Planning with the new Reset Girl Carpe Diem!

Planning with the new Reset Girl Carpe Diem!

Good morning! Brenda Smith here with you today and I am so excited because I have in my hot little hands a gorgeous ballerina pink Carpe Diem planner. First, look at the new pocket set up (for The Reset Girl planners only)!

The window is perfectly-sized for peek-a-boo 3x4 cards. This card came included with The Reset Girl boxed set but any 3x4 card you have in your stash (or one you make yourself) will work. 

Because The Reset girl dashboards and dividers and accessories are all very motivational and encouraging toward achieving goals, I decided to set up this planner as my creative goals planner. I used this monthly log page to set myself some very basic goals that I can check off as the month goes by. When the month is over, I'll fill out that circle with a pie chart of how I spent my time. 

On my goal tracker (one included in TRG boxed set for each month of the year), I set up a more broad goal and am keeping track of how often I achieve that goal throughout the month. 

Not many know this about me, but I did some graphic design stuff several years ago when I first started college. I've been yearning to get back to designing, so I am setting goals to make myself get back into it. This is a pocket insert that I'm using to hold some little bits and pieces that I've found on Pinterest and elsewhere. 

I have a theme in mind and chose a color scheme and then imagery or composition that sparked an idea. I also found some simple sayings or phrases that would fit well with my theme. 

I tried out the new 140 GSM vertical weekly inserts and they are AMAZING! They are relatively colorless with only a light grey and black so they can be fully customizable to your needs. And the paper weight is just everything I had hoped for and more. The past CD inserts had some ghosting problems, but I am happy to report that my trusty old Versafine Onyx Black does not show through on the other side of the insert! And do you spy those peach floral and black WASHI TAPES?! Hooray! 

The sheer number of coordinating sticker packs for this line had me so excited to add more and more and more to this page. I think The Reset Girl and the Planner Essentials roller stamps have quickly gone to top the list of my favorite roller stamps. They're just so versatile and usable and exactly the right size for planners and pocket pages, my two favorites. 

The new planners & accessories will be shipping to retailers late July, early August. The quality of the binder and the rings and the weight of the inserts and the dashboards/dividers is absolutely impeccable and you can believe that I'll be rounding out my planner collection with more of the gorgeous colors available.