Pocket Pages + Planner Inserts, All Together in ONE Place!

Pocket Pages + Planner Inserts, All Together in ONE Place!

Hello again, Simple Fans :)
Candi here today and I am super excited to share some more bits n pieces from inside my Life Documented Planner.
In last months blog post I was unsure as to what my plan was going to be with my pocket pages...keep them with my planner inserts or keep them separate...?!  I finally decided to keep them all together :)
Here is my January (see pic below) = my month on two pages, daily inserts for the whole month and my first 3 weeks of pocket pages.  I still need to add week 4 and 5 pocket pages, but I can say that I am pleased with this so much.  I believe I have room for 1/4 of the year in one binder (4 binders total when it's all said and done)!  I am not only creating pocket pages, but also adding extra memorabilia throughout my days in between my planner pages.  
Just wait until I explain EVERYTHING that I have inside my week 10!!!  (warning...yes, this week will be super chunky, but I don't mind...love me a chunky planner!)  This is a shot when you open up my planner, using the bookmark, to my current week...

Week 10 in action!  For the dates I stamped out a few and for the others, I used some number stickers.  I also used some of the designer washi paper tape, several of the calendar stickers, word strip and label stickers...

I wanted a place to house my receipts for the month so I took one vertical 4x6 pocket page and slipped in the "March" 4x6 card from the 2015 Card Set (I added some embellishments to the "March" card)...then tucked my receipts behind it.

After I created the receipt pocket...I thought to myself that the Calendar Stickers would all fit snug inside and would be great to have in place each week since those are my most used stickers in my planner.  They are right there at my finger tips!  I will move this pocket from week to week!

Last week I was updating my Life Documented Planning Inserts and thought why not insert a little "Day in the Life", Ali Edwards style!!!  I chose Thursday, March 5th and just used my cell phone to snap pics throughout my day!  I printed off about 10 pics and embellished them with lots of SS goodies and tucked them inside the pocket pages.  I used a 3x4 card from the Week in Review Cards, added some stickers and stamped the date!  Finished it off by using a mini binder clip to clip the card to all 5 pocket pages...I just LOVE how this turned out!!!  

I was invited to an open house on Friday the 13th so I punched a few holes in the postcard and added that right in front of my week 11...

Besides using the pouch for my extra memorabilia, I am also storing some inside one of the pocket inserts until it's time to go into my pocket pages...
These FREE printables are fantastic...I need to reprint mine off on some heavier cardstock so they will be more sturdier inside my planner.  If you have not checked them out, click HERE for the direct link to the Project Downloads then scroll through and locate "Life Documented FREE Printables - January" and "Life Documented FREE Printables - February"!!!  Later this month March will be available!!!  

I hope you enjoyed this month's blog post...and cross your fingers for me that I can fit 3 months in one binder {wink}
Have a great week and I will see you in April!!