Hello again, Nicole here today to share a few projects on the blog.  I have been sitting on some photos of our family trip to Disney for a few years and thought this was a good opportunity to use some of the fun Say Cheese III collection to document some of those memories!

I chose a mixture of patterned papers and punched a simple row of circles on the bottom of the page. This is a great way to add in some little bullet journaling or sentiment stickers as I chose. An easy way to embellish a project for sure.

I chose to use a mixture of stickers and die cuts from the Bits & Pieces package to embellish the top row of my page, to balance out the bottom grid of circles. It’s also a fun way to add a quick border of paper and smaller embellishments.


Last month I talked about getting out from behind the camera and scrapping some photos of myself for a change. I have decided to make a greater effort on this over this year and so I have a fun & crazy page to share with you using the Emoji Love collection!

I started this page with a simple white background and trimmed the rainbow effect like paper from the Emoji Love collection and added it to both sides. I really wanted lots of color but needed a way to draw it all together. A great striped paper like this helps do just that, bring all the colors together and is a great starting point for your page.  I decided to hand cut some letters from various patterned papers in the Emoji Love 6x8 paper pad and added that to my page, filling my patterned paper component on the project!

The hand cut letters are a great way to customize the size of your title and add a certain whimsy to your page too! A great way to add in a burst of color. Of course, I needed to add some fun emojis and word bubbles to my project, and used several stickers with some foam adhesive to the back to add a little pop!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog with me today!


Hi friends, it's Layle!  I'm the Director of Marketing for Simple Stories & I'm back again this Sunday with another installment of our Bible Journaling Sunday Series with guest designer Rachel Lindas.  We've had so much fun seeing her creativity in her bible & had such great feedback from YOU on her process, tips & techniques that we've invited her to stick around for a while and extend the Bible Journaling Sunday Series!  We'll be futuring an in depth blog post from Rachel once per month along with weekly posts on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Hooray!!

Today Rachel is back sharing a great lesson on attitude for teens using our #Whatever Simple Set - I think you're going to love it!


Hi, it’s Rachel Lindas and I’m feeling all kinda sunshine and summer vibes these days. I live in Southern California and the weather has started to turn towards those summer days.  With summer on its way I decided to use the gorgeous line by Simple Stories called Sunshine and Happiness

You guys yellow is my favorite color and there is just something about the boldness of the colors and the adorable designs that make me smile when I look at the product.  Since this line was not designed as Faith based line, I had to get a little creative on matching up the creative designs and Bible verses to go with them. But I enjoy that process and challenge. It causes me to do a lot more reading in my Bible to find the verse that speaks to my heart and matches the visual.  

I chose three verses to highlight for today but I have to be honest I could do at least 10 different Bible pages with this Sunshine and Happiness line so I encourage you to follow along and then challenge yourself to keep finding verses that match the artwork.  Before we get started I want to just share that the Sunshine and Happiness Expressions Cardstock sticker is amazing. On one sheet you get 4 different alphas in different sizes and different colors all of which are sized well to fit in the margins of your Bible.  Its a great sheet to add to your collection of Bible Journaling supplies.  

With that said I do want to mention just like our relationship with Jesus goes through different season I am realizing that my Bible Journaling is evolving as well. I just celebrated my birthday and for the past 3 years it has become a tradition for me to start a new journaling Bible because one year’s worth of illustrating in it, makes it pretty full. So last week I started a new Bible and the designs I will be sharing today are from my new Bible and therefore have a bit of a different look. I have been wanting to keep my designs more and more in the margin and on a smaller size so I can have room for two designs on each page if I need it and therefore leaving room for more of my own personal writing as well. To really document the notes I have learned from the verse.  Ok lets get started!

I fell in love with the “You are one in a Watermelon” saying and image and decided to start with that.

I began looking for verses that talked about how you are unique, how God created you, and how there is no one else like you in the world.  As I researched verses on this topic I found in Luke 12:7 “Indeed, the hairs of your head are all counted.  Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”  Love the play on words with replacing million with watermelon as a visual reminder that God knows each one of us intimately and that he treasures each one of us as well.  This line also happened to have adorable birds with red and white polka dots on the wings that tied in perfectly to the watermelon look and the mention of sparrows in the verse.  This page was pretty simple in design I cut the long sticker that said “you are one in a” into three different parts to fit it in the margin and used the slice of watermelon to finish up the saying.  I added the watermelon brad from the line, stuck the cute bird sticker on top of the saying, and then finished with a collection of cut outs and stickers of watermelons to the top of the page allowing the tab to stick out from the page.  I thought the colors on the page were so bright and bold already I didn’t want to add too much color to the page so I used my neocolor II (water soluble wax pastel) to highlight the verse in Ruby Red and then splatter the page using the same Ruby Red neocolor.  Please remember God’s reminder that we are worth much more than the birds.  When you are feeling low or invaluable look to God’s creation.  Get outside and take a moment to see how God provides. 

I carry around a Mason jar filled with ice cold coffee almost every single day and when I finish that coffee I fill up my next mason jar with ice cold water for the rest of the day.  So when I saw the adorable mason jar with the red and white striped straw with lemon slices I was so sold.  

I started searching for verses about being thirsty.  There are many many verses about being thirsty but I felt led to concentrate on this one.  John 4:15 “Sir, the woman said to Him, “give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and come here to draw water.” This verse is from the passage about the Samaritan women who Jesus spoke to at the well. He told her about the water that He could give her would never let her be thirsty again.  That it would become a well of water springing up in her for eternal life.  I love this passage in the Bible, I love the visual it gives to us so we can try and understand what Jesus is offering to her and to all of us.  But one of my favorite parts of this passage is how it shows us a real glimpse of grace and how it works.  The women in this story doesn’t really get it yet, she does not fully understand what Jesus is offering her but she knows she wants it.  She says, “give me water”  See you don’t fully have to understand it to receive it.  You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have a degree in Theology.  The water Jesus is offering that gives us eternal life is for every single one of us, we just have to ask for it.  

So my design...  

I used the mason jar as my back drop that fit perfectly in the margin of my Bible and then took full advantage of all the different alpha sizes that came on the expression cardstock sticker and spelled out “Give me this water.”  I then added the slices of lemon, oranges, and limes to the top stacked on top of one another and coming off the top of the page. I finished it with a brad and the words This Rocks and Woo hoo at the bottom of my design. Then just highlighted the passage with my Faber Castell Pitt artist pen  Big Brush in Cadmium Yellow. 

Ok last layout for today. I really wanted to incorporate this girl in my Bible so I started with her and then just kept looking at the options and was inspired the saying, “Keep your sunny side up.”  

The stickers used this saying with the sunny side egg which is adorable but not the look I was going for so I combined the saying with the girl and began the process for finding a verse about staying positive, being joyful, being happy, looking on the bright side.. etc.  Although there are many options I was drawn to the passage in Philippians were Paul explains how he can remain happy and hopeful as he sits in a prison.  Philippians 1:12-20 “…My eager expectation and hope is that I will bot be ashamed about anything, but that now as always, with all courage, Christ will be highly honored in my body, whether by life or by death.”  Say What? You guys this is for real not hey this is how Christ would want you to respond, this is what we should aim for… but this is how Paul was.  Let me be clear this is what we should aim for but my point is through Christ’s strength Paul was able to actually have this sunny side up attitude even in the middle of very bad circumstances. Paul was rejoicing over the fact that God can and will make something good out of something bad and that thrilled Paul.  Paul was joyful that he was  able to do Christ’s work even as he sat in prison.  Pretty amazing perspective right?  Here’s the take away.. We see on the bright side when we keep our eyes on Jesus.

Again another simple but to the point layout that stayed mostly in the margin of my Bible.  I started with building my mini layout in the margin.  I used the High Five paper and punched out a circle to create my back ground for the little lady/  Then I cut the sticker that says, “Keep you sunny side up” into three sections so it would fit in the margin as well.  I added heart stickers to the page and finished by adding a couple swipes of paint with my paint card over the verse.  (This technique I have shown in pervious blog post through a video tutorial if you want to check that out)

My hope and prayer is you leave this post feeling inspired and choosing the sunny side up.  Till next time.. meanwhile dig into God’s Word and use some of those gorgeous scrapbooking lines in your Bible.

Be inspired, Rachel Lindas


Hello everyone ! It's Mindi here with you today. I am so excited to be sharing some pages that I have created for my Disney album. We recently had annual passes to the park and although I have already scrapped some photos from our trips I wanted to create an entire album. The thought was to have a place that I could document our fun and magical year. The new Say Cheese 3 collection was the perfect solution. Simple Stories has a darling 6x8 album that has a Mickey Ear shape on the cover with lots of red and white polka dots. I typically don't embellish the fronts of my albums so that I can store them easily. But I do love this album and it's darling Disney theme. 
Before sitting down to start putting this album together I had a few thoughts. I knew I wanted it to go in chronological order. From our first trip to our last. Then to break it down further I wanted to it to have themes or events. I started with this entry page. I used one of the fun pages that comes with the album and added a few embellishments to it. The large castle on the bottom was the perfect place to add the year and some other embellishments.
On the next page I added a photo of all 5 of us together. This was our first family photo of the year and I think it was a nice beginning to the album. 
Opposite the big family photo I have a pocket page protector with a 4x6 journaling card. I wanted to give a brief summary of what this album is about. I also have a photo of Noah's old Mickey hat that I took on Main Street when we first arrived at the park. 
These photo flip ups are great for adding in extra photos. I added one here and was able to add in another photo and a filler card. To help aid the flip up page I added one the adorable clips. 
I am going to set up my album with a few things in mind. As I mentioned earlier I am going chronological. These next set of photos are all from one place at the park, Cars Land. There are so many ways that you can organize your album. By day, by theme park, by events, ect. Whatever works for you.
When you order the Disney SN@P Decorative Binder inside are some great decorative pages. I used this red and white polka dot page to add in some journaling and extra photos. It was really fun to create this page and have it outside of the page protector. I also love the interactive aspect of the page. 
These types of pages are perfect and fun to add into your mini albums. They break up the pockets and the possibilities are endless. You can use it to add your stories or fill it with photos. Here is a look at the whole inside of this page. I added a strip of photos and then added some journaling on the right side. I used my typewriter for this page but you can also hand write as well. You can kind of tell that I am still getting used to using a typewriter with some errors but I am ok with that. I embellished it a bit here and there. I used some washi tape on the left side of the photo strip along with some clear stickers on the photo strip.
I had so many fun photos from Cars Land and I made another photo strip and added it on the backside of this page. I used some more washi tape on the top and added in another clip for a cute look. 
This is what the backside of the polka dot page looks like paired with the other side. I love that it is a smaller size and that you can see multiple pages around it. 
Before I had put this journaling page together I had put together the next set of pages. You'll see them in a minute. I had this 6x8 big pocket page to work with. So I cut down this 6x8 page that has the lines in it like regular paper does. It originally had holes in to put right into your album. I trimmed them off so that I could add it into my page protector. I had one more favorite photo that I wanted to include and so I added it onto the bottom part of my page. My typewriter came in handy again to get my journaling onto the page easily.  I added some simple embellishments to the top portion of the page and also to the photo. The scalloped edge there under the photo is from a journaling card that I cut up. Thought it could use a little something underneath the photo.
One last set of pages that I want to share with you here. I have always been a fan of big photos. And I had this great photo of the castle. So I made it stretch over both sides of the album. 
This photo of the castle has lots of great spaces for embellishing. I cut down one of the 3x4 cards and added it to the left side of the photo. On the other side I added some journaling and then finished it off with some embellishments. These chipboard pieces that have a watercolor look are my favorite. I added one of them to the top of my journaling.
I can't tell you how much fun I had putting some of my pages together in my Disney album. I didn't want to stop. Ha Ha. I hope that you have gotten some inspiration for an up coming Disney album or another theme. Have a great day everyone and thanks for coming. 



Hi everyone, its Meredy and I don’t know about you, but I have been LOVING the Simple Sets that Simple Stories has released.  If you aren’t familiar with these sets they are a small, mini collection that includes (2) sheets each of three double sided cardstock paper, including one sheet of 3x4/4x6 element pieces and (1) 6 x 12 sheet of cardstock stickers.  I wanted to make up a new planner for May and I loved colors and florals in the Mom Simple Set so I thought I would see how I could pretty up my Ivory Carpe Diem planner with this Simple Set.

The first thing I always do is make a Dashboard and fill up the pockets of my planner. I cut apart the page of 3x4/4x6 elements and filled up the pockets!

I used “I Love You Mom” floral paper for the dashboard with a 4x6 card cut out from the “Journaling Card Elements” paper.  I added the LIFE using Black alpha stickers from the Simple Stories Sn@p Line and a Coffee Cup Sticker from the 6 x 12 Cardstock Sticker Sheet included in the set.

The Journaling Cards really brightened up my planner pockets quite easily.  I don’t always like my pockets super stuffed and these cards did the trick.

There are enough papers in the pack to create dividers.  I usually feel overwhelmed by cutting all the papers and gluing them together and adding the tabs. But I used a quick way to make dividers and I am so happy with the end result!

To make quick dividers take a 12 x 12 paper and fold it in half.  Trim down the side opposite the fold and the bottom to the correct size for your planner.  Use a tab punch to punch a tab from the cut away paper.  Use a glue stick on the inside of the paper, stick on the tab at the correct location and fold the paper closed.  Press down until the glue keeps the paper together, punch the holes and you are ready to make the next divider.

The double layer of cardstock makes a perfect divider.  Folding the paper and using the same pattern on the front and back of the divider really cut down on the time it took to make the dividers.  This will probably be my go-to way to make these from now on.  I added 3x4 journaling cards to the front of the dividers for a finishing touch.

Now on to my favorite part, my weekly layout using the 6x12 sheet of Cardstock Stickers! One of my favorite aspects of the pages are the center washi strips I made from the papers in the collection.  I started with the banner sticker on Thursday for my Birthday and I built the pages from there.  I used practically all of the stickers on the sheet to layer up the page.  I also used the Sn@p Line Alphas and some of the 4x6 Black stickers from a few Carpe Diem collections.

Another way to use the 3x4 journaling cards is to cut them down to fit into your layout.  I loved this yellow floral pattern with a small white space—it was perfect for this very important reminder.

Last, I just wanted to show how I used some of the remaining elements to do a bible journaling entry.  Since I have an interleaved bible, the oversized MOM sticker was perfect place to start for this entry.  I cut out the banner from a 3x4 Journaling card, drew in a little extra string and added some heart stickers.

I used a tab punch to make a tab from the “Best Mom Ever” Paper and used a phrase sticker from the Sticker Sheet.

Last I added in a photo of my mother and me (41+  years ago!) wrote the verse and a short journaling entry.  Last I layered up the floral stickers to create a bouquet in the corner and finished it up with a Happy Mother’s Day sticker.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how many things you can make with these 12x12 Simple Sets—I am in love!  Also, wishing you all out there a happy May and Happy Mother’s Day!



Hi, Everyone! Jana Eubank here! 
My daughter just moved back home from her first year at college and I wanted to document her first "Home Away from Home" ... her dorm room that she has been living in for the past year. The Domestic Bliss collection was the perfect answer!
I had taken several photos of her room the day we moved her in last Fall, along with a shot of the outside of her dorm building. I included them all together on this page.
I cut the "HOME" letters out from one of the cards from the 4x6 Horizontal Elements Paper to use as my title. Behind the letter "O" I included one of the pie chart circle die cuts from the Bits & Pieces pack.
The smaller "HOME" letters are from the 4x6 Sticker pack. I adhered the letters to white cardstock and trimmed them out using scissors to give them a white outline. I used the Snap Color Vibe Bolds Letter Stickers for the other words in the title.
I book-ended my title with the Decorative Brads to give it even more personality! I love them here!
For some reason, that cute couch icon included in this collection just said "dorm" to me! I cut this one out of the same sheet of 4x6 Horizontal Elements Paper that I used for the "HOME" letters. Doesn't that couch look inviting?! ... Like it's just waiting for 6 college girls to pile on it and start gossiping about their dating and class experiences!
At the bottom of the page, I added a couple more decorative icon brads, as well as the date, stamped on one of the label stickers from teh 4x6 Stickers pack.
I love when I find my kids asleep on the couch or in various other places around our house. To me, it means they feel safe, they feel cozy ... they feel at home. And that is what this next page is about.
I used a sheet of the Aspen/White Basics Notebook paper as the base to my layout, matting it with a sheet of the Bless This Mess paper.
Next, I used various papers from the 6x8 paper pad to build up some delicious patterned paper layers behind my two photos. The smaller scaled patterns are perfect for layering together in a situation like this!
I cut the letters "HOME" from one of the 4x6 cards of the Snap Pack and then added a house and heart die cuts from the Bits & Pieces die cuts. Everything is stitched and anchored to a strip of striped paper from the same 6x8 paper pad.
I hand cut the large hearts from the 6x8 paper pad and drew an outline around each one of them with a black journaling pen to match the outlining preprinted on the title letters. I then used my sewing machine to stitch them to the left side of the page, sprinkling them in a waterfall fashion and bending up each side of the heart for dimension.
I added my journaling with a black journaling pen, using the lines of the background notebook paper as a guide. A few enamel dots sprinkled here-and-there adds even more color and dimension.
Do you have sweet pictures like this of your children or loved ones asleep? Don't they look angelic in those photos? Why not use those photos to document what makes them feel safe and secure or what brings them comfort in your home?
Have a great week!


Hello again friends! Happy May! Leah here today to show you the new dividers I’ve made to revamp my planner with the Domestic Bliss collection. It’s been a long while since I’ve made a complete set of custom dividers. If you can believe it, I think it’s been since my very first post with Simple Stories last year. Wow, how the time has flown! I have been feeling the need to change up my planner for a while now because the current organization just has not been working for me. I’ve been in such a planner funk lately and haven’t wanted to open up my planner. With a new setup, comes a new chance to get crafty and give my planner a makeover!

I used word label stickers to label my divider tabs for now. I chose ones from the Home sticker tablet. I have separated my planner into 4 categories. The first section is where I have my actual planner pages. For this planner, I’ve decided to use only monthly inserts and blank lined pages for my planning.

This divider turned out so cute! I love having it up in the front of my planner because it’s like the “front door” of my planner. The door is from the 4x6 Vertical Elements 12x12 paper in the Domestic Bliss collection. I used a banner paper punch to create a banner along the top of the divider using patterned papers from the 6x8 paper pad and some baker’s twine. I used another patterned paper to create the tag where I layered some washi tapes, word label stickers and a cute heart die cut from the Bits and Pieces pack.

The second section is for tracking chores and household to-dos. I’ve mentioned my struggle with anxiety in some of my previous blog posts. Well, I am also a pretty naturally disorganized person. I WANT to be organized, and I can achieve it, but I have to work extra hard to maintain an organized home. Writing down household tasks and chores and attempting to establish a schedule that I can learn to manage a little at a time, helps me avoid getting too overwhelmed.

This divider is so fun because I created a little shaker using a 2x2 card from the SN@P! pack and layered on some stickers from the 12x12 combo sticker sheet. Aren’t the little succulent plants that pop up a lot in the Domestic Bliss collection so sweet? I love all of the multi-colored pots! I created a little watercolor background on this divider and chose colors to match the pots.

The third section is for bill pay and debt repayment info that I’ve moved over from my budget planner (check that planner out here). My financial planner has been working out super well for me. However, now that I feel like I have a handle on our budget and spending, I have found I’m not using the first half of the planner as much and mostly just need the bill pay info from the back. So I’m going to see how it works out as just one section of my main planner.

I love how this divider turned out with the simplest of details! I used half of a doily and layered on the typewriter and “hello life” die cuts with the chipboard flowers and word label stickers. At the top of the divider, I hand cut a few different sized banners out of leftover paper scraps, grouped them together and then stapled them onto the page.

The last section of my planner is for information pertaining to our home and family, such as insurance and medical info and important contacts. This divider was super easy to make! I made it out of this 12x12 paper, and then used one of the 4x6 elements from this sheet as the main focal point. Then I layered some paper scraps and a doily behind it, and wrapped some baker’s twine around the card with a little bow for some texture.

I don’t know why I don’t make custom dividers more often! I always love how they turn out and they are so fun to make. They make my planner feel so much more personalized! I love working within one collection when I make dividers because of how beautifully everything coordinates. Look how pretty all of the dividers look together!

Do you like personalizing your planner dividers? If you’d like to see some more pretty planner dividers for inspiration, run on over to the Carpe Diem Planners Instagram! Also, I hope you will come say hello over on my Instagram as well @sunny.leah, and be sure to check out the Carpe Diem planner giveaway I’ve got going on right now!


Thanks sooooo much for joining us for our 2017 Spring Release Reveal, we hope you enjoyed seeing all of our new products!  

The Summer Days and Cabin Fever collections as well as all 4 new Simple Sets have shipped to retailers and are in stores now!   

Now on to the fun stuff - congrats to our 14 random lucky winners!  Here goes - 

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Thanks everyone!!  If you are one of the random lucky winners listed and did not receive a message or email from me, please send me an email at layle@simplestories.com with your full name and mailing address so we can ship your package!

Hi I’m Jeanne!  Back again this week to share some more cards with you, this time with the Domestic Bliss collection. I love to send cards to family and friends to let them know I’m thinking of them.  It never has to be for an occasion – just a note to say hi is always welcome! 

My kiddos are growing up fast.. off to college and finding their own places.  Lately my daughter has become a domestic diva!  Going to work, cooking dinner, and keeping the house tidy are part of the daily grind.  I have to smile to myself and think “Welcome to my world!”  LOL!! 

Today I’m playing with the Domestic Bliss Collection!   I started with a background of pretty papers from the 6x8 paper pad.   I topped the background paper with a 3x4 Journaling card from the SN@P! Packet!  The pack has 118 pieces to choose from.  The “messy hair…”   2 x 2” card is from the same pack.

I love how all the elements are coordinated to work together so all you have to do is mix and match to your hearts content!  I added Chipboard sticker flowers to frame the sentiment.  

I love piling on the embellishments like color coordinated enamel dots, Bless This Mess Washi Tape, and stickers!!

The hello life yellow tab is a sticker that you’ll find on the Combo Sticker that’s included in the 12” paper pack or sold separately.  


My second card features lots of Bits and Pieces.  If you haven’t seen these before you need to check them out!  The pack includes 53 printed die cut pieces like the washing machine, cute pooch, laundry basket and more! 

If you look close under the word sticker sentiments you’ll see some pretty floral washi “Home Sweet Home” tape.  I love the fun sentiments in this collection!   Sometimes you just have to laugh at a situation.  Laundry happens.

I think this would be a fun card to send to a friend who might have her hands full with life.  Maybe include a gift card for a night out, or volunteer to watch the kids.

I mixed some Chipboard stickers in with the Bits and pieces like the detergent bottle and the smaller laundry basket.

Yep.. life is going to bring you housework.. but in the end there’s still no place like home.   And for me there’s no better place to be! 

Wishing you a great day with some time to do all the things you love best.. dinner with dh, hug your fur baby, spend some time with the kiddos, and maybe find a little crafty time to play!


Howdy friends, it's Layle here, marketing director at Simple Stories, & I'm back again with my monthly Carpe Diem planner blog feature!

This month I've brought a little sunshine into my planner with the new Summer Days collection.  It's been a LONG, cold, wet winter here in Utah - we even had snow as late as April 25th.  I can't tell you how ready I am for warm weather and sunshine; adding summer to my planner will give me a little bit of that, even if the weather outside may not agree!

I started with the coral planner - the bright color brings a smile to my face & coordinates well with Summer Days.

I loaded up the pockets this month with lots of cards, die cuts & stickers.  The chipboard flamingo made for a great clip - you can't tell, but he's adhered to a long silver clip that tucks right into the pocket.  The pineapple in the collection - I just love it!  Not only does it make an appearance in the stickers & chipboard, but we loved it so much that we created a Silhouette cut file with it, too!  I used the cut file to create a dashboard - 

I used papers from Summer Days to cut the shapes, then adhered to another paper from the collection.  A quick punch with our A5 Punch - by the way, word on the street is that we'll have it to start shipping to retailers early June!! - and voila!

Next up I set out to make some more clips.  I took a few of the brads and removed the prongs by bending them back and forth.  

A glue dot adhered to the back of the brad was all it took to adhere to the back of an existing clip.  Because I used existing clips to do this, they're now 2 in 1 - a design on each side!

There are so many great icons & patterns in the Summer Days collection that I think I may use it in my planner for the next few months.  With that approach in mind, I limited the decor for the May spread primarily to flowers

I added a bit more sunshine to my weekly spreads by adhering a 'hello sunshine' sticker to the bottom of the bookmark, that way I have sunshine with me every day :)

Thanks for joining me this month!  Stay tuned for June when I use Summer Days again in my planner, but switch it up a bit!




Happy (inter)National Scrapbook Day!   We’re thrilled to participate in the worldwide celebration, focusing on all things scrapooking & paper crafting!  In honor of this super fun day, we have not one but TWO awesome surprises for you! 

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Today’s celebration also brings 4 different sets of die cuts & 3x4 FREE printables!  Designed for use in your Carpe Diem planner pockets, your SN@P! Pocket Pages and your other scrapbooking & paper crafting projects – you’re going to love these Faith, Fitness, Domestic Bliss and Recipe designs! 

Domestic Bliss - http://bit.ly/DomesticBlissPrintables

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Fitness – http://bit.ly/FitnessPrintables

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Thanks for celebrating (inter)National Scrapbook Day with Simple Stories!



Hello friends!  It's Jennifer on the blog and I'm very excited to be a part of the Simple Stories team for another year!  I will be creating layouts but you may see a mini book from me from time to time!  Today I'm sharing pages I created using the new Domestic Bliss collection!  This lovely line is full of beautiful colors and prints that are perfect for just about any theme!  
For my first layout, "Home", I started with the gorgeous blue/grey wood plank print of the B side of Bless This Mess! (This sheet is probably my favorite out of the collection as it has a beautiful plaid print on the opposite side).  Going through an old photo album, I found this black and white picture of the first house I remember living in.  The address and a date were written on the back; I assume it was taken by the realtor.  I have lots of memories of this house: some good, some bad, but definitely part of my story.  
Using white cardstock, I cut a circular cut file on my Silhouette (Geo Globe from The Cut Shoppe) then added in different patterns from the collection. I finished by stitching the edges with my sewing machine (honestly I sew on everything!).  You can also spy one of the cute tags under my photo from the Bit and Pieces pack! I added some navy and white bakers twine from my stash to accent. 
​The colorful "HOME" chipboard letters found on the 6x12 Chipboard Sheet make the perfect title for my page!  I love the bright colors! I added in a sticker from the 
Combo Sticker Sheet as well as coordinating Enamel Dots to accent my title. 
I thought the chipboard and die cut houses would look cute next to my photo! I placed them across my page almost like a street adding in die cuts and one of the cute
I'm not a fan of my handwriting so if I have a choice, I will use my electric typewriter.  I used the B side of Domestic Diva because I love the bright yellow! And it was different than my usual white card stock. I think I could've written a book about this one photo; its funny how a picture can bring up so many memories!  
For my next layout "Love Was Here", it is ALL about memories.  When I first saw Domestic Bliss, I knew I wanted to scrap about my mom in her kitchen. The minute you walked in the door she had a smile and a hug for you.  Next, she was offering to cook you something or get you a drink; that's how my mom showed her love to others. 
I used the colorful florals of "Work It Girl" (don't you love the titles?!) and used the Simple Stories Crosses Background Silhouette cut file for my background.  I backed the crosses with different patterns then stitched around the edge of the cardstock.  
Using one of the ledger prints from the SN@P! Basics Paper Pack I cut a tag from my Silhouette to hold my title. I used the letter stickers from the Combo Sticker Sheet as well as black alphas found in the Say Cheese III collection.  I "popped up" my tag using some foam tape to give it some dimension above the surrounding embellishments.  I love how  Simple Stories gives you so many little pieces to decorate and accent your pages!  
Another fun Simple Stories cut file, Heart Polaroid, I used with the B side of Mom Rules.  I then added a cute chipboard plant as well as smaller stickers and die cuts! And don't you love the hanger with the heart?  I thought it would look cute "hanging on the line" across my page.  
Showing more of the coordinating die cuts and stickers that are part of the collection! I used brown bakers twine to hold my pieces and added in mini wood clothes pins. 
​I also used one of the chipboard clothespins to "hold" my photo as well as used the adorable "mom" Epoxy Metal Clip.  
​I probably will go back later and add journaling to my page. Honestly, I had so much emotion even putting this page together and there is so much I wanted to say.  For now, I think just scrapping the photo was enough since its still difficult to create pages about my mom. I miss her so much...what I wouldn't do for one more day to sit at her kitchen table with her! 
Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you will check out all that is included in Domestic Bliss as well as the new releases!  You can check out everything by visiting the Products page! Have a wonderful day!  



Good morning friends! Brenda Smith here with you today to show you how versatile the Faith collection is. I wanted to document my daughter's seventh birthday party but really liked the colors and patterns in the Faith collection but knew the sentiments weren't exactly what I needed for these kind of layouts. So I set out to make this kit work for what I needed. 
One of the things I liked about this collection so much is the perfect balance of girly-ness with more colors than just the traditional pink and purple and red. The blues, yellow, pinks, and greens meshed amazingly with colors of my photos. 
The cloud and stars die cut had a non-applicable bible verse on the cloud so I covered it with some labels from the Emoji Love 4x6 stickers. The phrase stickers atop the labels are from the Emoji Love Sticker Tablet. I trimmed a 3x4 journal card so I could use it as journaling space on this 4x6 card. I hand-stitched a little to accent. I interviewed my daughter to fill out the "I Am..." card and love how I'll have this little time capsule of what she was doing when she turned seven. 
I added a strip of patterned paper to the bottom of the "Never Forget" journal card before hand-stitching the "love." Because the patterned papers in this collection worked so well with my photos, I printed out most of my photos just slightly smaller than the cards so I could get additional pops of color in the pockets with photos. The "His Love" heart worked so well with this photo of my kids and gave me a great opportunity to talk about how enamored my son is with my daughter. 
The varying sizes of the page protectors encouraged me to print up my photos at varying sizes and use some of the large pocket cards I don't usually use (like the 4x4 and the 4x6 cards). 
I trimmed two 3x4 cards on the diagonal and glued them together to form the background of this "believe" photo pocket. The chipboard balloons from Faith 6x12 chipboard gave me a little dimension on an otherwise flat spread. I hand-stitched some arrows to make sure the rare family photo was appropriately highlighted. 
The 4x6 pocket on the top is a little heavier visually with all of the patterned papers and embellishments I combined so I attempted to keep the pocket on the bottom a bit lighter with the white background and lightly patterned blue paper with the journaling. It was a little too plain for my liking at first so I added more hand-stitching and a little washi and a sticker at the bottom. 
I knew I wanted to use this cute globe card but I couldn't figure out what to add to it. It's great on its own but putting this "love" chipboard piece on the diagonal added the accent I desired. I used a paper punch to add the chevron detail to the picture of my son.
I had fun altering journal cards on this side. I trimmed the aqua diagonal 3x4 card and placed it atop a yellow journal card. For the picture of myself, I trimmed several cards to make the layered effect you see. I used dimensional foam adhesive to pop up "inspired." The "Be Still" sentiment I thought worked well for the picture of all the kids together because we all know that familiar struggle of getting this many kids to be still at the same time. 
I hope I've encouraged you to think outside of the box when it comes to your themed Simple Stories collections!


Jeanne here today with some colorful cards for the emoji lover in your life!  Let’s face it.. who doesn’t love emoji’s?  I don’t care if you're 15 or 50 they’re a fun way to spice up your text messages and social media!  The Emoji Love collection from Simple Stories is total eye candy.. bright colors, net lingo, and super fun emoji icons will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Need a special card for a tween or teen in your life?  You can’t go wrong with the unicorn emoji.  This one says “Be a Unicorn”!  Unicorns are unique and rare.. this sends a positive message that you don’t have to be the same as everyone else.  Be different.  Just be you! 

I started out with a background of papers from the Emoji Love 6x8” pad.  Rainbow stripes on one side, and stars on the other.

For my focal point I selected two 3x4 cards from the Emoji Love SN@P! Pack.    The pack contains 112 double sided cards to choose from.  I cut the a rainbow stripe card with a circle die (you can also use a punch) to create a semi circle, and layered it over another card with a star print on black. 

I topped that with a unicorn and “be a unicorn speech bubble” sticker from the Combo Sticker.  This sticker sheet can be purchased individually and is also included in the 12” paper pack.   The sparkle heart is a die cut from the Bits and Pieces pack.  I added a word sticker over the heart that says u rock, and another sticker from the Combo Sheet along the bottom.  The finishing touches for me are always a bit of bling.. a decorative brad bow and some shiny color matched enamel dots.


One of the girls in a mood over a guy?  Maybe a bad break up?  I’ve seen them come and go.. and the one thing that sets things right is a girls night out!  This would be a great card for my teenager.  I’d tuck in some movie tickets and a little extra cash for some junk food.   How about a birthday card for a best friend? 

I mixed more Emoji Love papers for the background before adding a 3x4 SN@P! card.  I added a bit of Expressions Washi Tape along the edge to look like it’s holding the card in place.

All the cool food shapes are from the Bits and Pieces pack.  There are 47 die cut ready to work with pieces you have lots to choose from. 

Even the “Yes! word bubble and heart eyed emoji are from the Bits and Pieces!  

I love the round tab stickers in the 4x6 sticker pack.  They make great accents.  Can you spy the little “OMG” one on my card? 



Do you ever just find yourself looking at a page or project you have created and wonder ‘Where did that come from?!’   More often than not, something totally awesome will come of something that’s driving you nuts! I had ideas about how the two pages I am going to share with you today were going to turn out, and let me tell you, they were nothing like this! Not that I’m complaining, lol. I love them both now, but they didn’t start out that way ;)
Nope #whatever! is a fun page about my sometimes crazy kids, who are getting to an age where they just won’t ‘smile nicely’ for the camera anymore! I pleaded with them to stand at the edge of beautiful Lake Somerset, but they just mucked around. The photos that came of it were so funny though and the #Whatever simple set was the perfect match for them.
Now this next part might sound a bit nuts, but ever since I first saw the front ‘info’ page of the Reset Girl Simple Basics Kit, I just wanted to use it on a project. I LOVE how all the papers displayed next to each other… it’s such an awesome mix of prints and colours! I trimmed the individual prints down in to strips and attached them to my Instax photos - a perfect fit!
I put the photos aside and started combining papers and embellishments to create my page. I put everything together and…. hated the outcome. #ohdear! So I pulled it apart, keeping the major elements to re-use and chose a new sheet of paper - yummy Mint Hashgrid by the Reset Girl. I added elements on top and still thought it was all a bit too busy, so I decided to give it all a good wash with some white acrylic paint. Instantly, it looked way better! I continued to place the rest of the elements on the page and I was so happy with the outcome.
For my title, I have combined a hand-cut word ’NOPE' from the 4x6 #Whatever elements and some stickers from the Cardstock sticker sheet.
Those little snippets of paper from the info page peek out on either side of my central band. As you can see in the image above, I cut them in half (or thereabouts) so they would ‘stretch’ further. This is a great technique if you want to make stickers go further too
It was all quite spontaneous once I got fully going, so I wasn’t too fussed if things weren’t perfect. There are no rules in this glorious creative pastime of ours, so go with what makes your heart happy!
A bit of journalling and (all-time faves) enamel dots, finish off the page.
Don’t be afraid to make a change if something isn’t working for you or if you just feel like having a go. It can be so rewarding!
In stark contrast, this next page is super ‘clean’. I do feel myself wondering on a small level if it maybe needs a few more ‘things’, but you know what? It’s OK if it’s not the ‘normal’!
I had plans for a big photo and it just didn’t do it for me, so I went about trimming my photo down and cutting out some areas of a sheet of Love & Adore ‘With all my Heart’. I removed a teensy bit extra from the grid, so our faces could show through a bit better. It’s one of only a handful of really lovely photos of my DH and I, and I like the way it sits up in that left hand corner, sending the flow of the page down diagonally.
What followed was a hearty explosion! I’ve grabbed all the hearts I could find, in the stickers and ephemera in this collection and placed them in the matching area on the paper. I use this technique often and have kept the same colours together because I think this is a great way to add interest while keeping it less ‘busy’.
Here you can see how the heart cardstock stickers look different to the more matte finish of the heart stickers from the 4x6 Sticker Sheets and how both of those look different again to the heart chipboard and die cut shapes.
Another little detail on this page is the semi-circular shapes I have added at various intervals along the black grid line. I simply snipped the coloured part off from the little circle stickers in the 4x6 Sticker Sheets and used them in the co-ordinating coloured areas.
The last little touch was this ‘xoxo’ ticket shape from the Bits & Pieces pack. I’ve adhered it to the page with a wave-like shape, so it looks like a little fabric tag. I think it adds a bit of a 'stitched' feel to it. As if it could be something you would pick up at a market or something. Am I sounding crazy? Lol, maybe.
The point to both of these pages is just go where the moment is taking you. Have fun, enjoy the process and get those fingers busy!
Til next time!



Hello everyone, my name is Kelly and I am one of the new Carpe Diem creative team members! I live in the Netherlands and I am totally addicted to decorating my planners, you can find me on Instagram as createplannernl.  For this first blog post I decided to show you how I setup my Ivory Carpe Diem planner using the Domestic Bliss collection.

The first thing I do when I am setting up a new planner is place all the supplies I want to use (such as clips, washi, bits and pieces, stickers, paper, etc) around me so I can see everything. I have a little cupcakeholder which is perfect to put in all the smaller items so you can easily look through them and see them. Now the fun can begin!

I always start by filling the front pockets, this is one of the things I love about these planners. I try to use all the different patterns of the collection by adding journaling cards, clips and bits and pieces. The enamel dots fit perfectly in one of the pockets, so I decided to put them in there.

I added a little sample of the washitapes in one of the pockets. I cut down a little card and wrapped the washitape a few times arround it. It’s very easy to create and this way you always have your washi on hand when you take your planner with you.

In the large side pocket I like to store a few stickersheets which I want to use in my planner. For decoration I used a borderpunch to create the doily lace effect on the scrapbook paper in the back.

Now that the front pockets are done, it’s time to start on a front dashboard! Since this is the first thing you will see when you open the planner, this is very important. I selected a scrapbook paper, cut it down to size and punched some holes. Because in my opinion the front pockets are very busy, I decided to keep the front dashboard a little bit more calm this time. I used the letters ‘Hello’ and three 4x4 cards from the SN@P pack.

With the Domestic Bliss A5 planner insert set you get six dividers, which you can customize to your own needs by choosing your own tab headers. I chose these sections: Planning, Important, Budget, Chores, To do and Menus.

After the first divider I put some undated monthly and weekly plannerpages. I decorated the ‘This month’ page with some washi and stickers and wrote down a few important appointments and goals.

In the ‘Bits and pieces’ pack I found four little button pieces and I immediately figured they would look amazing as DIY paperclips. I just glued them on rosegold paperclips and let them dry overnight. This is a fun and easy way to make you own paperclips!

On this blog I wanted to show you how I decorated the first week of May. I always begin with placement of washitape strips, thereafter I write down important appointments and then I decorate blank spaces with stickers or little cards.

I love using pocket pages in my planners and because I don’t have a tool to make them myself, I decided to use a pocket page that are originally designed for the SN@P albums. I punched four extra holes so it fits the planner perfectly! I selected some 2x2 and 3x4 cards with quotes and patterns to give it a pop of color.

When I setup a planner, I always create a DIY bookmark. I selected one of the scrapbook papers (‘Loads of fun’), cut it down to size and punched six holes. To decorate it I used some pieces and stickers.

I love these ‘to do’ pages and the ‘to do’ bookmark! In the back pocket I put some extra 4x6 cards and clear stickersheets.

Now the setup of this planner is complete, I can start using it every day. I hope I have inspired you today on this blog and see you next month. Have a great day!


Hello! Linsey here today and I'm so excited to share my first Simple Stories blog post and project with you! I love to alter almost anything and have been wanting to transform my ordinary cork board into something fabulous! I found the Domestic Bliss collection to be just right for my memo board makeover! The fresh, beautiful patterns mixed with the fun and perfectly quirky elements make for a most delightful experience in creating!



The main section is for memos, notes and messages and the smaller section is for my weekly dinner menu at a glance. A piece of 12x12 patterned paper was used for the background on the memo section.



For the meal list/menu, the daily chart is one of the 4x6 Vertical Elements and directly above that is one of the 4x4 Elements detailed with enamel dots and clear and regular stickers.




The Epoxy Metal Clips were securely adhered to regular push pins to create an area where notes can be easily slid onto the clips and displayed.



A variety of favorite Decorative Brads, Bits & Pieces and Combo Stickers were done in the same fashion as the clips, transforming them into adorable and fun decorative push pins!



Some blank tabs and bullet elements from the 4x6 Stickers were cut out individually and a small window pouch was created to hold them. Tip: layer a piece of clear plastic over and equal sized piece of patterned paper/cardstock and fold washi tape around the edges to create a visually pleasing window pouch.



The sides of the memo board were covered with Home Sweet Home Washi Tape. It was super easy to do and really adds to the customized look and feel of the memo board.



Finally, a couple of the large floral decorative brads were added to the frame as well as a few small chipboard flowers on the frame corners, topped with an enamel dot in each flower center.




Thanks so much for stopping by today and sticking with me throughout my post! I hope you enjoyed my altered memo board and might be inspired to create something with the wonderful Domestic Bliss collection too! Happy crafting!


Hello everyone! This is Lisa Dickinson and I'm so excited to be sharing my very first projects here on the Simple Stories blog! I've got two pages that feature one of my favorite design elements - circles - and some creative ideas for you to incorporate this dynamic shape into your layouts!

Today I'm working mostly with the Domestic Bliss collection because the spring palette worked well with both my page themes. I love how the colors are soft enough to work for Easter and spring layouts, with a bit of navy thrown in to make it super versatile. On my first page, I create a frame using punched circles - a circle of circles - that frames my grid of photos:


Each circle is about 2" in diameter and I'm using 12 to complete my frame. ( But you could use smaller or larger circle punches and adjust the number of circles accordingly).  Once I had my circles cut, I treated each one like it's own little canvas and added embellishments, stitching and other elements that add texture and color. 


On a few of the circles, I added a twine border for a fun dimensional twist. Just add liquid adhesive around the edge of the punched circle and adhere your twine!



To add stability to the design, I die-cut a large title (this Easter Simple Stories Silhouette Cut File) and placed it at the bottom of the frame. It acts much like a bow on a wreath and gives the frame a focal point.



For my second design, I used circular photos matted with more circles of cardstock and patterned paper:


I love the fun and energetic feeling the layered circles give the page! I balanced out all the curves with a linear title (this Simple Stories SIlhouette Cut File) and a block of journaling that's right-justified.


Continuing with the circle theme, I selected a few circular embellishments to scatter around the design. They add small pops of color and texture that help keep the eye moving through the whole layout.


 So are you ready to try your hand at running in circles?! I hope you'll be inspired to try one of these ideas in your next Simple Stories creation! Thanks for stopping by today!




Hi everyone!  This is Traci Penrod, from Artsy Albums, and I'm excited to be joining you for my first post as part of the 2017 creative team!  For those of you who follow my blog, you know I'm crazy about mini albums, so being part of the SN@P! Binder Team is a dream come true for me! Last summer, my husband and I built a new home.  Domestic Bliss was perfect for documenting the story.  I love the colors in this collection, and although pictures of building a home aren't very pretty, the papers and embellishments are so I love the way it turned out!

For my cover, I used the Bless This Mess paper from the new 6x8 paper pad.  I love that these sheets are sized for the 6x8 binder albums!  I also added chipboard stickers and some chunky twine to the cover for a little dimension and texture.  4x6 horizontal element cards are great for covers and titles and the one with the three houses was my inspiration for the entire album!
I used a 4x6 vertical pocket for the first page.  I love adding the different sized photo pockets throughout my album ... I think this, combined with various photo sizes, make for a more interesting album.  Our new address is on the front, and a photo of our floor plan was tucked into the back.  
Don't the cute papers and stickers make these ugly new construction photos look better?! 
I always add folding elements in my albums for extra space and interest.  For the page above, I used a 4x6 white card, layered lots of domestic bliss cuteness on the front, and added elevation photos of our home inside. I made a slit in the plastic page and slipped the bottom of the card under the plastic so that it can be opened without taking the page out.
"Get Stuff Done" summed up my summer -- always pushing the builder to get me into the house by the end of September. Our first grandchild was due in October so I needed the house finished :) The card is from the 4x4 element sheet.  
See the little banner sticker on the 4x6 green card?  These are from the Carpe Diem sticker tablet.  I used them throughout my album to mark the different rooms of the house.  This one says "Living".


2x2 photos are so much fun ... just little snippets when the entire picture isn't necessary.  

These photos show a bit of the progression my kitchen went through from framing to cabinets.  It was always so dusty and I couldn't wait for the day when I could clean it up!  The "Bless This Mess" sticker from the Combo sticker sheet was perfect for this page! 

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope I've inspired you to have fun playing with Domestic Bliss to tell your home's story!