Hello October Bucket List!

Hello October Bucket List!

Hey Crafty Friends!

Florence here back with another blog post. In my entry a couple weeks ago I shared my October Daily Project and said I would show you a couple of my project photos :) I actually ended up creating a challenge with my friend for some guidance requested by a handful of people. I also created loose leaf pages for now because I’m indecisive and originally wanted this to be in a TN, then thought hey this would look great in a planner too. First world problems- having options. 

Day One was my October Bucketlist. Normally I have a huge list, but reality sank on things I actually CAN do versus what I want to do. So I kept it simple and picked only 8 things. 

1. Go to the Pumpkin Patch

2. Craft Date in Southern California

3. Apple Hill (my ultimate favorite Fall activity in Northern California)

4. San Francisco Fall Fun

5. Caramel Hot Cocoa at Ghirardelli (San Francisco, CA)

6. Downtown Disneyland

7. Old Sacramento

8. Plan a fun day date

Sometimes simple, less detailed bucket lists are more doable. Sure I could've done a longer list of 31, but what is the likelihood of me actually accomplishing it? 

I also created some creative layered tags. These are so simple!! Especially with layering! I think they look good by themselves or added on to a page as well. These tags can have endless possibilities! 

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my Day 9. This was a throw back photo of 26 years ago with some of my cousins, my brother, and I. Isn't it interesting how photos can just bring back a day and memories can surface? That's one of my most favorite things about memory keeping. In the planning world, we call it memory keeping, in the paper crafting world it's called scrapbooking. I choose to scrapbook in TN's and planners and preserve this through memory keeping LOL! See what I did there?

Are you still a traditional scrapbooker? Or are you a planner girl turned memory keeper? I love how this community has evolved into something SO amazing and we can inspire each other through our photos.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post this month where I will teach you how to make simple box stickers with our digitals!! Did you know that we have a digital store? I love it because it's readily available especially to those who aren't without a storefront scrapbook store. Until next time!!