Bible Journaling Sunday Series - Week 4

Bible Journaling Sunday Series - Week 4

Hi friends, it's Layle back with you again with week 4 of our Bible Journaling Sunday Series.  We've had so much fun having Rachel Lindas guest design for us & had such great feedback from YOU on her process, tips & techniques that we've invited her to stick around for a while and extend the Bible Journaling Sunday Series!  We'll be futuring an in depth blog post from Rachel once per month along with weekly posts on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Hooray!!

Today Rachel is back sharing another awesome painting technique in her Journaling Bible using our new Faith collection - I think you're going to love it!


Hello fellow Bible journalers from Rachel Lindas.  We're a month into demonstrating the Simple Stories Faith line.  I just can’t believe how many fun pieces they have for highlighting/celebrating God’s Word.  Thank you Simple Stories for a product that inspires us to process through the art of creating meaningful journals in our Bibles.  The colorful visuals, biblical words, and verses they offer inspires me, may I say all of us, to dig into God’s Word and seek the meaning and lesson God wants to teach me/each of us.

Let’s get started with our fourth verse:

1.     John 8:12 “Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world.  If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”   My pastor from Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, California shared wisdom in a sermon that he titled, “A Little Light Destroys A lot of Darkness.”  Jesus says, “I am the Light of the world”.  Jesus, as the Light of the world, calls us to be the His light in the world everywhere we go.  We should be shining for Jesus always.  The amazing thing about Light is that it overcomes all darkness.  As Christians we are created to walk in the Light.  However, when we step out into darkness, as we all do, that Light shines through us exposing what is hidden.  It is meant to convict us and it then cleanses us.  A real image that I enjoy sharing is, at the darkest of night when we turn on all inside lights, and then turn off  all the lights outside, we notice that the light inside floods out into the darkness for some distance.  In fact, it lightens the darkness but, the darkness does not flood inside where the light is.  Pause on that.   When we are in the Light (of Christ our Lord), we are given clarity.  We can see how to live without the penetration of darkness. The Light is showing us how to live.  Let’s agree to always encourage those around us, to stay in the Light.  Let’s be cleaned out, and so clear that Jesus Christ can shine His Light through us.  Find accountability partners to journal with.

2.    Product:  The stickers that come on the 12x12 sheet are seriously so cute. When I first saw those stickers I was immediately drawn to the three vintage looking light bulbs.   I could not wait to use them in my Bible margin.  (If you have children in your home wanting to create with you as well stickers are a perfect starting place.  They are fun and easy to use.)

3.    I started with drawing a box around the verse with my Bible journaling pen and then I began to work on the background of the page.  I wanted most of the page to have yellow on it to represent the light we are talking about.  I then wanted to contrast that yellow color with a darker color to represent the darkness we live in.  Using the paint technique with a gift card I added yellow and blue paint strokes across the page.  Cute paint cards are sold at Daysprings for this purpose but, you can use any old gift card you have laying around and it will work the same. (Check the process video below for clarity on how to apply the paint without covering up God’s word.) 

4.    Then for the sticker light bulbs I wanted them hanging at different heights in the margin of my page.  I traced around each light bulb sticker allowing them to pop on the page.  Then I used the snap alpha stickers in yellow, white, and black to highlight the title of the sermon, “A Little Light Destroys a lot of Darkness.”  After tracing around the alpha letters, as well, I drew some little crosses on the page.

5.    I finished my page by adding the word Shine, from the paper pieces, to the top of the page.  Don’t forget to date stamp it, to remember the day this verse was studied.  I added a paper clip with cute ribbon to the top; well, just because I like embellishments.

Take Note:  The painting technique I used this time is very simple, but it can be difficult for people to figure out the best application.  I have found, through teaching, that if you drag the card in a flat direction, the paint is too thick on the page, sadly covering up God’s Word. So, hold the card in a more vertical position and pull across the page leaving a very thin layer of paint so that you can easily see God’s Word.  Please practice this application on a piece of paper before you try it in your Bible.  Please do not be afraid to practice.  It’s well worth getting it right.


I hope you have a wonderful Sunday being in the Word and a blessed week. Rachel xxx