Dude.... You Rock!! By Mik Godinho!

Dude.... You Rock!! By Mik Godinho!

Hello friends! It’s Mik here from Papermiks on the blog today! I'm super excited to share this fun flipbook with the fantastic Bro&Co Collection.

At the moment I saw this collection, I knew that my cover would be a cassette tape! I had so many cassettes in my teens and I loved them! To make this mini album I decided to use a black 4x6 flipbook, I thought it would be perfect to be my cassette tape. For the cover I used an Alla K’s cut file “pocket insert - card cassette tape”.

The file is all organized by parts, so I just chose which papers to use, adjusted the size to fit and put my silhouette to work. To make my tape I used 7”3/8 x 3” ¾ from Killin' It! paper, 6” ¼ x 2”  Totally Legit! paper and 6” ¾ x 3” ¼  plus 1”3/8 x 4” ½  from Charcoal paper - color vibe cardstock kit basic.

To make the pages to my album I used the background of the tape cut file. In this way I standardized the pages so I can have all the pages in the same format of cassette tape.

I mixed the paper pages with the pocket pages that come with the flipbook which gives me more space to fill my album with lots of pictures. It’s important to say that all the internal paper pages has 7” 7/8 x 6” 1/8.

As you know I love to use pocket pages and some flap pages. This gives my album an interactive touch and I love it!

Another thing I love to do is create pockets.

Here I added a pocket to place tags in. I had a lot of fun creating this album. The Bro & Co collection is a super fun! I’m sure that will help you to document your boys in a happy and easy way. I hope you’ve got some inspiration from this idea and enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!