Documenting the Now with Emoji Love

Documenting the Now with Emoji Love

Hello Everyone! It's Andrea here and today I want to share with you a fun project I did using the Emoji Love collection from Simple Stories! I love this collection! It is so bright and bold and it feels so “of the moment”. It is the perfect collection to use to plan and document your life right now in a cool mini album project. So this month I made a mini album for May called "Love today: my life now" which combines lots of planning goodness with traditional scrapbooking and pocket pages...yay!


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I don't know about you, but I am always using emojis in my everyday life now. And so, it felt appropriate to use a scrapbooking collection that has tons of emojis to document my everyday life too! I decided to document my everyday life right now with a combo of memory-planning and memory-keeping, using the planner goodies, Doc-It journal, and a 6x8 mini album with Sn@p pocket pages and Sn@ppack from Simple Stories Emoji Love!


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Similar to what I did last month (with my Faith planner to Faith mini album project), I documented my month, May, in my planner and then I moved those calendar pages into a mini album. This time I also decided to do some journaling, list making and note taking in my Doc-It journal too...and then use some info from that to inform my 6x8 mini album. This album is all about documenting my life right now...what is going on, how I am feeling, my plans and activities, etc.


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This month was filled with ups and downs. The downs haven't been that bad though, its just that I have mostly just been really, really busy. Which, many of you know, when you are really busy, sometimes things can feel a bit overwhelming. But, when you are busy with something you love doing, then it also feels really good to be constantly working on something that makes you happy! That is how my May has gone! I have been so busy, but I have been so happy too, working on lots of creative projects!


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This month marks a new, big creative and business adventure for me, so I am really excited...and also a little bit all the time! I think my emotions have been running the gamut this month and so it made perfect sense to use the Emoji Love collection to document all the different feelings that I am feeling right now!!! The different emoji faces are perfect for this!


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One big feeling I have definitely been having this month, is a whole lot of love and heart eyes for my hubby, Ryan, for being so very supportive of me right now! He has really helped me a lot this month to get so much accomplished and it is so nice to know that he believes in me!


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I am definitely feeling very creative this month too...with my creative mojo flowing! I have definitely been scrapbooking and planning a lot this month and that is always great!


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I love that in addition to all the cute face emojis that are included in the collection, there are also a lot of very explanatory words and phrases that helped me to document all that has been happening this month. The busy-ness is described well I think with phrases like “omg” and “wow” and “deal with it” and “need more sleep”!


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In addition to all the busy stuff and creative stuff that I documented this month with Emoji Love, it was fun to document the more relaxed, “playful”, of this month as well with the collection. For example, I thought the collection worked really well with our pics from our trip to go see “Gaurdians of the Galaxy” at the movie theater too!


{pic 15}


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And since Mother's Day was also this month, of course I included that in my album documenting May too!


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Alright, well, I hope you enjoyed this combo of memory-keeping and memory-planning that I did this month with my documentation of the “Now” using the awesome collection, Emoji Love by Simple Stories!


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I hope I have inspired you to make a fun mini album of your own, documenting your various emotions and activities and plans for your life at the moment!


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Happy Scrapping everyone! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo