Daily Planning…Every Day Can Be Different!

Daily Planning…Every Day Can Be Different!

Hi everyone, its Meredy aka @myplanningadventure.  I’ve been using my Carpe Diem Daily Inserts and it is a great way to organize your day.  It doesn’t take long to pretty up the page with decorative elements and I love that each day can have a different look, or even work together.  I am going to take you through a recent week of daily planning, and I hope you feel inspired to plan a bit every day.

I use my Black Speckle planner for daily planning, It’s a perfect mix of professional and playful—just like my day.  The new Carpe Diem A5 punch is my new best friend!  I always hand punched my holes after I added washi because I could never line up the page correctly in a multi hole punch.  The carpe Diem punch has a ridge that keeps the page in place and it punches perfectly to the Carpe Diem Inserts.

This planner stays at home and is primarily my tool to help organize my day.  Whether I am at the kitchen table, or at my desk, these daily inserts really help me to get my day organized.

One of my favorite aspects of decorating a daily page is you can really have fun with it!  When I am decorating a weekly layout, I feel extra pressure to make it just the way I want it as I will be looking at those pages many times throughout the week.  With a daily insert, I can just have fun—it doesn’t have to be perfect.  

Fourth of July was on a Tuesday, so I did a quick layout using the All American Simple Set from Simple Stories.  I used the stickers that came in the set to decorate the page and just made a couple of reminder lists—the day was for celebrating our freedom with friends (and maybe the freedom to take a nap as well).

In the morning, we went to a parade with friends so I made a quick Memory Page with some of the elements I loved from the All American Set.

This add in page turns this daily into a quick two page spread

Wednesday, it was back to work, and I had a lot to accomplish.  I break my To-do lists into Work and Home and I always try to add in an item or two that I am wanting to accomplish for myself. 

I used this decorative paper from the Domestic Bliss Collection on the back of the memory page I made on Tuesday.  I added an inspirational card, and a small piece of paper that I could jot down the items I need to pick up at the store.  I also used the Brads from Domestic Bliss to make a quick paper clip.

One of my favorite parts of decorative planning is layering stickers on the page.  I like to add in fun sayings or ephemera and add in smaller stickers like stars, hearts and arrows. 

Now it was on to Thursday and Friday.  I used similar colors on these two pages, but are different but work together.

Thursday was a mix of home, work and socializing.  I used ephemera pieces instead of alphas for Home and Work.  I didn’t have long lists this day so I dressed up the page by layering stickers and other decorative elements.

Friday was back to my standard Alpha Headers and Todo lists.  I love the Summer Days collection, such a fun way to celebrate the end of the week!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a week of my daily layouts!  Daily planning is a fun way to get some creative time in each day.  The pages are quick to decorate and a great way for me to practice some hand lettering.  Give it a try!