Focus on the Moment

Focus on the Moment

Holiday time is crazy busy...running here/there/everywhere, baking, shopping, can get out of hand pretty quickly. I am always a fan of a more simple look, but at this time of year I find myself buying into the 'less can be more' theory even more so than normal. For our family, it is a time to focus on a specific event or memory we want to the afternoon that our daughter sang at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens with her Madrigal Choir. They give me goosebumps when they all work together, and seeing them in their costumes in front of a room full of people wandering through the facility that afternoon was surreal. 

One photo + one piece of patterned paper paired with lots of fun embellishments from the Claus & Co. collection. The photo captured the moment just as I remember it, and the words fill in the rest of the story. 

I clustered stickers, die cuts, a chipboard frame piece and other embellishments around the top and bottom of the photo. I wanted to draw attention to the photo, without overwhelming it with too many patterned papers, etc...super simple, but just the right amount of cheer. :)

Wishing you and your families happy holidays and a safe New Year!