Domestic Bliss in my Carpe Diem Planner

Domestic Bliss in my Carpe Diem Planner

Hi again, it's Emma here, I'm back this time to show you what I've been up to with the Domestic Bliss collection, it's a fabulous new line which I'm using in my Carpe Diem A5 planner.  There are so many different items to choose from. 

First things first, which planner to choose? I picked out some of the 12x12 papers from the collection kit and put them against my Ivory, Robins Egg and Ballerina planners to see what looked best, to be honest I liked them all but in the end went for my ever faithful Robins Egg. 

The humour in this line is brilliant, I love all the quotes used, like 'housework can't kill you but why take the chance'!!, it's so important for me to have elements throughout my planners that make me smile, and with this collection they even make me chuckle which can't be a bad thing!

The pockets and dashboard are the first impression you get when you open your planner and for me it's all about stuffing the pockets full of pretty things, I certainly didn't struggle to do this when I had all the bits & pieces and cards from the snap pack at hand! I also used some of the decorative brads and enamel dots for more texture. 

As I said this collection is perfect for the Carpe Diem planner as it has specific items like the 54 piece Home Planner Insert Set which includes home planning inserts, menu & financial pages, dashboard, die cuts, storage pocket, stickers and 6 tabbed dividers. The dividers can be labelled with the stickers included.

The domestic bliss line is full of images of fun household items like the retro vacuum cleaner which you'll find throughout the collection, even on the epoxy metal clips. The doc it journal cover has all these on it, it's so handy to keep in the back pocket of my planner, I also have the shopping list bookmark tablet tucked in the back ready to scribble down what's needed! 

I have filled my weekly pages with washi and stickers and tried to put together a basic routine for housework. I'm using the planner for a multitude of things to try and make the home run more smoothly. Decorating the pages is a pleasure with the 725 stickers you get in the sticker tablet!!

One of the ways I'm using the planner is to keep all the notes that my little boy brings home from school, although you get a pocket divider included with the insert set I wanted to make a few more as they are so handy, it's really easy with the 12x 12 papers to make a simple pocket divider, and then using all the other elements to decorate. You can then store your receipts, stickers, coupons etc in each one. 


I hope you've enjoyed looking at a few of the ways I've used the Domestic Bliss collection, I'm certainly enjoying using it all!

If you would like to see more pictures of how I use all the simple stories Carpe Diem products you can find me at Instagram

See you next time.