Life in Color Pocket Page Spread

Life in Color Pocket Page Spread

Hello Friends! This is Alexandra.  Today, I'm very excited to share my first pocket page spread for Simple Stories.  For these pocket pages I have used the beautiful collection called Life in Color.

I have been documenting our daily life for a few years now and one thing I know about a great collection of papers is that it has to offer a variety of colors together with some neutrals.  Life in Color caught my eye instantly because of its mix of neutrals and pops of colors and boy do we need a little color in this dreary Chicago winter!

On this page, I included pictures of the places we went (Chinatown, the morning commute) together with cards and gifts I received and a picture of the news, the new barbies! The colors on the cards pick up the ones on the pictures making for a balanced page

I love this 6x4 card on which I printed the number of the week and the dates. This almost "trompe l'oeil" adds both definition and depth to the page.

I was immediately attracted by that pocket page (Design 10) for its combo of 3" square and 3x4 rectangles. Of course, Simple Stories has thought of including all of these formats and more in their Pocket Page Variety Pack. For the top line on this page, I did something I often do when I have lots of pictures which is I categorized by subjects (Hubby's business trip,  our trip to Costco) and made two photo-collages under Picasa.

I used a label sticker to add the date underneath the Coffeecake I had made. Love the fact that it has a very light grid! Not only does it add depth but it also makes it much easier to align and print the text properly.

I also added a arrow sticker to direct the eye toward my daughter.

Thank you for joining us today. I was very happy to share a bit of our daily life documented with Life in Color.