There Is Good In Every Day!

There Is Good In Every Day!

Hello Planner Friends! This is Rachel and I am so happy to share another planner blog post with you. Today, I am going to show you my personal-size planner that I use to document daily happy moments.

Can I just take a moment and say how perfect this little planner is? First, the color - if I could only have one color of planner (gasp!), it would definitely be this Robin’s Egg Blue! It goes with everything and makes me so happy every time I look at it! And while some personal-size planners can feel too small, this planner is perfect, with its slightly wider size and inserts. I keep this planner on my bedside table so I can easily work in it at the end of each day.

When I saw the Crafty Girl line, I knew I wanted to give this little planner a facelift using this colorful and cheerful collection. Those pockets were begging for some decoration. I used a few scraps from the 6x8 papers to back up a few of the bits and pieces die cuts.


I decided to make some monthly dividers using the 6x8 paper pad, the new personal planner dividers templates, and the tabs sticker tablet with decorations from the Crafty Girl Collection Kit.

I love this quote from Alice Morse Earle: “Every day may not be good...but there's something good in every day”. This pint-size planner helps me document those good little moments so I don’t forget them. Maybe it was a good workout, time with friends, a good moment at work or even just quality time with the husband. Documenting these moments helps me thank my lucky stars and focus on the good, rather than dwelling on the bad.

Something I love about the Craft Girl Collection is its versatility. The colors, patterns, and stickers can be used for more than just documenting your crafty life. But the crafty sayings also inspire me to get my crafty on! I know that spending time crafting helps me relax. Plus, the more I do it, the more I want to keep doing it!

Since I’m usually working in this planner at night, I have a little planner “kit” for myself to limit my supplies. That way, I spend less time choosing decorations and more time documenting.

Along with Crafty Girl Items, I also keep the new Sticker Tablets close at hand for dating the pages and adding little icons here and there.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed getting to peek into my personal “good in every day” planner. How do you document the goods things in your life? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!