Getting Fresh with SN@P!

Getting Fresh with SN@P!

Hi Simple Stories friends!!

I'm taking a moment this month to share one of my favorite new items from the SN@P! collections...the Fresh SN@P! Pack. I confess that I hadn't really investigated what they had to offer until recently, and boy was I surprised!!

In one coordinated pack, you get my favorite elements from Simple Stories: die cut Bits & Pieces and a great variety of fun 2x2, 3x3, 3x4, 4x4 & 4x6 pocket cards that are 100% on trend. Phrases that are able to be used for just about any project you're working on + FIVE different sizes of cards!! I selected a few to fill in the backs of some 6x8 pocket pages I already had in my album and sat down to work.

I will tell you that this pocket spread came together in 25 minutes...and that includes printing my own photos at home. The cards and die cuts literally took all of the 'work' out of figuring things out, and all I added were a few stickers from the Life Documented collection to spruce things up here and there!

Layering cards together is a fun way to fill a pocket, and when you get different sized cards that coordinate well (like the two you see here from the Fresh pack) things just fall together. No joke...I can't stress how easy this makes things!!

When I find a card that I love in a set, I'm totally OK with just slipping it into a I did with the 'let's be happy together' card. Not every pocket has to be filled with a 'masterpiece', and as a lover of pretty paper things I do this frequently. Don't get hung up on the notion that each pocket has to be a work of art that you slave over for 30 minutes. ;)

As I mentioned, the Life Documented embellishments paired perfectly with this pack so I sifted through and added a few elements. And with the 12x12 3-ring binder albums, I was able to slip these 6x8 pages right into my 12x12 album (the holes were designed to match up!!) ...I love the variety it gives to be flipping through and come across an unexpected page size. If you haven't checked out the SN@P! Packs, do so ASAP!!