School in a SN@P!

School in a SN@P!

Howdy friends!  Layle here and I have a quick and easy project to share with you today that I recently made using our green SN@P! Binder and new School SN@P! Set -

I approached this project a little bit differently than you might think.  I never taken a lot of photos of our boys at school over the years, so I thought I'd combine the majority of the school photos I've taken for both of them and include them in the same album.  I divided it into 3 main sections - the first day of school photos (I take one of those every year, without fail!) and then a section for each of the boys.

Here you can see the last page of the 'first day of school photos' section and the first page of the section for our youngest son, Sam. 

The 3x4 cards and 4x6 cards in this SN@P! Set are so fun!  In several instances, I just adhered 2 4x6 cards or photos back to back, punched holes and added them in the binder, as if they were their own pages. 

The SN@P! Binders make it so easy to put a project like this together!  Once I had printed off the photos, it was just a matter of adding them, along with the cards and fun stickers and Bits & Pieces in the Pocket Pages included in the binder and I was done!  Another scrapping 'to do' marked off of my list!