Creative Travel Journal

Creative Travel Journal

Hello creatives! Leah here with you on the blog today. I recently took a vacation to the West Coast and brought along my Vintage Floral Traveler’s Notebook to use as a travel journal on my trip. I had a few ideas brewing for how I wanted to document this trip and how I could incorporate this journey as content for my YouTube channel. Relaxing on vacation has a beautiful way of clearing the mind and making room for new creative ideas. I came up with so many ideas on the trip for new content that I decided to launch a Creative Travel Journal Series on my YouTube channel.

The first video that went up in the series showed how I used the Beautiful collection to decorate the cover of the notebook insert that will be housing my vacation memories. You can check that video out here. I chose the Beautiful collection as one of the collections I wanted to use throughout this journal because not only is it absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite Simple Stories collections of all time, it’s also very neutral so I can add in other collections or little mementos from my trip without having to worry about colors clashing.

For this post, I am sharing with you the next process video of the YouTube series. In this one, I am documenting some of the memories from my first day in Portland, Oregon visiting my best friend. Again, I used mostly the Beautiful collection to decorate this layout. I picked up the “Portland Oregon” chipboard piece (made to look like the iconic sign located in the city) from a well-known craft store in Portland called Collage. Check out the process video below!

Here is the finished layout:

If you’d like to follow along with my travel journal series, be sure to follow me over on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Lots of new content in my Vintage Floral traveler’s notebook to come! You can also see all of the other creative ways people are using their Simple Stories traveler’s notebook over on the Carpe Diem Planners Instagram account. Until next time friends, happy crafting and happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate the holiday!