Planning a Pocket Page Spread with Life Documented Planning Inserts

Planning a Pocket Page Spread with Life Documented Planning Inserts

Howdy friends!  Layle with you here today to share with you one of the really useful new products in the new Life Documented Planner collection - the Life Documented Planning Inserts.  These handy dandy 6x8 pages are designed to help you plan your pages - whether they're 12x12 layouts or pocket page spreads, you'll find they're the perfect thing to help you gather your thoughts, ideas, photos and products as you plan your projects! 

I used them recently to plan a 12x12 pocket page spread -

The left page has space for a sketch and then different sections for you to list photos, supplies/products, memorabilia & notes for a project. 

The right page has the days of the week with room for notes on what took place during the week.

Here's the pocket page spread I put together after using the inserts to roughly plan everything -

On the left page I used one of the pre-designed week cards from the new Week in Review card set.  I love that there's 52 weeks included in the card set, all with different designs.  Makes it so easy to get started! 

In the bottom right corner of the left page, I used a number card to document the main things that happened during the week.  I then added a number sticker to each photo that corresponded with the number and journaling on the card. 

I have a confession - I am super behind when it comes to my weekly pocket page scrapbooking.  But you know what, these Life Documented Planning Inserts are just what I need to keep my weeks organized until I do find the time to work on them!   After I put together this week based on the Life Documented Planning Inserts, I decided the best way for me to use them is to keep them in my 12x12 album, like I've done here -

(If you didn't know, all of our 6x8 inserts & pocket pages are designed to also fit in our 12x12 albums)!  At the end of each week, I'll insert the Planning Inserts into my 12x12 album and jot down what happened that week, a list of the photos I took, and any other information I want to make sure not to forget!  That way, when I do finally sit down to work on a week, I'll have all of the information I need right at my fingertips!