Simple Stories Out and About

Simple Stories Out and About

Hey everyone! It’s Lori, marketing manager at Simple Stories, here on the blog again sharing some of the fun we’ve been having while we’ve been out and about. One of the things we love most about working at Simple Stories is the opportunities we have to get out and meet our fabulous customers and fans! There are so many amazing people who love scrapbooking and planning and we’re thankful for all of you!

At the Pinners Conference in Salt Lake City, marketing director, Layle Koncar, had the opportunity to meet Kambrie. Her mother had brought her to the conference to enjoy a day together, and both of them attended our 2 Carpe Diem classes at the conference.

Layle loved chatting with them and told Kambrie’s mom what a great thing it is to see the younger generation interested in planning. Not only is Kambrie loving the hobby, but she’s also learning great life skills at the same time. Isn’t Kambrie the cutest?!

In October, our president, Kevin Crowell, and VP of sales, Sherman Crowell, attended Plannercon Europe where planner fans from all over came together in Belgium. There were 300+ planner enthusiasts from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Luxemburg, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and even the United States of America and Canada!

Everyone enjoys the workshops, they shop, and they meet other planner nerds from near and far.

Looking to get to an event in 2018? We’d love to see you at some of the events we’ll be attending in the future! If you’re near Dallas, Minnesota or Salt Lake City, come visit us at the Pinners Conference in 2018! And if you want to attend Plannercon Europe next year, we hope to see you there as well!