Carpe Diem Set Up for December

Carpe Diem Set Up for December

Howdy friends!  It's Layle & I'm excited to be here today and share with you how I've set up my platinum Carpe Diem planner for the holidays!  Although the planners are super fun & functional 'as is', I wanted to really theme mine up for Christmas; I used a few different products from our Claus & Co collection and it all came together pretty quickly :)

I replaced the sunburst insert included in the planner with a red & white candy cane striped insert that I cut from one of the papers in the collection.  Adding the holly chipboard piece to the paper added the perfect touch.

I love decorating the vertical pockets in the planner, every time I open it, it puts a little smile on my face :)  I made the 3 clips shown here - the 2 circle clips I made with the Claus & Co Bradz; the gnome clip - isn't he the cutest thing ever?!! - he's actually a resin button that I glued to a plain bobbypin-type clip.  That little 'ho ho ho' - it's one of the Clear Stickers.  I use them for tons of different things, but have found they're really fun to stick directly on the planner itself.  Then when you're ready to move on, you just peel right off - super easy! 

To carry the holiday theme through to the month of December, I cut another piece of paper from the collection to A5 size and used a glue stick to adhere it directly to the December tabbed monthly insert.  

Then I went to town decorating the month!  I combined different number stickers, washi, and other holiday themed stickers to highlight the big things happening throughout the month.

Just like I did on the front of December, I added another piece of Claus & Co patterned paper to the back of the month, then added a 3x4 card with reindeer washi.  One of my favorite inserts included in the planners is the 'this month' insert on the right page in the photo below.  It's the perfect spot to highlight birthdays, important dates, things I don't want to forget and goals for the month.  And there's plenty of room to continue to personalize by adding more holiday themed stickers and washi.

I especially like the little goals section.  I can be super driven and goal oriented, but sometimes I tend to lose sight of the big picture :)  Listing my goals for the month in this section helps me to stay focused and accountable to myself!   I used some really cool, brand new stamps called Plan on It from Right at Home.  I haven't played around much with stamping in my planner until this point, but I just LOVE these little stamps and how well they work in my planner!

The last thing I did to get my planner ready for the holidays was to create a dashboard that I plan on moving from day to day throughout the month.  It was so easy to make!  I started with one of the 4x6 Vertical Pocket Pages, intended for our 6x8 albums.  The 2 holes in these pocket pages match up perfectly with the 2nd and 4th holes in the planners (really, any standard A5 planner!), so I just punched the additional holes and was ready to go!  I then added some 2x2 cards, wood veneer, stickers and sequins to the pockets.  A super easy custom dashboard for the holidays :) 

Thanks for letting me share how I've set up my planner;  I filmed a Periscope video yesterday about my set-up, you can watch it here!