A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell

Hi friends, Layle with you today.

As January comes to a close and we look towards the rest of 2016 and the exciting things we have in store for you this year,  we say a fond farewell to some of the amazing ladies on this past year's design team. 

As J.M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan, said -

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

We'll never forget these talented designers we've had with us and the contributions they've each made to Simple Stories and the amazing growth we've experienced this past year.  So, rather than saying goodbye, we'll say a very fond farewell.

Please join us in thanking these wonderful ladies for sharing their art with us the last 12 months, and for a number of them, the last several years.  We are deeply thankful for their contributions to Simple Stories and the creative ways they have shown you how to use our products -


Alissa Fast


Allison Davis


Amy Coose


Ashley Horton


Audrey Pettit


Candi Billman


Cari Locken

Marie Lottermoser

Nancy Damiano

Nicole Harper

Rebecca Keppel

Rebecca Larson

Sara Espy

Shellye McDaniel

Suzanna Lee

Teri Anderson

Wendy Antenucci

Thank you ladies for sharing your fabulous work using our products!  Thank you!