Bible Journaling Sunday Series - May

Bible Journaling Sunday Series - May

Hi friends, it's Layle!  I'm the Director of Marketing for Simple Stories & I'm back again this Sunday with another installment of our Bible Journaling Sunday Series with guest designer Rachel Lindas.  We've had so much fun seeing her creativity in her bible & had such great feedback from YOU on her process, tips & techniques that we've invited her to stick around for a while and extend the Bible Journaling Sunday Series!  We'll be futuring an in depth blog post from Rachel once per month along with weekly posts on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Hooray!!

Today Rachel is back sharing a great lesson on attitude for teens using our #Whatever Simple Set - I think you're going to love it!


Hi, it’s Rachel Lindas and I’m feeling all kinda sunshine and summer vibes these days. I live in Southern California and the weather has started to turn towards those summer days.  With summer on its way I decided to use the gorgeous line by Simple Stories called Sunshine and Happiness

You guys yellow is my favorite color and there is just something about the boldness of the colors and the adorable designs that make me smile when I look at the product.  Since this line was not designed as Faith based line, I had to get a little creative on matching up the creative designs and Bible verses to go with them. But I enjoy that process and challenge. It causes me to do a lot more reading in my Bible to find the verse that speaks to my heart and matches the visual.  

I chose three verses to highlight for today but I have to be honest I could do at least 10 different Bible pages with this Sunshine and Happiness line so I encourage you to follow along and then challenge yourself to keep finding verses that match the artwork.  Before we get started I want to just share that the Sunshine and Happiness Expressions Cardstock sticker is amazing. On one sheet you get 4 different alphas in different sizes and different colors all of which are sized well to fit in the margins of your Bible.  Its a great sheet to add to your collection of Bible Journaling supplies.  

With that said I do want to mention just like our relationship with Jesus goes through different season I am realizing that my Bible Journaling is evolving as well. I just celebrated my birthday and for the past 3 years it has become a tradition for me to start a new journaling Bible because one year’s worth of illustrating in it, makes it pretty full. So last week I started a new Bible and the designs I will be sharing today are from my new Bible and therefore have a bit of a different look. I have been wanting to keep my designs more and more in the margin and on a smaller size so I can have room for two designs on each page if I need it and therefore leaving room for more of my own personal writing as well. To really document the notes I have learned from the verse.  Ok lets get started!

I fell in love with the “You are one in a Watermelon” saying and image and decided to start with that.

I began looking for verses that talked about how you are unique, how God created you, and how there is no one else like you in the world.  As I researched verses on this topic I found in Luke 12:7 “Indeed, the hairs of your head are all counted.  Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”  Love the play on words with replacing million with watermelon as a visual reminder that God knows each one of us intimately and that he treasures each one of us as well.  This line also happened to have adorable birds with red and white polka dots on the wings that tied in perfectly to the watermelon look and the mention of sparrows in the verse.  This page was pretty simple in design I cut the long sticker that said “you are one in a” into three different parts to fit it in the margin and used the slice of watermelon to finish up the saying.  I added the watermelon brad from the line, stuck the cute bird sticker on top of the saying, and then finished with a collection of cut outs and stickers of watermelons to the top of the page allowing the tab to stick out from the page.  I thought the colors on the page were so bright and bold already I didn’t want to add too much color to the page so I used my neocolor II (water soluble wax pastel) to highlight the verse in Ruby Red and then splatter the page using the same Ruby Red neocolor.  Please remember God’s reminder that we are worth much more than the birds.  When you are feeling low or invaluable look to God’s creation.  Get outside and take a moment to see how God provides. 

I carry around a Mason jar filled with ice cold coffee almost every single day and when I finish that coffee I fill up my next mason jar with ice cold water for the rest of the day.  So when I saw the adorable mason jar with the red and white striped straw with lemon slices I was so sold.  

I started searching for verses about being thirsty.  There are many many verses about being thirsty but I felt led to concentrate on this one.  John 4:15 “Sir, the woman said to Him, “give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and come here to draw water.” This verse is from the passage about the Samaritan women who Jesus spoke to at the well. He told her about the water that He could give her would never let her be thirsty again.  That it would become a well of water springing up in her for eternal life.  I love this passage in the Bible, I love the visual it gives to us so we can try and understand what Jesus is offering to her and to all of us.  But one of my favorite parts of this passage is how it shows us a real glimpse of grace and how it works.  The women in this story doesn’t really get it yet, she does not fully understand what Jesus is offering her but she knows she wants it.  She says, “give me water”  See you don’t fully have to understand it to receive it.  You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have a degree in Theology.  The water Jesus is offering that gives us eternal life is for every single one of us, we just have to ask for it.  

So my design...  

I used the mason jar as my back drop that fit perfectly in the margin of my Bible and then took full advantage of all the different alpha sizes that came on the expression cardstock sticker and spelled out “Give me this water.”  I then added the slices of lemon, oranges, and limes to the top stacked on top of one another and coming off the top of the page. I finished it with a brad and the words This Rocks and Woo hoo at the bottom of my design. Then just highlighted the passage with my Faber Castell Pitt artist pen  Big Brush in Cadmium Yellow. 

Ok last layout for today. I really wanted to incorporate this girl in my Bible so I started with her and then just kept looking at the options and was inspired the saying, “Keep your sunny side up.”  

The stickers used this saying with the sunny side egg which is adorable but not the look I was going for so I combined the saying with the girl and began the process for finding a verse about staying positive, being joyful, being happy, looking on the bright side.. etc.  Although there are many options I was drawn to the passage in Philippians were Paul explains how he can remain happy and hopeful as he sits in a prison.  Philippians 1:12-20 “…My eager expectation and hope is that I will bot be ashamed about anything, but that now as always, with all courage, Christ will be highly honored in my body, whether by life or by death.”  Say What? You guys this is for real not hey this is how Christ would want you to respond, this is what we should aim for… but this is how Paul was.  Let me be clear this is what we should aim for but my point is through Christ’s strength Paul was able to actually have this sunny side up attitude even in the middle of very bad circumstances. Paul was rejoicing over the fact that God can and will make something good out of something bad and that thrilled Paul.  Paul was joyful that he was  able to do Christ’s work even as he sat in prison.  Pretty amazing perspective right?  Here’s the take away.. We see on the bright side when we keep our eyes on Jesus.

Again another simple but to the point layout that stayed mostly in the margin of my Bible.  I started with building my mini layout in the margin.  I used the High Five paper and punched out a circle to create my back ground for the little lady/  Then I cut the sticker that says, “Keep you sunny side up” into three sections so it would fit in the margin as well.  I added heart stickers to the page and finished by adding a couple swipes of paint with my paint card over the verse.  (This technique I have shown in pervious blog post through a video tutorial if you want to check that out)

My hope and prayer is you leave this post feeling inspired and choosing the sunny side up.  Till next time.. meanwhile dig into God’s Word and use some of those gorgeous scrapbooking lines in your Bible.

Be inspired, Rachel Lindas