan of decorating my planners so I had to add that January 4x6 card (by using a single hole punch) from the 2015 Card Set...stamped some snowflakes using white acrylic paint and added a few stickers from the Snow Fun Simple Set...so much fun :) makes me happy every time I open up my planner!

I am thinking that I want to add an Insta-Pocket Pocket Page for each month!  The front side, decorate it with patterned paper and embellishments...then on the back side add some of my favorite shots throughout that particular month (you will get to see that finished next month {wink})  SUPER happy with how this turned out!!!

My favorite part about a "ring" style planner is...you can add ANYTHING to the inside of your planner!  In this photo, I am sharing how I printed off a monthly calendar schedule that was emailed to me...added a few punched holes and inside my planner it goes!  Another tip...whenever I receive any invites in the mail, I punch a few holes and add it in my planner for that particular month/week!


Here is January 1st and 2nd, using the Daily Planner Inserts.  These inserts are great...so much room!  I especially love at the top where you jot down your top 3 things that need to get done on that day.  You also have a to do list, schedule and a notes section.  Once again...LOVE to decorate my inserts so I had to add a few stickers here and there using the Snow Fun Simple Set.  

I am so thrilled to be on the Simple Stories Design Team for 2015, to show you all how I am using the Life Documented Planner.  There is just so much to share...

Next month I will show you how I finished off my Insta-Pocket Page for January, a peek inside how I am using the Life Documented Planning (pocket pages) Section and my planner will be all set up for Valentine's Day Month!!!

Thanks for stopping by...

Happy Planning,




Hi everyone, it's Audrey, and today I'm here to share a couple of fun cards using the adorable new I AM... collection.


Gold has been such an on-trend color this past year, and I am so excited to see that trend continue into the new year. For this first card, I combined the shiny, elegance of gold accents with the softer look of pastel papers and fabric for an eye catching combo that's full of visual texture. 


As a card-maker, I am always smitten with the smaller prints of the 6x6 paper pads, as the toned-down scale is perfect for card designs. For this card, I started with a base made of two contrasting prints, then added in additional paper accents and a soft layer of cotton batting.


A 3x4 SN@P Card creates the perfect frame work for the focal point and sentiment. Chipboard, Bits & Pieces die cuts, and a yummy gold glittered Enamel Dot, all tied up with some pretty metallic trim.


My second card shows a bit of the bolder side of I Am, with lots of pops of strong black mixed into the works.


The main focus of this card is one of the cool Interactive Elements, the window pocket card. So great for hiding journaling on a scrapbook page, or for housing a secret pull-out note on a card. Or why not tuck in a gift card, too, for an instant all-in-one gift idea.


Once again, this card starts with papers from the 6x6 pad. And this time, I added interest with both a torn edge and punched edge border. A plain manila tag placed behind the pocket helps convey the interactive theme.


The window slot was the perfect spot for a die cut sentiment banner. Additional Bits & Pieces accents and a chipboard banner add the finishing touch. Although the original chipboard banner was too big for the card, one quick snip brought it down to size, with some left over for another project. So don't be afraid to alter embellishments to perfect suit you.