Magical Sn@p! By Emma Toon

Magical Sn@p! By Emma Toon

Hello, I’d like to show you something a little bit different this week, as you probably know, I have a new found love for  Sn@p! binders, pocket pages, and I also love planners and travellers, I thought it would be fun to show you how I incorporate them all together! 

I’ve used the utterly magnificent , Magical Birthday Collection, and hopefully you’ll see how it can be used in any situation, not just for documenting birthdays! Just look how full the pockets of my TN are, bursting with unicorn magicalness! Ok, let’s look at where I’ve used the first Sn@p! product, here I’ve made a sparkly shaker pocket on the front cover of this insert. I made this one by sliding a 3x4 card into one of the 3x4 flip pockets, I poured a variety of sequins and tiny beads inside, sealed the top of the pocket with clear sticky tape and then stuck to the cover of my insert using double sided sticky tape.

Next up, inside the front cover I wanted to make a pocket to slide in stickers and journaling cards, to do this I cut roughly an inch off the top of a 6x4 flip pocket, I simply decorated the edge with washi tape and then used double sided tape to adhere to the page. 

I’m sure by now you are seeing how easy it is to use this Magical Birthday Collection for anything, look here how cute this cover is using the floral paper, and floral images for my List’s insert. I used the fabulous new Color Vibe Foam Alpha stickers. 

The shaker pockets can be used in numerous ways. You don’t just have to stick to flip pockets, here I cut a section of three 2x2 squares from a pocket page, filled each pocket with a 2x2 image and some sequins...all you need to remember is too always seal the edges so no sequins escape! 

Here’s a 4x4 shaker on this insert cover, I used the rainbow image in the pocket and then the chipboard rainbow to add more detail! I even used some of the tiny gold foam stickers and gold foil chipboard stickers for extra wow! 

Inside my lists insert I decorated lots of pages ready to write my lists, the colours in this collection are so bright and cheerful! It will make any list into a super gorgeous list, don’t you think?! I like to use paper from the Sn@p! 12x12 Wood Basics pack for the areas where I’ll be writing my lists or journaling. 

Last but not least if you are feeling really brave and happy to play around cutting and sticking then you can make a full pocket cover for your insert. I used two of the full page 6x8 pocket pages and did some cutting and sticking to eventually get them to the correct size where I could slide in my decorated cover. It makes for a protective sleeve which can be reused as you can easily swap around the decorated covers. 

Well, I’m hoping that now you can see just how magical the Magical Birthday Collection and the Sn@p! Products are!! and maybe take away some ideas you’d like to use. 

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