Party Every Day

Party Every Day

Hi Simple Stories Fans! I’m Jennie and today I’m going to share with you how I used the “Let’s Party” Collection for every day pages!

The Let’s Party Collection is geared towards birthday parties but it can be used for any fun and happy days!  In these pages I used it to document part of my week and a trip we had to The Playroom.

When I printed my photos I knew that I had to use this collection! The colors match perfectly!

I am obsessed with Chipboard Frames! However, I never seem to use them for photos. My favorite way to use them is for making my weekly title card but I also like to put QR Codes on them or journaling.

I like to mix and match my journaling. I use my typewriter on photos or cards that don’t have lines in them and I use my handwriting for cards that do have lines. I’m not the biggest fan of my handwriting but it takes a little bit less time and future generations can see what it looked like.

My daughter’s favorite activity at this place was the ball pit so when I saw the “Having A Ball” die cut I knew I had to use it!

Whenever I have a few extra photos I like to use the 6x8 Pocket Pages as inserts - the 2 holes on the 6x8 pages line up perfectly with the holes on the 12x12 album!

I love the fact that the Expressions Cardstock Stickers sheet comes with 4 different fonts. It’s nice to mix the sizes and styles to make it look more interesting but also because sometimes we can’t use the biggest font to make a complete title, at least in pocket pages. You can also sprinkle the alphas in photos and other cards.

I LOVE Confetti pockets so so much! I like to add flair buttons inside but the bad thing about a flair is that is too bulky and the back is plain. Even if you punch a circle or put a sticker on it, it won’t look the same in both sides. I had a sudden lightbulb moment looking at the Bradz because they are pretty flat so even when you put them back to back it won’t be bulky. They're also self adheisve so you don’t have to look for the adhesive that will hold them perfectly.

I saw the banners in the Bits and Pieces Pack and decided that they were be perfect to add on the outside of the pocket pages.

I also glued back to back the stars in the Bits and Pieces pack. There are multiples from each size so you can pair them.

I hope you enjoyed these pocket pages. They have a few of my favorite items and ideas. Let me know which one you will try next! Take Care!