Our Valentine's Day Week with Love & Adore

Our Valentine's Day Week with Love & Adore

Hello Friends! Alexandra here with a new double Pocket page documenting our life on WEEK 7.

It's a week full of hearts and pretty flowers since we were celebrating Valentine's day. The Love & Adore collection is absolutely perfect to illustrate any types of love! 

I made a collage of photos taken on Valentine's day and added a sticker directly on it. 

Miss Lily had organized a Secret Valentine which was a lot of fun. We exchanged little gifts we had either made or purchased for no more than ten dollars and in the evening DH and I watched the beautiful movie The Light Between the Oceans. Anybody else out there totally smitten by Michael Fassbender?

Here is another example of stickers added directly onto the photos.

We move from pink to blue with the right page which is essentially about our sunny week-end in Chicago.

I used a small tag that I cut from the 6x6 paper pad

Thank You! Merci!