Some Fun

Some Fun

Hi there Chantalle with you today - sharing a project I have created with the super fun ‘Let’s Party’. It’s a little birthday mini, created with a sheet of 12x12 HB2U which I’ve trimmed down to suit 4x4inch Sn@p cards inside clever little Sn@p Photo Flips. 

The front opens up (with the help of a couple of mini brads) to reveal info and pics of My DS’s birthdays between the ages of one and five.

The Photo Flips, which come in a variety pack. I used all the 4x4 ones and then used my Fuse Tool to resize some 4x6 ones down to the correct size. These Flips are awesome because the adhesive is already primed on the little sleeve, so all you have to do is peel and stick!

Under the first page, I have printed info of all the birthday info, directly onto a 4x4 Let’s Party Sn@p card. It’s pretty easy to do: I set the text in a text box, the same size as my card, in a word processing programme. Then I print out the page, tape my card in place over the top, using washi tape. I them make sure my text box has NO stroke and I send the page with the card adhered, through the printer again. This way I know for sure my text will be in the right spot and I can easily remove my card because I’ve used washi tape.

Hard to believe how quickly time has flown!

To represent the ages, I have used 'Let’s Party’ Pocket Pieces. They are double sided so if you are going to be using them in a Sn@p Album, you will be able to see it from both sides of the sleeve, which is pretty awesome. I’ve gone over with a bit of extra detail on the numbers, using coordinating enamel dots over the coloured spots.

I love using photo stickers. Sometimes I place them directly over the picture, but if I’m not feeling 100% confident about placement, popping them onto a sleeve makes them easy to move if you change your mind.

A low profile foam tape helps give the elements a bit of extra dimension, without bulking up your mini too much.

I remember this birthday was SO hot, we had his party in a park and we had to run the car with the air con on the entire time to keep the icing from melting! You can see how red their little faces were. 

Speaking of faces, Photo Stickers can also help protect privacy of party guests by being used over the ‘assistant-candle-blower’ hehe.

These cute 4x4 Sn@p cards finish off the album perfectly.

An idea like this could also work wonderfully for a birthday card with a hidden surprise inside!

Thank you so much for joining me today. Until next time!