Travel Notes In My Memory Planner

Travel Notes In My Memory Planner

Hello, Planner Friends! This is Rachel, back again to share another planner project! This time, we are talking all things Memory Planning! Don’t know what Memory Planning is? Check out this awesome video series Layle put together with! I like to think of Memory Keeping as small-scale scrapbooking in your planner. I typically Memory Plan with sticky notes as the week is happening and then add the photos and decoration after the week has passed.

This weekend was a special one. My husband and I took a trip to California to meet up with his family in their desert cabin. The trip was so great. My favorite part was getting to explore Joshua Tree National Park and spending time with John’s family at their desert cabin, lovingly known as “the shack”. So when I saw the Travel Notes Collection, I knew this collection would be a perfect way to document this trip in my Memory Planner.

A memory like this calls for more space than what is available on the pages of this spiral planner. Now, I’m not one to shy away from a good “planner hack”, so I decided to trim some of the papers from the 6x8 paper pad, punch holes, cut slits in the holes, and add them to this week’s spread. Who said a spiral planner isn’t customizable? Want to know about another planner hack?  I took out the pages from September – December 2017 by cutting slits in the pages and gently removing them. Now my memory planner has just 2018 in it, which I like. Plus, this give me more room to add more pages and memorabilia into the planner when I need to.

I loved using the 4x6 and Combo stickers from this collection to embellish this page. I used the little banners to highlight my husband and his family jumping around on the rocks. Something that I always do when I travel is try to find memorabilia from places we visit. I grabbed that cute Joshua Tree sticker, and my thoughtful husband stamped the date and location on a piece of paper for me! I was so pleased to see how seamlessly these two extra details matched the Travel Notes elements on the page!

I adore the clear stickers and word strips in this collection. My photo editing skills are pretty limited, so having these clears stickers and word strips allow me to easily add some embellishments to my photos. For an added touch, I included a tab with a word strip to this page.

Can we just take a moment and talk about that adorable backpack die cut from the bits and pieces pack? Not only do I love the reference to the great Doc Brown, but I thought it went perfectly with our desert adventure! Believe me, it was quite an adventure just getting to the family cabin that first night.

Here, you can see the back of the added insert page. I added photos of the cabin and some journaling my first time there and its story. I also put some of the details of the week on the luggage tag die cut. The trip as a whole came at such a great time and was such a nice escape!

I like to vary the way I document moments in my memory planner. Sometimes I journal, other times I use a list format, while other times I use doodles and lettering or alpha stickers.

I try to pick up postcards when I travel and this one worked perfectly with the Travel Notes Collection. I decided to make an interactive element with the postcard by adding washi to one side of the postcard and the planner page. When the postcard is flipped open, you can see more journaling and photos. Having a fold out element is another easy way to add space to your memory planner without having to add to the spiral.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my memory planner! Be sure to check out my Instagram to see more pages from this planner. This is such a fun project and great way to get “scrappy” on a small scale and stay (relatively) up to date documenting all the memories!