Getting Organized, Traveler's Notebook Style

Getting Organized, Traveler's Notebook Style

Happy New Year!  Layle Koncar, marketing director here with you today to share how I'm getting organized in the new year with another project that's not only fun & creative, but USEFUL, too!   I've made myself a winter themed Traveler's Notebook (also known as a TN) to help myself stay organized this month.  I'm using the Aztec Traveler's Notebook and the Sub Zero collection - a frosty fun combination!

A few homemade clips paired with a Carpe Diem aztec pattern to match the cover adds a nice extra decorative touch that makes me happy!

I added tabs to each of my inserts so I can easily find what I'm looking for.

Did you happen to see the January Free Printables we shared last week with designs from the Carpe Diem Seasons Sticker Tablet?  If not, you can snag those & download for free here.  Trust me when I say you want to do that.  Go ahead, I'll wait...  ;)

Welcome back!  Did ya get em?  I sure hope so, because I've used a number of the free printables designed for Traveler's Notebooks in my TN.  And when you see how useful & fun they are, you're going to want to use them too!

I created a 'tip in' with this insert by simply adding a strip of washi to the front & back side of the insert, that way it's temporarily created a new 'page' in my TN.

The giant snowman & plaid background are part of the free inserts as well :)  I made use of the 'month in review' insert to keep track of important information for the month, all in one place so I have it when needed.  These two pieces I adhered directly to the pages of the insert. 

A dated calendar - YES!!  Another one of the free printables in the set :)  I also adhered these two directly to the pages in my insert.  I finished off the calendar by adding coordinating stickers from the Seasons Sticker Tablet.

I filmed a Facebook Live video here on our Facebook page, walking through the free printables & how I used them in my TN this month, take a peek!

So there you have it - a custom winter themed TN for January.  I'm sharing LOTS of planner and TN goodness on my Instagram account here at - drop by & say hi!

If you're new to Traveler's Notebooks & want to learn a bit more, watch this Intro to Traveler's Notebooks Facebook Live video I recently recorded!

Thanks & stay warm!