I AM and Life Documented Planner Stories

I AM and Life Documented Planner Stories

Hi there Simple fans! Nancy here today with one of my favorite collections this season. I love the color palette and message behind the I AM collection. I decided to challenge myself and try to use the collection for a topic other than ‘me’.

I know a collection really works when I can use it for just about anything. Versatility is important! This page proves that I AM is going to help me tell stories of all kinds. By picking out the globe, heart and ampersand I was able to create about my son and our struggles with his homework last year. The feather represents the one in my cap for helping him get this done!

I based the design on pattern – it’s everywhere. The background was made of two subtle patterns, using the white brick and blue small polka dot print. The center of the layout though – it’s a burst of pattern and color. I included a few chipboard and sticker icons to highlight my theme and break up some of the angular edges.

Look beyond the theme in I AM and focus in on those pieces that help you tell a different story!

​Here's a look at my Life Documented Planner and how I'm setting it up for the coming month. I used some leftover pieces from my project with the I AM collection to decorate the monthly planner pages. 

​Getting ready for the Easter holiday and planning all of the baskets that I will be making this season. I used the pale pink and blue accents from the I AM collection to give this list a pretty Easter feel.

​To end the month I used a divided pocket page and the Fresh SN@P! Pack to add a punch of color to my planner. It matches the monthly planner pages nicely and gives me a spot to plan out things I need to create.

Take a second look at the I AM Collection and be sure to use it to tell all of your stories!