Love is in the’s time to remind those special people how much you love them!! 

Jackie G here on the blog today to share a simple little mini album using the collection Kissing Booth!!  This little project is perfect to share with that special person!!  I decided to keep it more “love” themed than Valentine’s Day so it could be used anytime of the year. 

To start off I made a simple 4.75” x 7” folio with chipboard.  I wanted my cover to be super over the top…because why not?!  So, I made a fun little shaker that I filled with lots of different kinds of glitter, sequins and even some of the hearts from the puffy stickers.  I then popped up lots of the stickers and chipboard elements to decorate the frame.  Lastly, I took one of the journaling cards and cut the sentiment out “to love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”

The inside of my folio is pretty simple.  It has lots of room for photos and journaling though!!  I used the bits and pieces, stickers and some flowers I found in my stash to decorate my pockets. 

I did make two of the journaling cards into tags so I use some cute ribbons!!!  All the photomats and tags are blank on the back so you could put either photos or journal on them!!  With a 1” spine, there is lots of room to stash additional photos inside the pockets. 

I hope you enjoyed this project!!!  Have a wonderful day!!


Hello Friends!

It’s Kristine with you today and I’m sharing a little LOVE today! I created a layout using the Valentine’s day collection called Kissing Booth. I used a photo of my cousin and her husband for this layout and a cut file from Paige Evans. The cut file allowed me to use several pattern papers and then I was able to add some Bits & Pieces!

Creating layers on layouts always gives such beautiful dimension and even a bit of texture. Add some adhesive that is dimensional under your diecuts and stickers and see what effect this gives your page. You can add layers to titles, photos, diecuts and even your entire cut file on a piece of cardstock!

I added my cut file on a piece of white cardstock and then to add interest and color I added it to the bottom right of my page. The cardstock is cut 10”x10” and gives me space to add some pattern paper on the edge of my layout.

A few enamel dots and some paint splats adds interest to your page and eliminates a bit of that white space. Some prefer not to use splats and that’s okay – why not try some of the small puffy stickers we have. Those are super cute and you can add them anywhere ;)  I added some hearts to my layout and love the little punches of love all over my page!

I hope you enjoyed my layout and come join us on Social Media @SimpleStories_ and myself @KristineDavidson


It’s Cara here today and I’ve been trying to manage my time a bit better in 2019. I discovered calendar blocking a few months ago and it’s been working well for me. To help me keep on track with this, I’ve added a laminated list of my routines to my planner. It folds in half so that I can easily slip it into my traveler’s notebook. On the back, I added a checklist from the one routine I’m having the most trouble completing, my lunch time routine. And because this folder is laminated, I can use a dry erase marker to check off each task as I complete it.

I used the Good Vibes collection for it’s fun colours and pretty, peppy designs, these are my happy colours so I know they will keep me motivated.

The front cover is a sheet from the Good Vibes 6x8 paper pad trimmed down. I used a TN insert for reference to help get the size right so that it would fit in my TN. I initially added quite a lot of stickers from both the Good Vibes Sticker Tablet and the Mini version, but there were too many and it overwhelmed the bold ‘make today amazing’ so I took some off. I love how easy it is to remove these stickers without ripping the paper, whether it’s to simply move them around or to take them off completely if you’ve change your mind.

The back cover has that pesky lunch time routine of mine, I mentioned above that I’m having trouble getting it finished. I put it on a sheet of white paper and mounted it on a pretty floral paper from the 6X8 Good Vibes paper pad. I used more stickers from the Good Vibes sticker tablets, but I also used some from the Home Sticker Tablet for the bullet points of my checklist because they matched the tasks better (dish soap for cleaning the kitchen and a basket for advancing the laundry etc). I love that you can mix stickers like that from other collections because the sizes are the same and the colour schemes are very similar and always match.

The inside of the folder houses all my routines mounted on the backs of the papers I used for the front and back cover. I chose my papers wisely so that the two inside papers would match each other, they are both black and cream. I added clusters of the Good Vibes stickers and then laminated the whole thing, being careful to keep the pages lined up as they went through my laminator.

I also created a daily spread in my Daily Insert, so that I could try out writing in those routines into my schedules today.

And what TN would not be complete without decorated pockets? This may very well be my favourite thing to decorate. I love the cream colour of the inside of the Aztec Traveler's Notebook. It really makes the colours in the Good Vibes collection pop!

I mixed in some chipboard pieces, Bits & Pieces die cuts, stickers from the Combo Cardstock sheet and the 4x6 pack, all from the Good Vibes collection. I added a few tabs to a another sheet of patterned paper from the 6x8 paper pad and tucked it into the long pocket in the back.

I’ve created a process video for all of these projects and if you’d like to watch the video, you can pop over to my YouTube channel and watch it at this link:

Routine Checklist Process Video

Happy Planning!


Howdy friends!  It's Layle, marketing director for Simple Stories & Carpe Diem and I'm back with you again this month sharing my Traveler's Notebook set up for February using the Kissing Booth collection.  

At the risk of sounding cliche, I just LOVE this collection!  The mix of florals and gingham paired with black, reds and pinks make this such a fun collection for February.  I started out by decorating the pockets of my TN using stickers from the 12x12 sticker sheet.

Then I fussy cut some of the flowers from the Always Be True paper added those to the pockets as well.  What a fun touch!

I then made simple slip covers for two inserts that I adhered with washi so I can easily remove the covers for March and continue to use the same inserts


I can't wait until February to move into my new TN setup!  Visit me here on Instagram to see more of my adventures with Traveler's Notebooks :)  

Hi creative friends! Karen here today to share a layout I created using the bold and beautiful Simple Stories Kissing Booth Collection. The gorgeous colors and fabulous designs in the Kissing Booth collection made it perfect for this darling vintage inspired black and white photo.

With so many stickers to choose from on the 12x12 sticker sheet I had a hard time deciding which stickers to use! I just love them all so much! I added pop dots to my stickers to give them little dimension. Hope you enjoy this simple but sweet project!


Hello again everyone! Leah here today and I’m excited to show you some different ways I’ve been using the Carpe Diem Planner sticker tablets to experiment with new weekly layouts in my Typewriter Circles TN.

I have been using the daily insert for my day-to-day plans for a while and I am still loving it. At home, decorating my planner pages is a creative outlet for me, so it’s important to me that whatever layout I am using allows space for the décor and the planning. However, one thing I’ve been missing with this daily layout is not having a weekly view. The good news is, there are lots of options to easily incorporate a weekly view into my TN. Carpe Diem Planners has a horizontal weekly insert which I may try out soon, but I decided to experiment with a couple of other formats this month within the inserts I currently have in my TN.

Because the daily insert is undated, one simple option is to use one day’s pages as a weekly view in between weeks. There are hours listed on the right page, but since the numbers aren’t super bold, I don’t feel the need to cover them up, although it would be easy to do so with a thin strip of washi tape. I like the ease of building my weekly view right into the daily insert I’m already using.

I used a lot of the January stickers from the A5 Seasons sticker tablet to decorate this layout. The color palette for January was pretty subdued with lots of wintery shades of blue. I really wanted to brighten things up by adding in pops of pink. I pulled a few pink functional stickers from my favorite sticker tablet, Planner Basics, to use on the layout. I tied the blues and pinks together by using a couple of my favorite colorful washi tapes that had similar blues and pinks in the design.

Carpe Diem Planners has a few basic sticker tablets that do not belong to any particular collection. What I love most about these tablets is just how flexible and functional they are. You get loads of stickers in each one and there are so many colors to choose from, so you will always be able to coordinate them with other sticker tablets or Simple Stories collections.

For this week’s layout, I decided to design my own weekly layout in a separate grid notebook insert. While this does mean my week will be in a separate insert from my daily planning pages, both inserts would still be right next to each other in the same TN which works just as well for me.

I created this simple layout by dividing two pages into 4 sections using thin washi tape. This created 8 total sections, one for each day of the week and one to write in tasks for the following week. I decided I wanted to go for a fun rainbow color scheme to decorate this layout so I chose a neutral black and white washi tape to create the boxes.

I really love that I was able to take stickers from the Planner Basics, Calendar, and Numbers sticker tablets and group them by color into the separate boxes on my layout. While these stickers are all more functional by design, I added a little whimsy to the layout with a few flowers, birds, and butterflies from the Hello sticker tablet that coordinated with the colors on my spread.

When using a bunch of stickers like this in a confined box, you can sometimes end up with little “awkward” corners or spaces between stickers where you know there isn’t enough room to write anything. To fill these spaces, I used some icons from the Get it Done and Seasons stamp sets. I decided to use black ink so that the stamped images and words wouldn’t compete with the colors.

While there is a lot going on in this layout, grouping stickers together by color helps create some order. If I had used this many stickers in this variety of colors, shapes, and sizes without grouping them together by color, the layout would have had a much different impact. Everything would have been “floating” separately and the eye wouldn’t have known where to look.

I decorated ahead of time this week, and since I’m going to be planning as I go, there are some elements that I repeated in each box to establish some consistency and to allow for greater functionality. For example, I have designated space for a checklist on each day. I also added the weather forecast. On days where I knew I had a scheduled event or deadline, I added a separate sticker to write it in so that I wouldn’t take up space under the checklist.

Do you have a set planning style/format that has been working really well for you? The search for “planner peace” can be a bumpy one, but unless you get really lucky, most of us don’t figure out exactly what works on the first try (or second, or third, or tenth…). Sometimes you just have to keep experimenting until something clicks with your brain. If you are not consistently using your planner, then that’s a good sign that your current format isn’t working for you. Don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something new, and don’t think you have to spend a bunch of money to do it. You can test out different formats in a single blank notebook using just a pen at first. The beauty of having these undated, customizable TN inserts is that I am not obligated to stick to one specific style or layout when planning. I can adapt my planner to my needs and change up my format any time.

No matter where you go or where you end up, you cannot go wrong with the value and versatility you get from the Carpe Diem sticker tablets. They are flexible enough to transition with you throughout your planning journey. 

Follow along with me on my planning journey over on my Instagram @sunny.leah. Until next time friends, happy planning!


Hey planner friends! It’s Rachel, and I am back on the blog sharing my January setup in my “on the go” planner/wallet. Now I know that from the outside, this looks a ring bound planner, but surprise! It’s actually a travelers notebook! I shared a few months back how I converted or “hacked” my personal size planner into a B6 (5x7in) travelers notebook and I’m back in this planner for the month of January!

I “hacked”a few of the travelers notebook inserts by trimming off less than an inch from the top and bottom to make the notebooks a B6 size. I have three inserts this month; 1 blank insert for notes/brain dump, 1 for my calendar/bullet journal, and 1 lined insert for journaling. In the back, I have a pvc wallet insert.

I am using the Simple Stories Freezin Season collection this month for decoration and I could not be more in love! Even though this is a winter collection, I love the mix of coral, yellow and pink - such a cheery choice for winter!

And how adorable are all the little creatures with their cozy winter gear? This penguin makes me so happy every time I open my planner.

Making insert covers is alway so fun! And easy! My process involves only one 7 inch cut of the 12x12 papers I used. Once this cut is made, I simply fold the rest of the paper around the insert and adhere down with a little washi tape on the inside cover. Add a few element cards and combo stickers and I am done!

Sometimes, I think people shy away from travelers notebooks because they are worried they won’t be able to finish the whole insert. If that’s you, here is a trick: since these inserts are stapled and not sewn, you can easily remove the staples and take out some of the pages to have a slimmer insert, which makes it easier to fill up! This is exactly what I did. I knew I only wanted my planning insert to be for this month, I removed the staples and pulled only 6 insert pages and slipped these insert pages into the cover. This is especially helpful if you are like me and you love to stamp. I can just pull the pages you are working on from the travelers notebook and stamp on a flat surface.

I wanted to do something a little different this month, so I am trying my hand at bullet journaling. Honestly, I don’t think this is a true bullet journal, but that is ok with me! For the monthly spread, I measured out the boxes I needed and used my rectangle photo crop to make the lines. I knew I wanted to use my stamps, so I found some inks that perfectly matched this collection and then stamped out the days of the month. Once the month was setup, I got to decorating! I used the 4x6 stickers to decorate in the open space. I love coming back to this page all month!

I decided to create a monthly dashboard that I can use as a “currently” page and for some memory keeping. Again, I used the photo crops to trace out my shapes, some washi, and the 4x6 stickers and I was done! These pages will get filled in at the end of the month to act as a “recap” of what happened.

On the next two pages, I made an expense log and wishlist. I’m trying to be better at tracking my personal spending and to make a wishlist first, to avoid spending impulsively.

On to the weekly spreads! Part of the reason I wanted to try out bullet journaling this month was to experiment with different weekly layouts. Here I chose a favorite vertical layout. I mixed stickers and stamps including Make a List, It’s a Date, and Plan It Stamps.

The following week I switched things up and created a week on 1 page layout on the right-hand side with my to do’s and habit tracking on the left-hand side. I used several of the A5 Sticker Tablets on this week including fitness, calendar, and home. A great layout option, though, I was pretty sick all week and not much got done or tracked. That said, I would definitely use this weekly format again.

Thank you for stopping by to see my planner setup for January. Be sure to check my instagram to see how the rest of the weeks turned out.


Hello and happy Friday! Linsey here sharing my latest altered project, this super sweet love note box decorated with the beautiful Kissing Booth Collection! It's a fun and easy way to spread the love this Valentine's season!

My box was a 4x4x4" blank canvas and so the 4x4 Elements were a perfect fit, covering every side with a different and lovely design. So quick and simple! So L.O.V.E that!

Each side was prettied up even more using a variety of 6x12 Chipboard, 4x6 Stickers and Puffy Stickers. Just as in every Simple Stories collection, everything in Kissing Booth coordinates beautifully together making it so easy to mix and match elements and papers. I'm definitely crushing on this collection!

The 3x4 Elements are great for jotting down a quick note to a loved one! Place the box in a family-friendly area along with blank note cards and a pen--then have fun checking the box each day to see who leaves a note! The idea is to encourage one another, build each other up, let them know you love them. The idea is simply LOVE. Spread the love and see what happens!

And that's all for me! I hope you've enjoyed my love note box project and feel inspired to create something with the Kissing Booth collection too! Until next time, happy crafting!


Hello Scrappers! Jana Eubank here. When I think back to the winter days of my childhood, I fondly remember playing for what seemed like hours out in the snow. Now that I am a mom, I realize that I probably was only out there for about 20 minutes before I was ready to come back inside for a mug of hot cocoa. Ha! At least, that was the way it was when my own children were young.

For today's page, I pulled out some older photos of my girls frolicking in the snow in our yard. The Freezin' Season collection complimented their brightly-colored snowsuits perfectly!

Even though my journaling for this page is a bit snarky, I assure my girls that I still love them "snow much" with this cute banner die cut from the Bits & Pieces pack. I stitched around the edges of the paper layers with black thread to tie them in with the black lines of the adorable hand drawn art in this collection.

I love this chipboard snowglobe with it's cozy little house. Looking at the wisp of smoke coming from the chimney makes me think of the smell of chimney smoke outside on a cold winter day! I added the pair of snowmen, fussy-cut from one of the 4x4 Elements cards, to mimic my girls in the photo.

I used the "SNOW" sticker word, combined with a word I created with my electronic die cutting machine for the title. I used large circle punches to create the journal spot and then accented it with pine trees cut from the 4x4 Elements cards and a pair of snowflake circle die cuts from the Bits & Pieces Pack.

I love scrapbooking photos of my kids playing in the snow and need to make a point to get out there this winter with my camera. Have you snapped any winter photos lately?

Thanks for coming by today!


Hello lovely planner friends! It’s Kylie here with you today and I’m going to share with you how I have been using the Seasons A5 Monthly Planner inserts as well as some of the fun sticker tablets!

I love the bright colours of these monthly inserts and each month features a beautiful theme. I decided my A5 Colour Wash planner was the perfect match.

Today I am sharing my February monthly page and it’s ‘All about Love’. I’m teaming it with the Seasons Sticker Tablet.

The Seasons sticker tablet also matches perfectly to the Seasons monthly dividers so your planner will be beautifully co-ordinated!The stickers have some decorative pieces as well as practical banners and tabs.

The monthly inserts come undated so to begin with I added some date stickers from the Numbers A5 sticker tablet.

Once my pages were dated I was able to add in some decorative stickers as well as some extra banners etc. Down the centre of my pages I add a strip of paper from the Kissing Booth collection and re-punched my ring holes. Not only did this add some nice colour to my pages but it also reinforced my ring holes.

For the spare planner boxes at the start of the month, I again cut some of the paper from the Kissing Booth collection to act as a decorative border.

Through my note column I have added one of the monthly stickers for both the past month as well as the coming month.This is ideal for quick reference. I’ve also added some of the highlighted tab stickers for any important notes I want to add. Now my month is all set to go to start adding in all my important events and notes.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my monthly set up today,

Chat soon,



Recent family photos have been sitting on my desk just begging to be added to an album, and when I saw Kissing Booth I didn't immediately think of these pictures. It's a beautiful Valentine collection, but my family photos were taken in the fall. Would it work? You bet! I'm thrilled with the way I was able to document family love and togetherness with these pretty papers!
Family photos courtesy of Capturing Bliss Photography
I used a black 6x8 Sn@p album and incorporated black and white card stock in with the patterns. The die cuts are so pretty ... lots of flowers, hearts, and cute sayings that are perfect for Valentine's Day or general everyday family moments.
Even though I love the divided photo sleeves, I used more of the full 6x8 pages for this album. I enjoy creating full scrapbook pages, and with this size I don't have to commit to an entire 12x12 page.
In addition to bits & pieces die cuts, I also used chipboardpuffy stickers, and combo stickers throughout the album. And by the way, my granddaughter IS sweet, don't ya think :) ?
I confess that the Feb. 14 chipboard doesn't match up with the photo I tucked into the pocket, but I loved the piece on this page.  I'll add Valentine photos of this little sweetie when I have some in a few weeks.
Visit me here on instagram to take a peek into more of my albums!

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I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. 
Today I am sharing how I used the Kissing Booth to set up my Blush Personal Planner. I can't believe I have forgotten how cute and very portable personal size planners can be, especially as my everyday carry.
I added many bits & pieces of my heart into the planner to create my "Pocket Love"
I've also punched some hole reinforcers using one of the red 12x12 paper. It has a double purpose, one as reinforcer and the other is decorative.
 I love decorating my dashboard by layering different elements from this collection. I decided to use the "always be true" 12x12 paper with the light pink flower as my background. Then I added the scrabble pieces "LOVE" from the chipboard stickers. I added a light pink doily on the bottom right of the page and I finished it off with stickers.
 I wanted to use the kissing booth as my main focus of this page, hence the name of this collection. I chose sticker pieces that has anything to do with kissing such as smooch, shut up and kiss me, mwah, and of course kiss me,
I made dividers using different pattern 12x12 paper. I used the personal divider template. I've decorate some of the dividers and some I left them plain. I also decorated one of the vertical pocket pages to add some layers in my set up.

  Happy Valentine's Day My Love. You are my everything today, always and forever.
How are you spending your Valentine's Day? You can set up your planner using the Kissing Booth collection and jot down your plans or you can just have a set up all about love. Thank you for stopping by.


It's the final day of our Spring AND Summer Release Reveal & today brings a brand new Carpe Diem release!  From 3 gorgeous new A5 Planners, new Monthly Insert Sets, Sticker Tablets and FOUR new Spiral Planners - including Home and Budget! - you'll find everything you need to get & stay organized in a simple, yet beautiful way.  

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A5 Planners & Monthly Insert Sets will be availalbe later this month; Spiral Planners and coordinating sticker tablets shipping in May.  



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Hello! It's Jennifer on the blog today to share with you a layout I  created using the fun Kissing Booth collection! Of course this line is geared towards Valentines Day, however it really can be used for just about any theme! For example, this photo of my daughter was taken this past summer! It's such a "girly" picture and there are so many great patterns in Kissing Booth!

I almost always start with a plain background for my layouts so I  began with a piece of kraft cardstock. Then using the beautiful floral print of "Love & Adore", I  cut a heart die cut from my Silhouette (Flower Heart by Paige Evans #222462).  For my title, I  used the  script "love you" from the 6x12 Chipboard. I really love the black/white color combination against the bold reds and pinks!  I also added a floral cluster found on the Combo Sticker sheet which I  popped up with foam tape!

The Bits and Pieces pack never disappoints with cute journaling spots such as this fun heart shaped ledger print! The little flowers are a nice addition, too!  I  always love to add a couple sentiment stickers from the Combo Sticker sheet as well as one of the 4x6 Stickers!

Here, you can see I  added in additional patterns under some of the flowers by using my circle punch. I  then finished the look with a bit of stitching with my sewing machine.

Around the edges of my heart, I  added smaller embellishments such as this floral cluster from the 6x12 Chipboard. I  also tied in the plaid pattern of "Crazy In Love" with this sticker tab tucked underneath the top of my photo (I adhered strips of the same paper at the top and bottom of my layout as well as in the center of some of the flowers of my die cut).

The Kissing Booth collection also includes Puffy Stickers which make a fun accent! I  love the tiny ones that look like candy hearts!  I  added a few around my layout to add extra dimension along with some paint splatters. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to check out Simple Stories' social media sites for upcoming releases and giveaways! Have a great day!


Ok so we're in the cold, seemingly endless, days of Winter. What better way to cheer yourself up than to get into your craft room and make a bright and fun season inspired project!

The 'Freezin' Season' paper collection by Simple Stories will definitely give you chills but in the best way! Adorable characters and wintery images in pretty pastel colors are just the cure for a snow day! This sweet zig zag mini scrapbook is just waiting to be filled with playful pictures and mementos of a winter wonderland!

I made this album using two sheets of 8.5"x11' card stock and then covered each page with the delightful and charming patterned papers of the collection. I also used lots of the paper along with journaling cards to create oodles of pockets, flaps, tags and inserts that have been decorated and embellished with the darling and colorful stickers, chipboard and Bits & Pieces!

All in all, there were nine pages to fill with this entertainingly snowy collection and I had 'snow' much fun adorning each page! Here is a closer look at the front sides of the pages:

And a closer look at the equally adorable back side pages!

Don't let Winter get you down! Grab this collection to show the coldest season just how much fun it can be!! There is a short tutorial on my YouTube channel if you want to make one of these zig zag minis of your own!


Happy New Year! Emma back with you, and today I’d like to share with you my ‘heartsbyemma’ twist on divider making! Now, it’s a trade secret, so this is purely between you and me! ;)

I’ve chosen to use the delightful Kissing Booth Collection that Simple Stories have brought out as the ‘Valentines’ collection. Firstly, let’s scrap the whole ‘valentine’ theme!! The florals in this collection are far to beautiful to only be seen in February!! I want to use them all year round! ...if you fancy it too, then, keep reading!!

I picked out my favourite sheets of paper from the 12x12 collection pack, grabbed my divider templates from Carpediemplanners essentials and got cutting! You need to cut out as many dividers you’d like to have for your planner and one extra for the dashboard (pretty front cover) When you cut them out, there’s no need to cut the tabs out for each one, leave them off. So, really, it’s like cutting out lots of still with me? 

Hearts! Yep, I know I said I was skipping the whole ‘valentines’ thing, but, this is my ‘heartsbyemma’ secret! You need to cut out or punch out twice as many hearts as you have dividers. I’ve done six dividers, so, punched out twelve hearts. Oh, and don’t forget to use your trusty Carpediemplanners A5 hole punch, every planner girl needs one! 

Using a punch makes this much quicker than handcutting each heart, but it’s not essential! I like to use, just an ordinary stick glue, as this gives you time to manoeuvre your hearts around into the perfect position! You want to evenly place the hearts as you would with your usual style tabs, depending on the number of dividers you have chosen, will depend on how big or small the gap is between each one. You’ll need a heart on both sides of the divider, this makes them look visually nicer, but also double the thickness, gives double the strength! 

You can see here how the finished result gives a wonderful scalloped effect! Now it’s time for the fun bit! Decorating!! I have to warn you, you’re going to be shocked when you see my ‘minimal’ decoration! 

I know, I know, Emma, Minimal?? You never thought you’d see that did you! Let me explain myself! I have chosen big, bold, in your face, florals! These florals are centre stage, they speak for themselves, why cover something up when it screams beauty, like these florals! 

I have interspersed the florals with polka dots & stripes, this is to break up the florals, making them stand out and shout even more. Here is where decoration can be added, but, you guessed it, I’ve gone minimal again!  

Using only images from the 12x12 cut apart sheets for decoration. You could just as easily cut out some pieces from the floral sheets if you prefer. To make the journaling cards ‘pop’ , I have simply drawn around the edge of each one with a black ink pen, and as daft as it sounds, it really makes a difference! 

There we have it, a full set of dividers, which although the papers are from a ‘valentines’ collection, these can be used all year round! Always look beyond the title, I say! Well, thank you for sticking with me, I hope you’ve perhaps taken some ideas from this blog, or, if it’s just made you smile, then, I’d say that’s pretty good! If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my IG account


Hello Simple Stories friends and fans!

Nathalie with you today to celebrate the arrival of Winter (here in the Northern Hemisphere) with a colorful and fun layout using the beautiful Simple Stories new line Freezin' Season.  Though, Toronto-Canada has yet to get some snow, i have so many memories of snowfalls past, and the colors in the collection were perfect to bring the fun of Winter to my scrapbook album.

To start,  a bit of white acrylic paint was added to the Hello Winter paper -this hazes the pattern in the background, while creating a whiter canvas for the layout-.  While the paint dried, the"Winter" cut file (from Paige Evans) was cut from white cardstock, and backed with papers from the Freezin' Season collection.

The cut out was placed on a slant on the background, so that it adds playfulness to the page.   The picture was backed with papers from the collection ( the element pages are a great to layer and back pictures!), and then it was nestled in between the background and the cut out.

Since the picture shows my niece holding a snowball, i decided to continue the circle motive throughout the page.   For this all the circle snowflake embellishments from the collection were used to create clusters around the picture, along with some die cuts and stickers.  Love all the colors!

To complete the title of the page, a cluster of snowflake embellishments was created at the top left corner of the cut out.   Here the the "Freezin'" chipboard was added.  In a similar manner the "Season" chipboard sticker was added at the opposite -diagonally- corner of the cut out, so that the title reads "Freezin' Winter Season".

Those circle snowflakes were perfect to create clusters around the layout.  Some were tucked under the cut out, while others are floating on the page along with sticker words and embellishments from the collection.   Just a few lines of journal and some white ink were the final touches of this page.

I hope this inspires you to check the colorful designs and colors of the Simple Stories' Freezin' Season collection.  It is  the perfect collection to document all those happy Winter memories.



I hope you’re having a great day! Today I’m sharing projects created with the Simple Stories Kissing Booth Collection.  You’re going to ADORE this collection.. it’s got romantic dramatic florals, pretty plaids and polka dots, and flirty hearts and kisses!

You'll find die cut Bits and Pieces, 6x12" Chipboard and stickers that make creating with the collection a breeze.

I like to use the 3x4 journalling cards as a focal point for my cards.  They’re quick and fun to embellish and the possibilities are endless!

The Collection Kit includes a sticker sheet.  I sprinkle them with powder to remove the adhesive backing and then add adhesive foam tape so I can add dimension to my creations.   If I later decide I want to adhere them flat I use liquid adhesive.

This collection is sure to make your Valentine’s Day cards, gifts, décor and page layouts a treat!