Bible Journaling Sunday Series - Week 3

Bible Journaling Sunday Series - Week 3

Hi friends, it's Layle back with you again with week 3 of our Bible Journaling Sunday Series.  Today guest designer Rachel Lindas shares another layout and a fun painting technique in her Journaling Bible using our new Faith collection - I think you're going to love it!


Hi from Rachel Lindas.  I am more excited than you can imagine to share Layout #3 with you.  As I have said before, if you’re new to Bible Journaling, I encourage you to take a look at my first post from two weeks ago here.   It describes my heart, my process, and my love for Bible Journaling.  Bible Journaling comes in many forms and is a personal experience to each individual as you process God’s Word.  I have friends who simply highlight with some fun brush tip markers and write notes in the margins.  Other friends only use water colors on their pages.  I think it is beautiful and amazing to flip through someone else’s Bible to see the time and thought they have put into studying God’s Word, documenting it right there on the pages that they study from, and when its marked by a date stamp its become a faith-filled diary between you and God. 

This week’s layout is actually very simple, so beginners please join us.  The Bits & Pieces die cuts Simple Stories has created in their Faith line make it so easy to get started.  I used the mason jar vase with flowers popping out of it and they included a Bible Verse from Psalm about “belonging to Him”.

Let’s get started:

1.     Psalm 73:23 “But as for me, how good it is to be near God!  I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do.”  Honestly, I read that verse and thought, how does a vase of flowers give me the visual I need to represent that verse? Hmmm.    I spent time praying over the verse and reading each word.  After processing, by asking the Holy Spirit to lead me, I started reading from the start of Chapter 73 and read through all 28 verses.  I gained the understanding that this Psalm is talking about allowing your Faith to be buried under self-pity.  It talks about how it’s unfair that the wicked go on to prosper and the ones who are trying to live a life that follows God, struggle.  “Is God even aware they asked.”  The author of the Psalm finally gets to the point where he realizes how good he has it even as life is hard.  It becomes a chapter of worship and pouring out his admiration to his Holy God. That is when the image of flowers connected with me! If you're like me then you associate admiration with flowers.  If there is a guy who is admiring a girl and crushing on her, one way he shows his love is through the gift of flowers.  It also reminds me that my walk and admiration for the Lord has ups and downs.  There are days when I also find myself grumbling about a situation and have no desire to gift flowers and then there are the days that I too feel like giving a garden full of flowers to my Savior out of admiration for Him. 


2.     Flowers!!  I adhered the Simple Story’s die cut, mentioned above, on the page near the verse.  I highlighted a large section of Chapter 73 to remind me of the importance of the words surrounding the verse I was studying.  With my journaling pen I drew several circles around a group of  verses and then connected It with a hand drawn arrow pointing to the flower embellishment. 

3.     I then used my very simple and most basic process of painting flowers. 

I added some to the top of the page to add some color/balance.  I attached a process video below to better explain this simple technique. Trust me, this is very easy to do!  One tool.  Your finger, plus paint, of course.  I am sure that any kind of hobby paint could work with this technique but I prefer to use Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint. 

HTML5 Video Player

I first draw circles in different sizes with my pen on the page and overlap my circles and then I draw basic leaf shapes coming out of the circles.  Next, I choose a color of paint, squeeze the paint onto my finger, yep my finger, and use a circular motion to create my flowers.  You can use a variety of colors to create the look you are going for.  Make it yours.   I follow up with white paint and gently swirl the white paint, using my finger, towards the outside edge of the flower to create depth.  I blend some of the white into the color paint and then leave some pure white on top.  I suggest playing around with this on scratch paper until you find the look you like best.  Follow up with dotting yellow paint into the center of the flower to give a textured look.  I don’t smooth this out.  For the leaves I used my Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Paint and my Aqua brush and painted on the leaves.  With my paintbrush still wet with green, I went over the circle around the verses and the arrow as well.

4.     I added a strip of the "believe, love, and faith" washi tape to the bottom of the page.

5.     I used the Faith roller stamp to add the words “so blessed” three times near the flower vase.

6.     Finally, I finished the page with adding a tab to the top and the sticker  “Always remember Him” from the 4x6 Faith Sticker pack, to mark this verse in my Bible and make it easier to find later. 

Hope you enjoy practicing those flowers painted with your fingers.  They are so easy to do and can be used for anything.   Thanks again, hope you have a “so blessed” week because you belong to God. XX, Rachel