Pajama Party Pockets By Shellye McDaniel

Pajama Party Pockets By Shellye McDaniel

The idea of a pajama party may be the furthest thing from anyone's mind right now, but when the time comes (or make them now for the people in your household) these will surely be a hit!  

I took the idea from "loaded pockets" or "loaded envelopes" that are very popular snail mail or exchange gifts.  The folding of this design will be shown on my YouTube channel; I've explained it below, but it can be confusing if you don't have a visual. 

To start: Cut your favorite "Kate & Ash" patterned paper to 12"X11".  Place the 12" edge onto a score board and score at 3.25" and 8.75".  Turn the paper and score at 8".  Keep in mind that the backside pattern will fold up, so make sure the design isn't upside down!

Working below the 8" score mark: make cuts along the 3.25" and 8.75" marks UP TO the 8" mark; trim away the rectangle flap on both sides.  The flap that remains at the bottom: cut away a small section in the middle, leaving a 1/2" border around the sides and top; this will be the flaps to glue down and make the pocket.  

For the folds: Fold the two side folds in towards the front (the 3.25" and 8.75" sides).  The folds will overlap; glue them in place.   Fold the flaps at the bottom and bring up to adhere to the top.  

Now for the decorating!  After corner-rounding all of the sides, I aded pom trim around the "collar" and then added a bow and embellished metal rimmed tag.

I used another patterned paper and cut to create cards for the top pocket.  I made three in different sizes and then added tabs to the tops.  In the bottom pocket, I cut apart the 3X4 cards and tucked them inside.

Jumbo clips were embellished with a die-cut banner and fun embellishments.  I also topped a clothespin with a couple of chipboard pieces and decorative brad.

The tags in the top would make a great place for pictures.  Set up a little printer station and let everyone print pictures from their phones or computer!  Have each slumber partier write little notes and share inside the pocket :)

Don't forget, I'll have a quick video of how the pocket is constructed on my YouTube Channel!  

Thanks for stopping by!